[Feb 24, 2011] World Game Cup 2011 (Cannes, France)


King of Hundred Swords
Will there be a character lock this time? What exactly will it be? (i.e. main and secondary char or only main?)

Hilde banned?

Will there be an international team this year? Last year me and Runis were left out, but this time I think it will be possible to gather 5 people.


[14] Master
Rules & Regulations of the Soulcalibur IV Tournaments:

- Button configuration allowed
- Pad or Stick allowed, adapters allowed
- Unique character chosen & announced at registration.
- Star Wars characters forbidden
- Algol & Hilde forbidden
- Bonus characters forbidden
- Custom characters forbidden
- Star Wars stages forbidden
- Random stage selection
- Random side selection (by coin-toss)


[09] Warrior
I'd love to go! :D I'm gonna see if it's ok with my Agent ( my teacher...) lol for me to seperate from the group and go to this! Team america needs some Talim!


[08] Mercenary
Ok, the website has not been updated for a while & as such contains mucho mas errors...

Special Rules & Regulations for Team Tournaments:

Team tournaments are played with the "Team Battle Relay" rules

- Single elimination team sets, during the whole tournament.

- Opened to all teams (teams cannot mix nationalities)
- 5 players per team
- Before each bout, the two captains play a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors:
>>> The LOSING captain must announce his/her first player. The WINNING captain can then choose who he/she wants to face him/her.
>>> After that the winner of the match stays, and the loser's team can choose who they want to face him/her, and so on...


King of Hundred Swords
Sorry if I'm stupid, but I still dont undestand.

Will. International. Team. Be. Allowed. At. World. Team. Cup?

I ask b/c last year, and year before last, and the year before before last. It was. But I read this rules, so thats why Im asking.


[08] Mercenary
Last year it was, it's still what it says on both parts of the website, but I phoned Asenka & he confirmed it's no more the case this year.


To be more precise: priority is given to national teams.

Ask Malek if you have questions!


[10] Knight
ah ah ah kurama !

Well Belial, answer is "yes probably".

Currently, 5 teams are confirmed:
Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and France.
Some UK players wanna make a team, but it s not confirmed yet.
Spain looks like to have trouble to send 5 people this year.
Same with USA as you already seen.
And that all I know.

So, yes probably, I ll have to make an international team to complete the 5vs5 world team cup.
So, wanna be the leader of the team ?


[09] Warrior
Damn i wish i can go and get a chance to face some awsome french players that didnt go to NEC like keev, scud, and akiru. But i doubt if i wil be able to go, but might as well be a sport and help out some of the other U.S players. U.S will be in dire need of a tira player. lol (jk)​


King of Hundred Swords
Well Belial, answer is "yes probably".

Belial, Furzy, Cliff, Whoazz, Rufus (maybe ooska too)
Mwuhahahahaa. With this, I will crush your tiny pathetic national teams.

So, wanna be the leader of the team ?
If others accept me, then yes.

Also, Malek, tell me if Muscle team returns this year to wreak havoc and destruction on the weaklings foolish enough to oppose us?


[08] Mercenary
[25-26-27 February] World Game Cup 2011, Cannes, France
Yeah blame me :)

But i remember KDZ not even passing pools, SU losing MM against random people etc etc...only you and RTD were constantly strong.
*cough* Didn't I basically OCV your team? Also, I blame KDZ for everything.