iCS/CS and SS information

lol I don't even care anymore about iCS, when it happens it happens, but I stopped doing it intentionally during matches. In training I can do iCS consecutively out of neutral most of the time, but I screw up during a real a match and iCS attempts usually end up being CS or normal grabs 70% my tries.
I would like to know in which situations the real Ivy pros go for CS. I do CS after 44(A); 66(A); 2A; 3K; A+B,A; 6(B+K); FC A; WR B; 66B; 66 B BE; BT A; BT FC A because of the huge + frames on hit. I also like doing it after 22B BE and 1B BE cuz of + on block. I also love the 4B+K cancel into CS and 1B BE, 6K into CS. CS step is also sexy.

Edit: I forgot the 3A stun and the 66A looks due to the patch also CS worth (Don't know the frames though). And has anybody tried CS after 5 JF move, I'm sure that would be sexy, too.


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i want to do ics soo, bad its eating me alive. i just want to be able to it, i reallly reallllly want to do it. no matter how fast i go i cant do it, it pisses me off. this game hates me.


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Even Daishi can hardly do it, so why torture yourself?
Daishi takes credit for making the game, when all he did was sit about and tell people what to do, i bet he doesnt even play the game himself.

And it makes it worse that they put a move in the game say its possible when it really isnt. If a "developer" cant do why is it in the game. it annoys me


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You shouldn't take it so seriously. You make it sound like "I can't do iCS so this means I'm not good with Ivy" or something... the move was designed to troll Ivy players, you should have realized that by now.

Also, Daishi does play the game, and he's good at it.
Step CS... that's all people should care for now..
Yes, I agree with this. The prebuffer step CS has way more utility than iCS, espcially since iCS/CS clean hit are not that different damage wise. It really freaks people out when you CS while walking around.