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  1. Menace

    Menace RELINQUISH!

    So you could essentially always go for 4 breaks and still break 6 throws?

    @Futabot or anyone, are you able to buffer throw breaks while blocking?
  2. Jer

    Jer [09] Warrior

    Thanks for the updates Futabot!

    Some of this reactionary negativity is silly. I’m not really seeing anything that sounds that bad. I’m excited about soul charge, it sounds cool. The throws are going to take some getting used to, but do still sound like a true 50/50 against good players. Against mashy players, it sounds like you’ll really want to 4A+G, or they’ll get a lot of accidental breaks.
  3. JayShadow

    JayShadow [12] Conqueror

    I can finally K break like I've accidentally done for decades.
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    AndyrooSC You're Outnumbered!

    So rugi and soph effectively have 3 regular different throws each total. A+G, 66A+G, 4A+G?

    The first 2 classed as front throws and can be teched with 6 and any button?
  4. Futabot

    Futabot [10] Knight

    You don't need 6 for front throws but it takes it anyway, I found.
  5. Von_Blackhardt

    Von_Blackhardt [10] Knight

    If RE isn't on this list because you haven't experienced it, then you should be striking this entire post.
  6. Marginal
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    Marginal Chikara Sashimi

    No. I'm saying you have two inputs that'll break 6, and one that'll break 4.

    Eh. If you dislike something a lot, pass it on to Okubo on Twitter. At the worst, he'll ignore it.
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  7. Blackout

    Blackout [08] Mercenary

    Are side throws broken differently?
  8. Ninjaguy446

    Ninjaguy446 [14] Master

    5/6 is A and 4 is B why is that so complicated for people to understand lol
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  9. DanteSC3

    DanteSC3 [09] Warrior

    They changed it; now it sucks.
  10. rentao12

    rentao12 [08] Mercenary

    Do you have to press any buttons for Mitsu to perform his CE to full extent? The white star sparkling during the animation implies some input is made.
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    AndyrooSC You're Outnumbered!

    So by the sound of the throws and breaking them situation your opponent has to tech with 4+button to stop back throws (don't suppose you have tried 1 and 9 on back throws just to check?) and aim of the throw game will be to force opponent to have to tech 4+button so then you can hit them with the forward throws, whichever one is more ideal at the time.

    Front throws sound like you don't need as much of a specific response to break to a point where the opponent might just happen to break the throw if they so happen to input a attack as you throw, whereas they are much less likely to be inputting 4A/44A/4B/44B/4K/44K (hence why I asked the question if 1 or 9 would tech back throws)
  11. Trace_afj

    Trace_afj [12] Conqueror

    This worries me, do you mean that you can GI after doing an unsafe move? there will be no more guaranteed punishes anymore?

    Also, is quick step in again or can you buffer 22_88 moves instantly ?
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  12. ShenChan

    ShenChan [10] Knight

    I was wondering about this as well as this is super important.
    Will be great if @Futabot can clarify.
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  13. Kalas

    Kalas [13] Hero

    Thanks for the information @Futabot.
    I have to say that this is the first time I'm getting really skeptical about SC6's mechanics. I hope that things will be changed throughout the ongoing development of the game - especially when it comes to throws and GI. GI sounds like it's going to be ridiculously overpowered.
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    AndyrooSC You're Outnumbered!

    Maybe they was sick of pepole moaning about SC5 about GI costing meter so they make it overpowered in SC6 to shut people up so then people happy it's nerfed again in SC7 xD
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  14. SSfox

    SSfox [11] Champion

    What about making punishing GI would be counter hit with the properties.

    Cause meter GI was still silly and should never came back, they just need to find a way to make it no meter, without being OP.
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    AndyrooSC You're Outnumbered!

    @Futabot so based on what you have seen and used with RE does the RE chart that was made have all the correct information?
  15. Futabot

    Futabot [10] Knight

    The RE chart is mostly correct except all movement options do not tie and reclash. They just end the clash.
  16. Silent Joel

    Silent Joel [10] Knight

    He did mention that Mitsu's 66b was really safe and couldn't TAS B it, so I think (hoping) it's just that. @Futabot can you test against the wall with A, A punish to confirm?

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