B+K : B : B : B : A


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So i'm making this thread to discuss both the uses of this move as well as some tips on how to input the move.

The Move: B+K : B : B : B : A
Impact: i20
Damage: 76 ~ 86 (clean hit)
Block: Full Combo: -1 million
w/o the A: -16

This move is a pain in the ass to do, why should I bother leaning it?

- It's Maxi's most powerful no-meter punisher after stepping an attack.
- It's not too unsafe. Its -16, but you can mix-up how many B's you press so its hard to punish with anything more than AA or BB.
- 1 Frame faster than 3B
- Longer range than 3B. Also 6A+B will whiff at tip range of 3B unless you use the BE. B+K will combo in full from all ranges.
- Does amazing gauge damage. Full combo will break in 5. The final A is guaranteed to break the gauge if it was at all red when the combo started (and maybe even if it turned red a few hits in). After the break, you will be in RO, allowing for a free RO B combo.

How to do the input: I'll just leave this video, as its probably much more help than me trying to explain it. You can have some success with just mashing on B and timing the A, but you probably won't get it consistent enough to want to use it in a serious match.

NOTE: The rhythm that i'm using requires you to hit the first B very late, towards the end of the JF window. You can do the first B earlier and still get all of the B's, but the timing on the final A will end up being different. If you need a visual cue, the first B should be inputted right before the second hit of B+K.

B+K JF BT B+K: This combo only works from about a QS to the left of the opponent with a bit of distance between you and your opponent. It will not connect at any other angle unless there are certain walls behind you. The problem is that a lot of moves either move them to close to you or they change their body position so that it doesn't hit the sweet spot. As a result, this is not really too practical, but it is there if it comes up. The upside is that B+K JF doesn't really have any uninteruptable follow-ups, so you aren't missing out on oki. Also, i don't think you can punish the whiffed BT B+K (well, maybe aPat). I'm starting a list of moves that will likely lead to the BT combo after stepping:

3B BE: Step left (not quick step), and this seems to have a reasonable chance to connect.
4B:: will combo if started up close

33B BE: Tiny step (just enough to evade) to the left between hits.

BB: Step this left and this usually connects, as long he didn't do it point blank

IND B: Step this to the left and this has a chance of connecting.

SET 8A+B: QS left around orb and it should land frequently.

Hot Rod Dave

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I outta sticky this damn thing. Uber ur the only one I know that can not only do this move consistanly, but will actually use it in a match.....LOL.

What are your thoughts on actually using this move as a staple punisher now.


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its awesome if you can hit it. Does a bit less damage than 6A+B BE LI A BE, but it costs no meter. Better than 3B in almost all ways, especially since it seems the 3B combo to BL K BE is techable. Only thing 3B has going for it is the TC frames.


johNNy blaZe
Speaking about TC, 4B has TC now....and pretty decently too

It's good to know what meter less punishers are best, so I'll say this B+K series is invaluable. Practice up everyone :)


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yeah, basically everything in Maxi's arsenal TC's now. Its so freaking awesome.

Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
thread stickied!

Meterless punishers indeed will prove invaluable. maybe we can change this thread to "Meterless punishers" or something and come up with multiple offerings. thoughts?

Im hitting the lab tonight for this one. That vid will really help. Thanx Dave


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I can get B+K : B : B : B pretty consistently, it's just the A that is giving me the most trouble, and thats where the damage comes from!

EDIT: Question, lets say we guard break with the ending A part, what is the best followup to capitalise on the GB?


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Actually you can combo BT B+K with the assistance of an edge/wall, but you have to be positioned just so, and it just plants them into the ground, no RO or wall splat.

Also, I can absolutely not do this move online... It's too frustrating. I don't even have trouble doing it offline, but online it feels like the timing between B+K and the first B is completely different. Anyone else notice this, or have I lost my mind?


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Ya i went to my casual local game night last night with seeing this video, no training beforehand and just that button sound from that video did the trick for a good 75% completion rate for this move lol. Im a pad user so the first ones made me RAGE since i can't hear it but after imagining it it's fairly consistent for me. Now to actually go train with it.


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Plus this move builds about a quarter of a meter by itself. Does this make it the best single move for building meter that Maxi has? It beats his 4B+K, I know that.


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I f pop und another way for pad users so u can hear the cliks. Set up a+b on the r 1.on psj3 pad and u can hear the cliks get the rythm and finish so its b+k,a+b,a+b,a+b,a+b



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I know I'm a bit off-topic here but after a step you can easily do 11B that is only 2 frames slower if you're already in 8wayrun. 11B do 64 damage and you just can't miss it.
That's the easy way for lazy Maxi players :p

Anyway, nice topic !


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I'm going to tell you why you have to learn this move if you play online. It's not cause it does crazy damage, it's not cause it builds meter ridiculously fast, and it's certainly not because it looks awesome.
The reason to learn this move if you play online is to shut down a simple statement from the opponent(s) which I will demonstrate with an example.
You vs Random.
You kill with B+K,B,B,B,A
Random: "Button masher!"