DEVASTATION 2k11 Results and shout outs!


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Yo! This tournament definately re-defined high level play, see you guys next year!

Top 8

1: lolo
2: NofaceKill3r
3: RTD
4: KrayzieCD
5: NDK
5: Vincent
7: Omega
7: LostProvidence

bracket corrections:
RTD defeats NFK in winners 2-0
NDK defeats Omega in losers 2-1
KrayzieCD defeats NDK in losers 2-1
Stream Archive:
I have to say it was a really good tournament to watch (what I could see, that is :P)

I'm really inspired to practice for NEC now, after seeing all the good matches


NDK good shit beating Omega, I saw that live on stream. Very very impressive.
Also, can we get a VS mode timer in SC5 just for NFK? JUST SAYING!

Congrats to all the placers, too!


Well now that DEV has ended and I watched my matches on stream I'm disappointed in myself. If I would of just won one more match I could of been in the top 8. That will bother me for a while now, but oh well the better player made it and I'm fine with that. I was really glad I decided to go to DEV as it was a great experience, getting to play on stage and meeting some great players was something else.

Congrats to everyone who made top 8, next time I'm going to be there with you guys just you wait and see.
Awesome stuff there guys. Everything on the stream was great (aside from the bracket fiasco) from the players and matches to the commentators. I was personally rooting very hard for you Juecey. Sucks that you had to go and face RTD and then NDK right after but you did DAMN well. Congrats to you my friend as well as everyone else who participated. Great stream, great experience.


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Yo! This tournament definately re-defined high level play, see you guys next year!

Top 8

1: lolo
2: NofaceKill3r
3: RTD
4: KrayzieCD
5: NDK
5: Vincent
7: Omega
7: LostProvidence

LOL ain't that funny??!! Vints beat me in tourney but yet I place higher than him because of the whole bracket fiasco. LOL so that means my streak of tourney wins against him still remains from the SC3 days lol.

Also the scores on that bracket are wrong. Me vs NDK was 2-1, Me vs Lolo was 1-2, I'm pretty sure NDK vs Omega was 2-1, LP vs Moneymuffins was 1-2. And they STILL spelled my fuckin name wrong even after I corrected them a dozen times.

Also NDK, you should edit the link for the recorded stream matches into your original post:


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Landed home safe and I had a great time. Lolo was the best player there and he won. Congrats bro! It was long over due.

Since people keep asking me how I got 3rd place after they saw me advance to the finals to play Lolo, I'll explain how I was sabotaged.

First of all, it was me vs Lolo in the winners final. Lolo won 2-1.

Then a few loser matches went on and then the TO said that I had to play Vintz in the losers final.

I quickly pointed out to the TO that NFK hasn't been eliminated yet and there are still 2 people left in the losers bracket and that I should be playing the last person to make it out of the losers bracket.

After that, the TO pointed to a bracket on paper and showed me that NFK was eliminated and that Vintz was the only person left in losers.

So i said ok. I just wanted to make sure. After that, i played Vintz in the losers finals and advanced to the finals.

At that point Vintz, made a great showing and got 3rd place and they said congrats's you and Lolo in the finals. Lolo and I walked on the stage to play the finals and everyone was hyped.

aaaannnnddd then NFK finally realizes in the midst of all of this that he only lost once(when he played me in winners) and brought it up to the TO.

And that's when all the bracket drama happened.

We argued about it for a good 30 minutes and finally they decided to have Vintz and NFK play for 3rd place after I insisted not to play another losers final match. Everyone agreed to that.

NFK eventually won and pressed on that he should continue to play until he loses twice, which was fair.

So this is where the contention began because i was already in the finals and it wasn't fair for me to go back to losers.

Neither of us conceded after 30 minutes of arguing again. So we decided to get the main organizer involved, Jedirob.

He was being very professional as we explained the situation.

He finally asked NFK if he wanted to keep playing. NFK undoubtedly said yes as he attempted to work on a middle ground with me.

Then Jedirob said ok and then he put his foot down and said that if I don't go back to losers, I will be disqualified.

At that point I was visibly flustered and mind fucked because i was threatened and forcibly yanked back into losers from finals to fight in the losers final yet again.

As a result, my performance suffered severely and the cool composed person that made it to finals was no where to be found after that.

Greatone told me to take 10 minutes and a breather but it was already RIP for me. I was totally out of it at that point.

NFK took full advantage of the situation to play me for the 2nd time, but this time in a vegetative(aka retarded) mind state to advance to the finals.

Jedirob realized this misfortune and he did what he could by offering me my money back.

Even with all this, i had a positive experience at dev. Most of the time I was commentating and promoting the event because it was my first time there and I was very impressed. We hung out and socialized, which was the best part. Shout outs to my homies Krayzie, LP, Greatone , NFK, NDK, Emo, Signia, Lolo, Omega, Xeph and Lobo for that.

Also, Dr. Dogg carried himself well and I noticed that when he was involved, everything ran smoothly as he was dead on with seeding the brackets.

yeah and now the shit hits the fan.


