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  1. Ninjaguy446

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    jesus what kind of bs??

    Tbh no matter what they change it doesn't really matter because I'm still gonna devote an obscene amount of my life to this game and series lmaooooo I'll fucking grab people with K+G is they wanted me to
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    what will A+G do ? will it default to 6A+G or do nothing at all ?
  2. JayShadow

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    I think people are viewing the change backwards, thinking RE's kicked grabs off of the B+G keys. I think it was the opposite. Grabbed moved off of B+G so controller users would have a unified button input. I'm not talking about the pro controller users, I'm talking about the general audience. Now it's either the same simple thumb press for both throws, or there can now be a dedicated "grab" button on a trigger, instead of 2. That's phase 2 of their button reorganization for console users, after removing most A+K inputs in the last game. They said early on they want the special stuff to be accessible by 1 button, and this is part of that.

    RE just fills the vacancy left behind. And if you think what's the point if there's something still on B+G anyways, the point is that the first previews all said one of the triggers was the RE button. None of them called it the B+G button. The general public won't care what the input on a classic 4 button setup is. It's just the RE button. Most people didn't think of their trigger in the previous games as the A+B+K or A+B+K+G button. It was the CE button. And now there can be a Grab button.
  3. Norik

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    Dark Khill
    Yes, this is the real question. If you can 2K, backstep, and block a 66A, that'd be total bullshit and the game will be SC2 all over again.
  4. Artilust

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    Yeah...they need to scrap the 4/6 throw idea. Movement is too important to do an accidental 6A+G throw that may side switch and put you in a bad position when you had the upper hand landing the throw.

    I dont like that idea at all.

    If theres no input for A+K it makes no sense to change the input of B+G throw. Silly Namco. This needs to be walked back, asap.
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    Same here. Granted, I personally have no desire to go backwards to safe launchers, safe lows, and easy turtling, but if that ends up being the case, then I'll just have to adapt with it.

    To be fair though, no one will know for sure till the game comes out. Plus there's usually at least one major patch post launch.
    Still want to know if you can buffer 8WR moves without sidestepping
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    What do you propose as the best possible choices for the 4 bumper/trigger buttons ?

    If they were adamant between choosing one of either A+G or B+G, then i'd reluctantly choose A+G simply because grabs shouldn't be step-able and that A is for horizontal attacks so I guess it is slightly more applicable
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    AndyrooSC You're Outnumbered!


    I'm very greatful for what you have been able to find for us so far.
    How much more time do you have to test things?

    Btw guys I've clicked on that this is what front escape and back escape is going to mean its when you successfully tech a 6A+G and 4A+G. I remember seeing quite a bit of confusion when we first saw that in the gameplay interview.

    Having it in the demo as a pop up notification saying front escape/back escape when performing a 4A+G/6A+G break surely means this is how they want throws in the final build.
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  6. GreatOne1939
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    One of the things I started thinking about is just how much more fleshed out will the movelist be? With A+K moves still not being in the game that realistically takes away a minimum of about 9-10 moves per movelist if not more. Sure you can talk about the Soul Charge moves or the Lost Swords- like strings but Soul Charge moves are basically the equivalent of Brave Edge moves and the Lost Swords strings are basically a gimmick so in my opinion the movelists are going to be as stunted as they were in SC5. Not necessarily a bad thing but something to think about if you were looking forward to a more expanded movelist.
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  7. Blackout

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    Shaving down character movesets is very irking to me. I hated it and V and I'm concerned for it in VI. We've seen relic stance back when it was absent in 5, so that led me to believe that they're not limiting it this time around. But now seeing how A+K is apparently still not a thing, I'm not even sure anymore.
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  8. Ittarra Oda

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    Hmm that throw escape thing bothers me, only because B+G has been there since the beginning, and is a staple in a command grab mainly Ivys CS, as well as Astaroths. Plus it's always a 50/50 it's not even 1/3s or even 1/4 like in Tekken, you either hit A or B. With grab breaks being that simplified, we know that the delay online (and possibly offline due to frame delay, yes offline lag is a thing) could lead to a whole set of moves and mind games being moot, if they wanted to use RE or map it, it could've been mapped to the C.E. button and they could've made C.E.s back to being 236236.
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    the main thing that I would like to know aside of the fact they took some buttons away from us which obvi were used to have more moves per character. does the game feel (good) aside of us just being happy to have another game? from what I take it the person that's there at ces getting the info for us is an experienced player does it feel soul caliberish even with the dumbing down of less moves or changes that have been made so far? meaning do you feel like with what they have so far is some type of dept to it or they totally simplified it like neo geo a,b,c,d moves. basically I want to know are we getting an official soul caliber or a watered down version for the noobs? should I invest in taking it serious like I did in the others? I know its preference but id like to hear your take on this?
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  10. JohnMcKee

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    Depending on how complete the moveset is, this might be good... Or not. Though things can still change.

    At first I thought it would remove some of the "Soul" flavour, but I think it's not that bad in the end.

    Also, I hope they'll remove the GI on throw, that's some stupid decision.

    Also, keep in mind that things can change a lot... When you see how SCV was in July 2011 and how it ended up, we still have a lot of months before the game's release so... ^^

  11. garjian

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    A+K is gone because we're eating buttons with A+B+K, same as with V. There's only 4 shortcut buttons and A+B, A+B+K, B+G and to a slightly lesser extent B+K need shortcuts.
  12. weshookhands

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    Gosh, Bamco. Why do you keep trying to fix things that aren't broken? Does anybody profit from no A+K and no B-throw, really? Anybody?
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  13. Draggonnfs

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    Well I was worried about the controls for all the mechanics. Knowing the inputs is good, it won't be too bad, but ceratinly will take time to get used to.
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  14. devildigimon

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    No a+k moves has me very worried. I really DO NOT want scvi to have short movesets for all the characters like in scv. That made the game very stale and boring for me.

    Is there any way you can check out the move/command list to see how plentiful both characters move sets are? Especially for mitsu. I assume mist will be 6b+k and relic will be 4b+k.
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  15. Draggonnfs

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    Lol, so if you get bored of the opponent's RE bullshit, you can just GI it? Sounds good to me.
  16. Jer

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    Just curious on a couple things with Mitsu:

    - Can you tell if 2KB knocks down on normal hit if you’re soul charged? Curious if SC adds properties like that.

    - Are moves that were cancellable before still cancellable now, like 66A+B~G?

    - Are mist/relic A+B or B+K?

    Oh and on throws, if neutral A+G is forward throw, does neutral A also break it, or is it just 6A?

    Throw change will take some getting used to, but I think it’ll be fine.
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  17. Keysona

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    Hi ! ( I'm french player)
    To begin : Thank you for your information !

    I have a important question : Can you make GI into CE ? like SC V ?
    If the answer is yes : Can you RE or GI the CE in this setup ?

    Thanks by advance.
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