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As you can see, there has been some changes here at 8WR. We are now running the most current version of vBulletin4. The main reason for this upgrade was for security reasons, but with the upgrade comes a lot of changes, hopefully for the better. I really have no interest in going over them all, so I'm sure you all with figure them out in time.

As it stands, the upgrade isn't complete. Naturally I have a lot of styling work to do in order to get this website to look a bit more similar to our old styles. For now, I have released this new version as it stands so that the downtime on these forums would be minimal. I've been preparing for this upgrade for a few months now, so bugs should be few and far between; nevertheless, you should keep me informed of any issues you find.

Of course, we have also lost a few features in the upgrade. I have removed the arcade system; it just seems pointless and I don't see any reason to bring it back. As well, the online tournaments and ladder system is gone too. Unfortunately, we have lost all calendar and event RSVP data for existing tournaments; but future tournaments should be handled similarly. (I am aware of bugs with the display of the RSVP system)
Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

Owner and Operator of 8WAYRUN
people still playing on the 8wayrun arcade wasnt enough reason to keep it? oh well, i wont be donating anymore money to 8wr thats for sure.
"I have removed the arcade system; it just seems pointless and I don't see any reason to bring it back."

Looks awesome indeed. Too bad Soul Calibur is kinda dead.

Great job, you surely are always moving forward, Jaxel, and that's the best way to go.
herve i remember beating the top score in like 4 games and EVERY ONE of them freezing when i tried to send the score in. f that arcade.
Talk is cheep, even if it comes in a double post. If you're too incompetent to submit a high score, you probable don't deserve one. Plenty of players like Goofus, Alphamale and Ramon were able to submit without a problem.
for some reason i keep getting this double post. maybe it is a browser issue refreshing...i don't know.
Oh man. Yet another site that looks like SRK to confuse the shit out of me while I'm browsing forums. Lol.
Whenever I am on the Home section of the website and I click on the chat tab, it opens another window and gives me an invalid link message. When I open chat while in the wiki tab I get another window that pops up and says "addon chat php. there is currently no text." Here's a screenshot of the one from the home page.


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