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Discussion in 'Astaroth' started by Chickenwing, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Astaroth136

    Astaroth136 [09] Warrior

    Step, step, step. Most of his strength comes from verticals. Remember, stepping a single vertical can cost him half of his health.

    Crouch when you see him go into Mist stance, as it beats 3/4 of his options. If you have meter, 66K BE shortly after blocking low for a second against his stance, and this will beat ALL options (blocks the low, 66K BE goes through the mid, crouching defeats the grabs and highs).

    Outrange him with 4A, 44A, and 11B.

    Try to stay out of his 2K range. If you block 2K BE, you can 66K BE the followup.

    If he hits you with 2K,B you are at a big advantage.

    If he tries 1A,B shenanigans, 66K BE mows through it. The B part of his 1A,B is also steppable to one side.

    Predicting a 4B can put you in a great position. 6B or PT (214A) can beat it.
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  2. Asodimazze

    Asodimazze [10] Knight

    This advices are golden....thanks a lot Astaroth136!
  3. Chickenwing

    Chickenwing [10] Knight

    Some people are having a difficult time with Viola v. Asta here are a few key things to keep in mind. (might even help overall against this broad)

    1. 2K - This is your BEST friend. IDC how you look at it. It STUFFS alot of her stupid mix-ups she's going to try to bury you in. Keep in mind you're Astaroth, your opponet has to play YOUR game the whole time. Which means, you're going to force her out of her mindless mix-up pressure.

    2. Lows - her ONLY good low is a 2K. Her other lows (idk the commands) where she jumps in at you are unsafe, and DESERVE to be crouch thrown.

    3. 22AA - you should utilze this epecially when she decides to throw BBB in your face. it steps, the last ball and the AA is a NC. it beats out most of her follow up options because she's whiffing the orb.

    4. Range - Keep her out, yes i know it's easier said than done. But 4A, 44A are your best tools for that. Her throw range is ABSOLUTELY the worst in the game so make sure she's just shy from that range.

    5. Throws to brak:

    With ball:

    A: Break this when the edge is to your right, otherwise it will ring you out.
    B: Break this when you back is against something (wall or edge)

    Without ball:

    A: Break this when her back is aginst something (wall or edge)
    B: Break this when your back is against something (wall or edge)

    Ideally, this match can be in your favor 6:4 if you can keep her out, otherwise you're probably looking at a 4.5:5.5 in her favor, especially if you're bad at guessing or anticipating her mixups.
  4. Astaroth136

    Astaroth136 [09] Warrior

    Do most matchups feel about even (or a little in Asta's favor) to everyone else? The way Astaroth is set up in this game is "guess right and take 50%+ off of your opponent." This leads to rounds where you may have a sliver of health and still come back from anything.

    I'd say our toughest matchups are (in order) Pyrrha, Pyrrha Omega, Cervy, Alpha Pat, and possibly Natsu. And most of those simply feel like a 4.5-5.5.
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  5. ShinJin

    ShinJin [09] Warrior

    i dont think astaroth can really win against natsu viola tira mitsu as long as they dont make any really big mistakes.

    the combination of so many safe moves with basicly the same damage but with way more speed makes it an uphill battle.
  6. Reptile
    • Senior Moderator

    Reptile Soul Calibur V

    22B, throws are all you need in every matchup. You step something? You win.
  7. Astaroth136

    Astaroth136 [09] Warrior

    Natsu isn't that tough, as long as you remember not to 66K. Keep her out and block her damaging starters. 44A, 4A, A+B, 5B, 44B, and 11B are your moneymakers here. Backstepping still hurts her. Her 66K is pretty annoying in this matchup, but block it for free advantage/punish.

    Viola. I've heard Viola players complain that Asta is their toughest matchup. I agree with it. She can ONLY hurt us up close. We punish her zoning hard with our own zoning. Play it like the Natsu matchup except with more 22B's and you'll win.

