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    Thank u, I hope u enjoyed playing.
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    Thank you so much for all of your work!

    For Sophie, 236 is AS (angel step) and 236236 is TAS (twin angel step)

    I've been wondering what those new aGIs for Sophie were, it's very interesting that they're 6BB and 6AA. Definitely gives both of those moves a lot more utility. Hopefully both of them will be useful, but I wonder what kinds of moves they aGI. Another thing is whether or not a successful 6AA aGI guarantees 6AA stab, or if that only works on counterhit. Depending on this, it could change whether or not it's worthwhile ever going for her old regular aGI (with fancy new command lol) 6A+B. What move is her shield punch, that's now a guard break and A+B?

    Very excited to play Sophie in SC6. Thanks again Futabot <3
  3. Futabot

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    Her new 22_88B move is now the b8B A K shoryuken.
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    Mage I'll make you submit!

    You mean like Pyrrha's 22_88B A K combo from SCV?
  4. Futabot

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    Yeah it's that.
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    So this universal guard break seems like it'll be pretty necessary against GI huh?

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    My goodness, Project Soul, what the heck are you doing???

    First the GI system is only one input, and now you are turning the throw system into Tekken with VF5FS-style Lazy Throw Escape for good measure (I really dont like LazyTE, btw)? I hate that they are trying to force this game to be more like Tekken for no reason, particularly by essentially nerfing throws >____<

    The more I read about the system, the more i feel half-excited and half-they-are-totally-screwing-up-soul-calibur-gameplay
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    Glad A+K isn't in the game, at least for standard characters.

    My shoulder button set up was.

    L2 B+G R2 A+B+K
    L1 A+B R1 B+K

    Putting all the throws on one button also seems like a decent idea, although the change feels a bit sour.

    OP never mentions Guard Crushes, I'm assuming that's what happens when your Guard Gauge depletes fully?
  8. rentao12

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    Btw what I personally noticed from the trailers is that Soul Charge adds a lot of BA element to attacks, which breaks Reversal Edge. So it's probably there to punish RE overuse.
  9. Signia

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    @BLACKSTAR the new break system is not a nerf to throws. All it will really do is cause throws that are escapable with any button to be escaped more often in situations where your grab interrupts an attack (which should happen often if you are reacting properly to people coming close to you). 4A+G throws will require more deliberation to break. So, in fact this is a slight nerf to one of your throws and a slight *buff* to the other throw which will no longer be broken by accident when it interrupts AAs or BBs meant to poke out at you.

    Otherwise, this is the same throw break system that we know and love from Soul Calibur, from a functional gameplay perspective.
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    @Futabot I'm sad that A + K was removed however i want to know if it felt that SCV where they removed A+K and didn't replace it with anything.
    i know it's a very basic demo, but how did you feel about his moves overall? i know there's no moveslist to see but were there a decent of number of moves to do from his stances? how were his 8 way run moves? do you think characters are going to have a gimped movelist like in 5?
  11. Von_Blackhardt

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    Fight like a man and you won't have to worry about throw breaks.
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    Just wanted to say thanks for all the coverage and the match footage :D
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    @Futabot I noticed that successful GI includes a slow down and shifted camera angle.
    During your CES play were you able to re-GI a GI? How did this camera shift and slowing down influence the gameplay for you?
  14. Futabot

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    Yeah, normal GIs have a little slowdown and camera stuff. It didn't bother me too much, but Ultratien definitely did not like it.

    Moveset size is probably to be V-esque since A+K does not appear to be an option for them, but it didn't feel simplified beyond that.
  15. Ninjaguy446

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    At 4:30 is that a new Sophie move for TAS? It looks like TAS AB

    Edit: she does it again at 5:20, definitely TAS AB. Hopefully this will be a viable mixup now between TAS AA, TAS AB, and TAS A to bait GI into stab lol
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    AndyrooSC You're Outnumbered!

    Hey @Futabot so Rugi and Soph have a GB attack mapped to a simultaneous press input? I believe you said Sophitias was her new A+B which looks like Pyrrha 4B from sc5 but with GB properties, was Sophitias new version still a high or mid?

    Will be cool to see what each characters universal mapped GB attack is.
  16. Ninjaguy446

    Ninjaguy446 [14] Master

    This is similar to Broken Destiny, where everyone had a GB attack mapped to I think it was A+B+K, and it would cause a Critical Finish.
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  17. Futabot

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    I don't recall exactly, unfortunately. Sophie's was A+B and is a GB mid, but I forgot what Mitsu A+B was.
  18. Signia

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    @Futabot idk if you tested this, but was the second hit of TAS AA delayable like it is in SCIV?

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