Geralt From The Witcher Joins SOULCALIBUR!

Michael Stabile


Boring, as expected.
The last guest that i really had fun with was Link. So this time, like the two previous guests, i'll probably just ignore this guy.

However, it looks like those scenes of Mitsu clashing with Geralt are gonna be a part of the intro this time around. Which is nice. And i'm glad we finally got the logo. But............ where the fuck is Taki? I hope this isn't ALL we get this month -_-".

I just hope he brings in more sales or more newcomers to this franchise.
I'm glad they chose a good fit for the game. Also, is that the actually the box art above? I hope not, it's kinda boring imo.
Doubt it, but having the guest(s) appear on the box art of a SC title has been a thing with each game that has one included in it.
Still so very bored... Didn't think they could get much more boring than Ezio ended up but somehow they seem to pull it off. Kappa
Imma be honest he doesnt look that good.
All of these character trailers are special effect showcases. I wish they wouldve dialed back in that department and focused more on gameplay.
Sure I havent played the game yet but something about SC6 isnt as attractive as past SC games. It's almost as if theyve blown their load on the effects, graphics and slow mo sequences.

Apprehensions beginning to set in. I want this game to be good so bad. Cant wait more info/trailers.
This character looks boring as hell, and I've never even played The Witcher. Not helping matters is the demonstration, which has done little to convince me that he isn't generic or that I should play his home series.
They’re focusing too much on the lights and sparks. We just want our good ole Soul Calibur back. I’ve never played the Witcher but I know having him on the cover will help sell the game. I never cared for guests but he seems to fit well with the rest of the cast.
I've never played the Witcher, but I find the character quite fitting for SoulCalibur, like Ezio was. I know a ton of people wanted 2B as a guest, especially regarding Nier Automata's popularity. The fact of the matter is that The Witcher series is more well-known, in both gaming and literature. I wouldn't have mind 2B's inclusion, but she did seem a bit too futuristic for SoulCalibur, something Namco didn't want to repeat from SCIV and Starwars. I was personally hoping for papa Nier, but hey, Geralt's the closest to a middle-aged, silver-haired swordsman, who fights with magic as I can get

I also like the stage, especially the view of the castle. It fits SoulCalibur perfectly. Ironically, it's better fitting than the stage given to Ezio. I can't wait to try him out. I would've like a release date tho :p
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Personally I really enjoy this inclusion. But then again I prefer the more believable / realistic end of the Soul Calibur spectrum (as opposed to the more anime/fantasy end). I think he fits the series well. I can understand the arguments that he’s maybe a little redundant / vanilla / generic fantasy, but if it sells more SC copies then he serves his primary purpose.
Excited to see Geralt here. He'll fit well. His outfit looks a little bit bland, though.
I wonder if we'll see multiple guests this time around. Still holding a little bit of hope for 2B.