    Tira? I haven't fought too many, but she can be annoying. It's nothing we can't handle though. I treat her like the typical Patroklos or Ezio matchup and it works fine.

    Mitsu? I want to say ALL of his matchups are 5/5 because of how his gameplan works. It's all 50/50s. You guess right, you win. You guess wrong a few times, you lose. We get more guesses than him, so it's not too hard to win here.
  8. Xeph
    • Administrator

    Xeph #TRYHARD

    Even though Natsu can punish 66K, it's still useful in this match up. 66K/66K:BE stops PO transitions. You're right on minimizing 66K's use on neutral. I find using 4B as a substitute, for many matches, works well. 3K variations are also worth recognition.

    Backdashing VS Natsu is pretty risky. Same reason why grabs are risk(ier) in this match up. Her 66B kills backdash, is a TC, is i17, and has a tech step in it as well. Also leads to PO rush downs (66B4).

    Also, ShinJin, I have found that Astaroth's CE is incredibly useful in this match up. It punishes her 66B, 66K, PO K, and every move that's -15.

    Superior 50/50's is a dominating factor in every one of his match ups. The thing that really irritates me is his frames. His frames have low -'s. Mitsurugi can press a lot of buttons in this match up. As for his 2KB:BE, you need to JG the "B" to get his most damaging (guaranteed) punisher. Unless you opt to use a Grab attempt, or use meter for 66K:BE.

    Mitsu also has superior step killers at mid range, compared to Astaroth. Basically, his 1B(step), 22_88A, 4A, 6A, 66B, 6B, B9, B6, and practically any other move locks down Astaroth pretty heavily, and kill backdash/step. Notice these moves are the basics of basics with Mitsurugi. Mid range, close range, Mitsu hurts Astaroth. Stepping can be effective, until your eating 40dmg for it.
  9. Astaroth136

    Astaroth136 [09] Warrior

    Yeah, looking back, I phrased that pretty badly. I know that Mitsu is one of the best in the game, and his frames are probably of the best too. As soon as a match starts against him, it feels like 50/50s everywhere, even moreso than other matchups.

    Nonetheless, I don't feel the Mitsu matchup to be bad. Then again, I don't think I've played a really solid Mitsu in a while.
  10. GeneralMordin

    GeneralMordin [06] Combatant

    I'm not quite sure what to do against Ivy, Hilde, and Tira.

    Any help?
  11. ShinJin

    ShinJin [09] Warrior

    tira you auto lose.
    Against Hilde if she spends of of time abusing 22B and side step anything use 44A and long side step 22B.
    Agaisnt ivy wait for her to wiff and 22B.
  12. Xeph
    • Administrator

    Xeph #TRYHARD

    Not sure on how to go about fighting Tira- I just freestyle, always seems to work.

    Learn to JG all of her double string charges. Also, stepping to her left in prediction of her (B2 charge, I believe it's B2) and whiff punish with 88B BE, 28:B+G for 120+dmg. Basically, JG-ing, movement, and even GI's will go along way. Her best step killer seems to be 66A, which is a high. Having straight forward highs can hurt when fighting Astaroth. He's got 6(B+K), or 66(K).
    When JGing Hilde, capitalize. Command throws will, of course, be your bread and butter for JGing. However, 66AB will give you 58+dmg (possible clean hit). 66B is also good for guaranteed dmg. If you're willing to burn meter, CE's are very effective after JG-ing, with any match.

    I'll add more on Ivy once I figure her out more so myself. I have basic ideas, but still nothing solid. Hilde is a constantly played match for me.
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  13. GeneralMordin

    GeneralMordin [06] Combatant

    The main problem I have with Ivy is that she has a lot of step killers and is really effective at mid-long range, maybe even more so than Astaroth? I'm not so sure..
  14. Inori DWF

    Inori DWF [10] Knight

    Inori DWF
    The thing you have to remember about Ivy is that she has her own throw game as well. Asta still has more throw range than her (and she has to burn meter to use one of her threatening throws), but it's just a thought to remember in mid fight. Asta Vs Ivy also vastly changes depending on how you would like to play the match-up. You can either play the RPS game with Ivy up close, or play the spacing game in which capitalize on whiffs and positional mind games.

