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I have been working for a while on getting this on the website, I hope you all love helping to create/read this as it evolves. The base idea is to get a database of players and their accomplishments along with bios and other personal stuff they want to put up. I hope this becomes a repository of some of the best memories we all have of the FGC :)

Here is an example of a player wiki page We don't have an index yet, because we only have 1 player in the database so far... Expect one next week as well as a weekly listing of new players.

Now in order to make sure there isn't a flood of initial submissions there is a criteria for submission that is: You must have won at least one tournament in a fighting game.

This criteria will change in the coming weeks to anyone who has attended a tourney, but I feel it's essential to not totally swamp the people actually creating the pages. So without further adieu here is the submission form and thanks for taking the time to check this out :)

Basic submission form for player wiki. Fill it out and submit it to

Handle -

Picture -

Real Name -

Alternate Handles -

Team Affiliations -

Country of Residence -

BDay -

8way username -

Social media plugs (Include links and descriptions) -

Stream Links -

General Bio -

History in SC games. Segment them by the game. -

Achievements (Include placing and event with links to results where applicable) -

Picture gallery -

Interviews (Include links and descriptions) -

References (where applicable) -
Actually only moderators can edit the wiki... So there should be no vandalism at all. You guys just have to submit changes/additions to the email
So... we have to have won a major tourney, or any local tourney? I've won several locals, but I've only been to 1 major, and I placed 5th. Dunno if that means I'm qualified or not.
My wiki page would be too awesome that it would absolutely bend the fabrics of space and time. No need for breaking
This is a cool idea. I'll be sure to send in when ya'll start accepting those who have simply attended tournaments.
I wanna be a part of it to. Ive attended a tourney and came in dead last when SC4 first came out. Does that count. Other than that Im one of the OG members of 8wr (well compared to most) my biggest accomplishment? having an AI quick battle charc nammed after me.....LOL
Just to clarify any tournament any game, all are welcome. If you're OG SC peoples and I'm gonna know you by name hit me up and you'll probably get in.
IdleMind what about that one time where Silver beat ViciousSuicide at BONE about 9 years ago? will that count as an ''achievement'? i still have that bracket LoL

but yea, cool idea

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