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Sorry for the wait, had so many troubles with transferring the footage(the quality got lowered too) :'(

Only had a limited time with the demo so some of the moves are missing, but I got most of them for you all! Should be a nice head start for my fellow Ivy players to begin visualizing her move set before getting the chance to play :)

I will try to attend EVO as well next month and focus on gathering as much combo footage as I can to make another video for you guys. Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy! <3

A very big thank you for creating and posting that! I do have a questions, however. Could you do 22A+B, A (like in Soul Charge)? It's Ivy's WP A+B, B (or B hold) from SC3?
A very big thank you for creating and posting that! I do have a questions, however. Could you do 22A+B, A (like in Soul Charge)? It's Ivy's WP A+B, B (or B hold) from SC3?

You are very welcome! Yes, the 22A+B B can be done in 6, but the follow up B where the whip rolls across the ground can only be done while in soul charge, and is not unblockable.


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And what about the request some of us gave you...?
It's OK if you didn't check. It can't be helped if they gave you limited time.
And what about the request some of us gave you...?
It's OK if you didn't check. It can't be helped if they gave you limited time.

I believe you were the only one with a request, about 6A+BA having 3 hits and being able to stun if I am correct. It does indeed hit 3 times again, and I was able to get it stun once(I included it in the video), though I am not sure what the cause was! I tried counter hit many times and it never stunned, it just happened randomly during one of my matches against a player haha.

Can be viewed at 1:15 in my video.

Another thing I noticed was that cancelling one of the charge up attacks put me in to SE automatically, but I forgot which move.

Let me know if you have any other questions :)
Josh, thanks for the video!

Im in love with 3A+G low ankle AT and the new 6KB/(B) move; are they cancelable into anything? SE? Crouch?

You are most welcome! So glad everyone is enjoying it :)

6K(B) can be cancelled, need more time to test good transitions though. It was not the move that cancels into SE though. I’m thinking it was FC 3(B) that cancels into SE but not sure. Everything happened so fast! Was hard to take in all the info. I believe 2/3A+G can cancel as well but I may be wrong.

Going to try my best to get a bunch of combo footage at EVO. There are definitely a few I’ve been wanting to experiment with, especially 88/22 (B) into SE 6B. I discovered when SE 6B hits a midair opponent, it knocks them back up into the air again! So I wanna see if I can do 4A hold into the bow attack afterwards ;)
Oh cool, do you mean it like the BE version in SCV? If Im not mistaken that did keep the opponent up there as well and you could combo

Yes the SCV BE! :) It knocks them back though, so would be the end of the combo. I'm just curious to see the juggle options since SE 6B can knock them up, then 4(B) knocks them up again and goes into SE again... so many possibilities ;)


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sorry if its posted already but what's the input for ivy lick now? is it still the same as in SC5? I watched the video and I didnt see it.

Is it still 6B8? I think that was the notation


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sorry if its posted already but what's the input for ivy lick now? is it still the same as in SC5? I watched the video and I didnt see it.

Is it still 6B8? I think that was the notation
Didn't Linkrkc write 6b9 in the 10th post of this thread, on page 1? I guess it's practically the same as 6b8.

What I find troublesome is that some of the more vital moves are preformed with diagonal 8wr directions. Sc5 Ivy didn't have a lot of that, so I am worried if I will have difficulties. xD such moves I usually perform by sliding from some other direction, which is visible to more attentive opponents. :/


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Hello Ivy mains!

For those that will go to EVO, can u test what is the old SC4 WP 22B? (See that in many videos but not on list). Also find more moves that go into SE.

Also 66BA not going into SE is wierd. The old Sc4 wp 44A.

I hear SS/CS is unbreakable, but is it GI-able by RE?
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Hey all!

I was lucky enough to play SC6 this weekend and managed to learn a lot about the new Ivy.
So I'm gonna just dump all my thoughts and test results into a long-ass post for anyone who enjoys walls of text.

First impressions:
Mostly echoing what others have already said but...
SC6 Ivy has some incredible ranged tools, especially her new 66[A], which covers so many options.
The new low attack grabs (2_3A+G) are incredibly scary since they hit low, catch sidestep and have ridiculous RO range. Combining this with the fact that 2_3B+K has the same animation and gets LH against crouchers (which also ROs), she can force you into really difficult situations and generally make it impossible for you to play at range.

