Alexandra's SCVI CaS Showcase


Fearless Eyes
Your works remind me of @Fatal_Exodus's and @SpellcraftQuill's ones. I admire that all three of you use the creator to bring life to your OCs in a way that surpasses me. I was just reading your the backstories and, the way how you present them made me imagine the events happening in front of my eyes, they send shivers down my spine just by thinking about them! I also love how, instead of just slapping countries and cultural references like that, you structured them to have an important purpose in telling the stories of your characters, not many out there who take that extra step in developing said characters. Regarding originals, you three are my favorite CAS artists so, keep providing us with all these amazing OCs and their tales! :D
Thank you so much! Fatal and Spellcraft's work often gives me inspiration when I'm in a creative rut.