Another Chance to Win a Qanba Obsidian SOULCALIBUR VI Edition!

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Not everybody could win last month's contest! But don't be sad, Qanba USA actually sent us a third Obsidian SOULCALIBUR VI Edition, for which we will be holding another contest! However, unlike last time, where the winners were chosen at random, you're going to have to work for this one! You're going to have to pour your time and skill into this one.

In Soulcalibur VI, there is an Arcade Mode. By default, you can play this mode up to "Very Hard" difficulty. However, after beating very hard, you will unlock the final difficulty, which is known as "Legendary". Your mission is to record video of you beating Legendary mode as quickly as possible... and I warn you, this is no easy task.


Because of the nature of this contest, there are more additional rules:
  • You can not use Inferno.
  • You can not use creations.
  • You can not use mods/hacks.
  • You can enter more than once.
Since hacking is so rampant in this game, especially the PC version, we will be reviewing every run in it's entirety. If we suspect cheating through mods/hacks, you will be disqualified from the competing in this challenge. When recording your video, it must contain your entire run, starting from the arcade mode selection screen, and ending at the results/competition screen:


After you have recorded your video, upload it to YouTube, Tag somewhere in the title, and post the link to the video in the comments. You have until the end of November 2018 to submit your entries into this challenge. Like the previous contest, prizes are available for US/Canada residents only.

We were not paid or endorsed in any way by Qanba or Newegg for this post. However, the arcade stick given out in this contest was supplied directly from Qanba USA. You can always purchase these arcade sticks at any time directly from Qanba or from Newegg.
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Jason Axelrod


Just sharing my video to prove that I tried... oh god... I tried so hard.... The fact that people are beating this in the times they are blows my mind.

I gave up after being stuck on Inferno for a good hour! :D

Find my video here, just uploading to youtube now: My Failed Attempt

Note: Just realized that youtube isn't allowing me to upload the full video, the version I exported from Mixer seems to be not reacting to youtube well and it isn't showing any of my Inferno shenanigans. Keeps on auto cutting that content. Maybe it is best that way.... damn that Inferno....
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