Devil Jin is now legal to use in SCV tournaments.

Will you pick up Devil Jin?

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  • Yes, but only to learn how to beat him.

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Devil Jin is a character that has been banned since the beginning of Soulcalibur V. Whether your reasoning for wanting him gone was due to his crazy pre-patch ringouts or his Tekken origins, the official reasoning for the ban was from the lack of a character model. This means that we are forced to use character creation mode to access him.

The potential problems with that is that there are certain hitbox issues that can be induced by the custom characters that cause unintended misses or hits. Recently, we have developed a team in response to the online players who use Devil Jin and don't want to go out to tournaments because of the ban.


We have made and set a standard character in creation mode. That way we can have consistency in any wonky hitboxes that may occur by using the same model every time. Now it is like the wonky hitboxes we already have for the characters in SCV!

Here is the video made by Avylon. If you don't know who they are, they are the ones responsible for getting off-stream matches on YouTube and running brackets at events. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for Soulcalibur V tournament matches!

The first tournament to allow Devil Jin will be Summer Jam or possibly the side tournament at CEO. We hope to see you all learning how to use and beat the character for the future. If you want to know basic anti Devil Jin, then check out my video of punishes below. What are your thoughts on Devil Jin? Let us know in the comment section.

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Michael Stabile

Michael Stabile

I imagine voice would be okay. Colors have problems. All black on Cervantes stage hrrrnnngggghhh.
I think there are precedents for allowing character recolors in tournaments (that is, people picked recolored characters that were on the system and there were no complaints).

Even if one were to attempt to exploit situations like Cervantes' stage, there are three mitigating factors in regards to its effectiveness that I can think of:
  • Players won't usually have time to mess around in CaS during tournaments, so the selection of recolors is pretty much limited to what's already there.
  • Even if there is a recolored character, stage selection remains random, so there's only a 1 / however-many-stages-there-are chance of getting Cervy's stage.
  • The human eye is very good at picking out motion irrespective of coloration, so the benefits of being black on a dark stage are dubious. Thunderdrums and dresses are the real problem, since they obscure the animations.
I kinda wish they would use this as a tourney legal Devil Jin CAS, it stays within Devil Jin's default height and it doesn't require DLC, but I kinda understand why they would just go with just mummy thing since it only takes 2 seconds and I guess in the long run I could deal with just using the default mummy CAS.
If you really want to take up tournament time giving DJ a nice outfit, that's on you. A quicker and more effecient way is just giving him the mummy since it's one of the first things you already have from the start.

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