Favourite Siegfried player(s)


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^who are all these non-sieg's going into our wonderful sieg-forum?

Jink we all know you're an amazing siegfried (Espicially with dancing and iaga) but some people can't get the complete opinion of you until you go to tournys.

But thats just my opinion I brushed over the recent posts quickly, and I have not been to a tournament myself.



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LOL, for real! XD

>< Blah,blu,bluaah, baa, @#%... I'm not trying to proof anything, to anyone. I know and I agree with the tournament credible facts, but that's not why I post here. (thanks you though) ;)

Listen, first of all, this is a video game. What good is a competitive game if there's no one else to play with? I get better and better at it, not to reach top spots, but to meet and have more players and friends to play with, even if we never meet in live-action, but still gaming buddies.
A few month ago, I ruined a lot of random people in SC4 online (4-5bars) so hard (triple perfects included), that they started to talk bad about me to other players (trough e-mails), so they won't play with me.
Now, I don't care what they say, but I care that there are more players that I haven't meat who are refusing to play with me. It sucks, I thought: "Oh sh1t, what if no one wants to play with me again?" I have my friend list full, but I still like to encounter new challenges, new players, new minds. That's why I love fighting games so much, for their endless challenges; people.

Thanks buddy. :)


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Icecoldedge, Siegfried player I haven't seen that many clips of him but from what ive seen he looks very solid.

LOL this thread is getting a little off topic yes? Jink any chance you will be at Cannes?


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Ice= like end said his name is IceColdEdge and his sieg is very solid. He can adapt to his opponent quite quickly and from what I have observed will switch from flash to solid defensive punishing depending on which works better on his opponent. He has alot of knowledge with sieg so beating him with his own character is tough since most of us rely of insane flash and gimmicks and most of us, if we know how to do it then we know how to dodge it. 3 K doesnt work well at all against him as I found out the hard way lol.


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I wanna play with you. I'll let you know when I'm available.

What Cannes? Is it like the movie awards?

I.C.E. is good. He was the first Sig player I've saw using JagA back in SC3. I can't remember well, but I'm almost sure we've played before, in SC4. Anyway he's very good, a little hasty, but good. ;)


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LOL Kpc wouldnt 3ing any high calibur (get it?) seig be a very bad idea? 66ka ftw.

Yes Jink im asking you about movie awards.


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LOL, I don't know, I still need to receive the confirmation letter so I wont go crazy when they announce me, heheheh.


My favorites list again;
Jink; my number one favorite player for Siegfried on PSN. Dude's a beast, we only did one match with Siegfried VS Mitsurugi, but it wasn't easy. I came out victorious, but in a ft10 we'd probably butt heads. Keep it up, hit me up.

You're so annoying when fighting... but you''ve got a solid sieg. lol.


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Waaaaasaaaa! lol, thanks. I want to play you again soon, your Mitsurugi is definitely not a Matel Doll, or a Playschool Toy for me, my respects. Anyway, I'd quit my pampers, next time... you'll see. (wuuuaahahahah)


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You're so annoying when fighting... but you''ve got a solid sieg. lol.

I bet I am, to fight a character you know to use and get hit, its like "AWW I SAW THAT COMING!" or something.

you probably talking about htat CH 1AA very useful for sidesteppers. its guaranteed both hits once it CH's

Question: Does SRSH B -> 66B Tech-Trap all sides?


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It catches all sides if delayed for a really long time, but catching the wake up/oki is really horrible since after SRSH B has a long stun time, what you want to do is SRSH B -> slight delay B4 and that catches all direction for nearly all characters and sets up more wake up,

but please post in the siegfriend dicussion and combos if you have questions about command lists


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I can only speak of the Sieg players I have actually played... So here we go...

Kura: One of the best calibur players I've seen in general (regardless of character selection)... I feel like he and I play similarly and make similar decisions... he's just a better overall fighter than I

Jink: I've never seen him play in a tournament or against other players I know so it's hard to say how he would do for sure... But I think he would do very well... Very solid player from what I've seen and his title of jAGA master is not a joke (we did play back when the game first came out)

kPc: You guys all know him... What can I say other than the man knows Sieg and plays him well

Offbeat Ninja: The noteriety that he has attained in this game is impressive... This dude in my mind is a master turtler... I've seen him play agressive but the way he's beaten the people I've seen him play is by EXTREME patience and keeping people out... Uses moves I would never think to use (but have since I have on rare occasion started throwing some of those out more)... I think if I could combine my offense w/ his patience and zoning it would be a serious problem... lol

- I.C.E.

P.S. Icyblue... I've been around since sc2... Ur in norcal so u can ask Hates, Hajime, Cedric, and Krayzie about me... Did you go by another name before?


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I saw nobody talk about SamSam, for me after Dan he is the best siegfried, he was the best Siegfried in the WGC.

I play against Offbeat, KDz, Ice cold edge, and Kura for me he's better than them.

He really has a very good siegfried, Rtd can tell something about that lol.

1. Dan