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  1. Gatsu

    Gatsu [14] Master

    Lol reading comments (many comments actually) i suppose to be the only on the planet to like that chin thing :D
    Sure it look some way strange and awkward at first look(and at second too),but imho is what give a unique look to it,also thanks to it seem some kind of psycho serial killer in that pic :D

    I like that on 2p don't try too hard to herp derp "be cool" at all cost (just to say, i find Zwei 1p the worse design of SCV, by far :D)and they tryed to give some strange sociopath touch :D

    ps: i was thinking,may be some design choice to give him a vampire hunter (Raphael as rival due the Viola/Amy thing + the classic werewolf vs vampire) look?
    If they mean it as protection from neck bites,it have even sense :D
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  2. Makatak

    Makatak [07] Duelist

    Yep, I think you're the only one that likes the chin strap. It is so ugly!
  3. Lord_Alondite

    Lord_Alondite [07] Duelist

    Oh man, I hadn't even thought of that. Good eye!

    It's not really as bad as I made it out to be. I guess I just have negative feelings towards chinstraps because of that undergarment piece of Voldo's 2P in SCIV. I just wanted a sleeveless undersuit dammit. T_T
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  4. Gatsu

    Gatsu [14] Master

    I know your pain :D
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  5. Master_Thespian

    Master_Thespian Imminent Heel Turn

    I will pretend that this is the true explanation.
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  6. Gatsu

    Gatsu [14] Master

    for who missed last page stuff :D

  7. Gatsu

    Gatsu [14] Master

  8. Murasame

    Murasame [10] Knight

    I think Natsu looks a lot better with dark hair than blonde.
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  9. Makatak

    Makatak [07] Duelist

  10. Fatal_Exodus

    Fatal_Exodus [13] Hero

    omg so hawt hnnnngggghhhh
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  11. Gatsu

    Gatsu [14] Master

    Problem is,when is just about make things look "cool" it stop be chara design and become just meh marketing
  12. Ecervele

    Ecervele [12] Conqueror

    Wow, your edit color looks so much better. :3
  13. Kostas_Greece

    Kostas_Greece [14] Master

    Gatsu Your color edit are all awesome...!!! Well done ;)
  14. Luneth22

    Luneth22 [13] Hero

    YESH. Like REAL SC2 1P Mitsu!
  15. Murasame

    Murasame [10] Knight

    I just tried recoloring Mitsu the way you did, and damn does he look awesome. I think I'm gonna give the "badass hunter" look of Z.W.E.I. soon enough.
  16. Ian

    Ian [10] Knight

    Can you do one for Tira's 2P? I'm having difficulty >_>.
  17. Gatsu

    Gatsu [14] Master

    Have you a favourite theme or colours in mind? Or total free?
    Now i'm going to sleep but ask me your preferences on my CaS thread, i see if i can post it in one of next updates (maybe yet the next one,if you're quick :D )
  18. Ian

    Ian [10] Knight

    I don't have a preferred color scheme (just nothing cliche like black and red >_>.), so you're free to do whatever!
  19. Gatsu

    Gatsu [14] Master

    Ok,i post it on the CaS thread late today or tomorrow

    Oh,watching your avatar: i made and posted the Dampierre's gang,all three :D
  20. Gatsu

    Gatsu [14] Master


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