8WAYRUN Ranking Ladder Is Now Live!

If you haven't noticed the new tab that at the top of the forum page, you'll see that Jaxel has made the new tournament ranking system, XenTorneo, available for use. With XenTorneo, tournament organizers can submit their tournament results which will get calculated into the ranking ladder for Soulcalibur V.

Along with the results, you can also submit further details such as character usage, bracket image, as well as embed the results within a forum thread. Check after the break to watch a tutorial on XenTorneo and how to submit your results to the ladder.

Ranking Ladder
Example Results Thread Using BBCode


I just finished adding a new feature to the ranking ladder. Its kind of useless right now, since SC5 doesn't have many weeklies anymore... but when SC6 comes out, it could be put to good use. For my explanation though, lets pretend SC5 is still churning out local events.

Right now we have a main league for Soulcalibur V... this league encompasses all SC5 tournaments submitted to it, no matter the region. You could consider this the national rankings. The problem with this though, is its kind of irrelevant for ranking players in a specific region. One region's players tend to be higher up in the rankings simply because they have more major events.

Now lets pretend we still had weekly locals going on in NJ for the game. What we can do is set up a "sub-league" for NJ weeklies. Then we can link events we chose from the main league for SC5 to this sub-league. I've actually created this league as an example:


As you can see, it features all of the NJ weeklies we had for SC5 (while we were still having them. From linking those events, we can actually create a custom rankings list just from the inclusion of those events:

League for all SOULCALIBUR II offline tournaments. Not enough events were submitted to this league for it to have any sort of accurate rankings or relevance. As such, we have closed it off for submission. If you have an event you want submitted to this league for whatever reason, such as general posterity, let us know and we will accommodate you.

The interesting thing about this new system, is that the sub-leagues are not restricted to submitting events from a single main league. You can actually combine rankings from multiple main leagues.

So lets say sometime in the future, SC5:Final Showdown comes out. I'm using Final Showdown as an example because FS is so different from it's predecessor that it could technically still be considered a new game, instead of just a new version. Because of the degree of the changes between vanilla and FS, we may be so inclined to create a new main league for FS; instead of rolling the rankings into the existing SC5 main league.

However, even though FS is a new main league, for our weekly power rankings, we would not actually want to toss out the existing rankings and create a brand new sub-league. Instead we can simply roll the new events into the existing sub-league and combine the rankings for both games. You could even create a sub-league that contains rankings for both SC5 and SC2 events!
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You know, the cool thing about a lot of other communities is that the people who are in leadership positions don't shit on the game publicly because they're not satisfied with the game.

It's all subjective, of course, but saying things like that belittles the efforts of those who do travel for the game and enjoy it. Not to mention it sounds downright ridiculous in light of a tournament like NEC.

I'll be the first to say SC hasn't had consistent numbers as long as I've been in the community but, as said, you shouldn't be constantly measuring things against others especially when it doesn't seem far off the mean in most cases.

Just my two cents.
You know, the cool thing about a lot of other communities is that the people who are in leadership positions don't shit on the game publicly because they're not satisfied with the game.
When did I do that? I think SC5 is fantastic... Saying the game is dead is not "shitting on the game"; I'm stating a fact. The lifeblood of a game is it's ability to generate local events. We don't have that. Its got nothing to do with the size and attendance for events of other games. Even if other games didn't have locals either, we would still be dead.