8WAYRUN Ranking Ladder Is Now Live!

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If you haven't noticed the new tab that at the top of the forum page, you'll see that Jaxel has made the new tournament ranking system, XenTorneo, available for use. With XenTorneo, tournament organizers can submit their tournament results which will get calculated into the ranking ladder for Soulcalibur V.

Along with the results, you can also submit further details such as character usage, bracket image, as well as embed the results within a forum thread. Check after the break to watch a tutorial on XenTorneo and how to submit your results to the ladder.

Ranking Ladder
Example Results Thread Using BBCode
Right now you can only submit results for offline tournaments. In the future we'll expand this out to include a league for online tournament results. If you have results for offline tournaments that are not listed, please add them.

We also had a similar ranking system when 8wayrun.com was using vBulletin, so I'm glad to see that Jaxel put the work in to incorporate that system for XenForo and make some huge improvements to it.

Commence dickwaving.
It would be nice if players could create a small biography or basic profile in their page instead of just having their results show up. It would also be nice if one could "like" a player the same way you would do with a status or post.

Other than that, great job!
The ranking ladder now supports Youtube Playlists and links!

Speaking of which, I would love to see some type of player tagging support somewhere so that it's easier to find videos featuring a specific player.
ya, I notice you have points for pool placing at Winter Brawl, and then points for final placing. That should be reflected for Final Round too.
Okay, I added the top 16 for Final Round...

As for pools from Final Round... no fucking way. First of all, not only do we not HAVE the pools, the pools were the most disorganized piece of shit ever.

There were 255 people entered in SC5 at final round, but how come the FRXV website only shows 193 results? Because 62 people were CUT from the pool brackets (they were printed outside of the margins). In addition to that, many of the people who made the cut got DQed anyways without ever being called (like greatone). Most people didn't even know they got cut from the brackets till after the pools were over and they realized they were never called for matches.

Besides that, I've instituted a system where events have a MAXIMUM value, no matter how many people entered the event... it can be worth less, if it doesn't reach the maximum, but once it does, it gets capped off. FR15 may have had more people than WB6, but it will be worth the same in the end since they both reach the cap.

Majors are capped off at 5000
Monthlies 4000
Weeklies 3000
Pools 3000

That being said, I will add pools for ANY event in which I get legit pools for. The only event I have such pools for is WB6... because I ran it. Good luck getting pool brackets from any Capcom-centric event though... I have trouble even getting finals brackets from those events.
Good work.

Now I can put our tournaments from Brazil, right? Players must have an 8wayrun account, right?
Good work.

Now I can put our tournaments from Brazil, right? Players must have an 8wayrun account, right?
Almost all tournaments accepted. Players DONT have to have an 8wayrun account, but if they don't, they wont get "ranked".
Almost all tournaments accepted. Players DONT have to have an 8wayrun account, but if they don't, they wont get "ranked".

Ok, I understood. I ask brazillian players to create an account, some of them doesn´t have yet (some of them don´t know to speak English).

Our first national tournament will be on June 10th. I published the announcement video here a month ago:

If I understood, the points distribution is chosen in a "month", "week", etc criteria, right?
Does this count for tournaments that aren't majors? Even regional things lol?

FRXV brackets were messed up for Blazblue as well, quite badly might I add
It counts for any tournament that people want to submit the results for which will be calculated appropriately based on the type of event and number of entrants.

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