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OK, so the trick to win a tournament is to actually sleep on friday and saturday, lol. No, really, the trick is to have Omega in your corner, he cheers up so hard that your rival might get scared.

Tough it was a great tournament there were a lot of things bothering us outside the part of actually playing, mainly how the TO messed up the brackets, I was getting angry because both RTD and NFK were getting robbed somehow, really, RTD was beasting this thing, but when he got to play again with NFK again, he was another player, this things should never be a factor, and it was.

Reseting the top 8 brackets sucked, there was no advantage for a player coming out of winners in the pools, in fact, we could have had a tournament champion with 2 loses in his record, and a second place with 3 loses, how is that possible?

Playing on this LCD's wasn't so bad but not as good as with CRTs, but the worst part was not having sound during the pools, all I heard while playing in the pools, were Mario Kart and other racing games in our backs, and that's a little bit distracting for anyone.

But I will get back to Phoenix next year, all that can be forgiven with those hot asses all over the place, in the venue and in the streets.

And about the level of the players, oh boy, Krazie, you impressed me the most, you ain't the most technical player out there, but your mind games are scary, you impressed the most and you almost got me in winners and pools.

That's it for now, we'll do some shout outs later...

Did I mention the fact that this final was 75% mexican?... and 100% XBL?... just a curious fact.


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Dest and Krayzie you both sexy and rocked at commentating
Hah, thanks Spider, I had fun doing it. Though, most of my input was just matchup knowledge. Krayzie and RTD did most the talk during the match. =P

Even with all this, i had a positive experience at dev. Most of the time I was commentating and promoting the event because it was my first time there and I was very impressed. We hung out and socialized, which was the best part. Shout outs to my homies Krayzie, LP, Greatone , NFK, NDK, Emo, Signia, Lolo, Omega, Xeph and Lobo for that..

I'm heartbroken RTD, you forgot me. Even though I was right next to you commentating with you. BRB, cutting wrists.

I'll do a long list of shoutouts to everyone later. I just got done with class and I'm incredibly tired, so you'll have to wait guys, sorry.


I enjoyed IRONTOOFBRUSH the most. That guy's got mad/hella mic skills. :3 Krayzie and RTD, amazing commentary, and even moreso, amazing matches. I was really rooting for ya, RTD and you too lolo. I really enjoy watching you both play. :3 I hope to see you both at NEC, though, even if I'm terrified to play you. :/

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Im fuckin stoked my boy NDK took out omega in a hell of a match. I was routing for you the whole time screaming my head off!! NDK's got this!!

Xeph vs Krayzie was my favorite match. But then again all the matches were hella cool to watch.

Wish I coulda been there. But was happy watching you guys have a good time

the tiny crowd at DEV on day 2:


hot guys in the bathroom, stripping and washing themselves:

in order: RTD, Signia, me, Xeph, InfestedLoli...the after-after party:

this tournament was amazing. sure, there was that (pretty major) mishap with the brackets, but accidents happen and we move forward. i won't let it take away from my weekend. it was great to see my old friends and make new ones.

congrats to lolo in particular. that yoshi is just too beastly.

big finger to RTD for making me feel like i have to use amy to win. :P

xeph, you're still cute as a button.

slimy, painty grope-a-thons are fucking amazing.

chevre burgers, correlejo, fried catfish and ecstasy are amazing.

stacking omega, NFK, me, wolfkrone, revin, icecoldedge...into one entry WHACK! lol.

see you all next year fo shoooooooooooooooooooo.


"i love me some balls."

"you're not gonna make me do any drugs or alcohol, are you?"

"man, that nigga got scuffed up."

"yeah, he's dressing up like motherfucking apprentice!"

...i could go on all day, but i think that captures the gist of it.

and now...THIS:

Good shit to signia a lot of people are gonna trash you but I was impressed as usual
I appreciate the sentiment, but no top 8 = a very sad Signia

I beat Great-one, ZombieHeadShots, and Widowmaker, then on my last hurdle to top 8 I lost to Vincent twice. Sophie mirrors are sooo lame but I played it wrong (too risky and unsafe) and Vince's mind reading is much better than mine. His approach to our match was a funny mix between aggressive and passive as he was the one who would close the distance but he didn't attack at disadvantage or advantage too much except for jumping Bs. My approach was to space back, let him come to me, then transition into aggressive play with lots of throw attempts (most were ducked, jumped, or broken) and GIing (which was baited but not punished that hard).

That rave sucked, just sayin' (would've been more fun if I got drunk first)
fuckin knew I was gonna ruin the photograph


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I'm watching this right now, and I have to say... my god, you people are on another plane. Some astonishing execution, mind games, frame knowledge, matchup knowledge, everything. KrayzieCD, watching your match against LostProvidence at the moment, WOW. Both of you in it to win it.

I don't really have anything intelligent to add to this discussion, I'm just blown away by the level of play on display (er... rhyming unintentional).