B+K : B : B : B : A


[12] Conqueror
what's the frame data for a failed B+K, that is no A . i assume each B in it has the same frame data. i just want to see if it isn't too bad to throw out every once in a while and worry too much about the punish.

a lot of time i'll land a few Bs even if i don't get the A since people don't usually block the whole thing in its entirety.


[09] Warrior
It's pretty much safe on block if you land a different number of Bs every time since no one but a scrub would risk opening up half way through that move, and unless they can confirm in 4 frames, they're not punishing it.


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CappuccinoJak, here's how the just frame move saved my behind for ONE of the battles here online. Whew, it would have been quite the tide-turner.



[10] Knight
After the guard break, you get RO B RC AB (BE) LI A (BE)
LOL, wouldn't that be their entire life bar?

EDIT: Oops, I was thinking you meant the whole fury combo hit and then you did the Right Outer B Right Cross combo into Backfist Ceremony!


[12] Conqueror
Presumably the one this thread is named after. Anyways,

Is this a character specific thing? I just tested and it works on Mitsu in training.
ive had Pat/Viola/Xiba/Maxi block it before. idk might be my timing but it doesn't work when i break with it i stopped trying i just do RO AK


[12] Conqueror
F0 B+K
F28-33 B (all frames are inclusive, i.e. there are 6 frames to hit this on).
F49-53 B
F67-71 B
F84-85 A

Even if you input first B on F33, the input window for the final move is still F84-85.
HOW THE FUCK did you test this.
My hat is off to you sir.


[09] Warrior
the last hit does a lot of damage by itself. so, that last hit is probably where you're missing the damage.