    Imo Astaroth has this match-up in his favor for a few reasons. He can outplay Ivy in the spacing game due to the massive threat of eating 22_88B BE 28:B+G upon whiffing and moves such as 44A and 44B. He has a longer grab range, making the throwing game in Astaroth's favor. As well as having a safe TC mid for offense (66K) that can go under throw attempts giving him frame advantage to implement his throw game more often. Ivy does have some whiff punishers from range such as 1_2_3B+K and 6B+K, but those don't give nearly as much damage as Astaroth's spacing game if he at least has half a bar of meter.

    Overall this match-up is about capitalizing on Ivy's mistakes until she ends up having to switch to turtle mode which this game doesn't really seem to favor very much. Also note that I only covered key things and not every nook and cranny about the match-up, so feel free to add anything that may help further the discussion.
  15. Astaroth136

    Astaroth136 [09] Warrior

    Adding to this, Hilde's best step killer is actually A+B_(A+B). 66A has more range, but (A+B) leads to big damage. If you block the held version, sidestep the second part to Astaroth's left and punish. Just guarding all of her 2-hit strings is very important, so practice those in training.

    Her 22B is extremely good. It sidesteps and tech crouches, so it beats a lot of our options. It also guardbreaks on block and gives advantage.

    Her CE is possibly the best in the game. It's basically an area-of-effect attack. It tracks step VERY well and easily catches backstep, reaches 3/4 of the screen, and does an insane amount of damage. There are even quite a few tech traps involving it. When she has one full bar, play cautiously. A good Hilde will mostly use meter for CE. If you block it, use 66B to punish it.
  16. the_kong

    the_kong [01] Neophyte

    the k0ng
    Personally I've found that a range game against a decent Viola is a losing battle. Instead I stay in close quarters and just keep whatever advantage I get by keeping them guessing at what's coming next. When something lands, the damage vs successful defence/punishment from them is usually worth the risk. In saying that, I don't know Viola that well, so it's a tactic I use given the circumstance.
  17. IvyFanboy

    IvyFanboy [11] Champion

    Viola has problem with mid range and stepping. keep her at 44A distance and step lots. Poke at her with 2A and bull rush. Really just stay out of 3B range and react to her trying to move up or do a distanced attack. Viola can easily match Asta dmg with 3B and 1B so you have to fight at a range where she can't can't get as much and you take away her ability to guess with TC attacks to beat you out. Play safe with her and always push out unless going for the kill. Be very careful using grabs, 6AA, and 4A with her as 8A+B is a panic button that beats them all easily. Also note ball beats bullrush BE clean.
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  18. Xeph
    • Administrator

    Xeph #TRYHARD

    To add on to this- A+B is a huge anti VS Viola. Stepping from a distance, and baiting her movement or orb settings is important to land A+B.

    Basically, IFB hit it on the head- Space, space, space. 4A/44A/A+B/22B/66A/2A are going to be your main tools in this match up. When she gets in- 2K/GRABS/4B/22_88AA are going to be your tools to get her out. Backdash and step accordingly. Your main goal is to keep her from hitting you with 44A and 3B- and not to get caught in her orb mix ups.
  19. IvyFanboy

    IvyFanboy [11] Champion

    Another thing to do is punish BBB by blocking BB and then FC 3B bullrush to get under the ball and put her in a knockdown or fully charge and get them attempting a follow up pressure. Don't ever let Viola abuse BBB freely. I think you might even be able to use 1AA, 6B+K, and 4B+K to go under but im not sure since i always go to bullrush.
  20. Xeph
    • Administrator

    Xeph #TRYHARD

    Crouching first then reacting the the third "B" in BBB is the best route to go. A lot of the time, the Viola will want to bait your 66K (or any other TC) and step-3B.

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