Her oki in general is very strong, with the usual stuff like 1K (stomp), 214B, etc hitting grounded. Then she can also catch rolling at range (8_9B+K and 8A+B catch left and right, 2_3B+K catches left, FC 3B catches right, while 2_3A+G punishes you for getting up).

Having said that, her close range tools are pretty underwhelming. The best ranged tools like 66[A] and the low attack grabs lose to a well placed forward run, and movement is so quick in this game. Not having a standard 2A, AA, BB, etc makes it hard for her to establish control at close range or safely create opportunities to reset the spacing.
Even still, having SS as a high damage option to beat both guard and sidestep sounds very dangerous.

Overall she felt pretty strong with some ridiculous tools, but I'm reserving judgement until people really learn the matchup well enough to stay in her face and not get hit by every low grab under the sun.

I've copy and pasted Linkrkc's breakdown of the movelist and added my own comments in a greenish-blue colour.

1AA: x; can do 2nd hit manually; NCc
2A: SC3 WP 2A
3A/3[A]: x; 3[A] has no CH stun but it is safer than before at roughly -13
4A: SC4 WP 4b; +0b; 4[A] goes SE; 4A air hit spins them upward for followups depending on distance; I could launch, 4[A], SE B: B: B: B: B, but not at all ranges
AA: x; 2nd hit always WP version
AK: new; 2nd hit looks like SC4 WP 22K; NCc
6A_(A): x; hold version ~-15 on block and has less pushback than in SC5
6AA: can duck last hit
6AK: x; now NC
Jump A: x
214A: x
WS A: SC5 4A; has [A] version as well with farther reach
BT A: SC4 SW 1A; same knock down on NH/CH.
BT 2A: SC4 CL 1A

1B/1(B): SC5 11B; Even if 1(B) gets blocked, it deals guard damage and pushes back too far for them to punish (Sophie can't TAS B it); like in SC4, it's still very reactable but ROs across a ridiculous distance
2B: SC5 2A+B; never launches or knocks down
3B: SC3 WP 3B; ~i20; ~-16 on block; LH at a specific angle which allows for a 4b7 or 4[A] followup
4B: SC4 WP 6B
4B7: SC4 WP 6bA+B
BB: x; 2nd hit WP version
bA: SC5 66A (safe)
b[A]: Similar to SC5 66[A] but second hit comes out faster (unsafe)

6BB/BA: new followups; A followup is high, looks like SC4 WP 44A, never combos; B followup is NC, looks like old WS B
6(B)2_8: x; second hit has less pushback than in SC5 but is now ~-15 on block.
6b9K: x; appears to be i13; slightly less range than in SC5

Jump B: SC5 44B series
214B: x
Fc1B: x; still no launch at tip but seems to launch slightly more consistently than it did in SC5; -13 on block
Fc2B: SC3 WP 2B
Fc3B: WP version only; can hold to lay down; canceling lay down goes SE; LH vs backstep; crumple stun on CH; hits OTG and catches them if they roll to their right
WS B: SC5 FC 1(B)B

1K: stomp; Still has crumple stun on CH (and there's a weird glitch where, if used as the final hit, the opponent slides to the other end of the map)
2K: x
3K: x LH on full charge
4K: x; no CH stun
K: x
6KB: new high followup that looks like her old 3[B+K] close unblockable; not UB but cancelable; knee is slower, maybe SC4 speed; NCC; jails on NH (non-UB)
Jump K: x
WS K: x
FC3K: SC2 FC3K; opponent forced into crouch on block, but it’s unsafe anyway (Sieg WS K punished me)

1A+B: x
2A+B: SC4 WP 44BB
3A+B: x; can hold G to cancel into SE
4A+B: x; followup guaranteed after aGI
A+B: guard break
6A+B: 3 hit SC5 A+BA; all NC
8A+BB_(B): different animation, but essentially the same as SC5; catches all roll directions

1_2_3B+K: same but no 1B+K; mid; LH duckers; cancelable; catches left roll (or forward/backward depending on setup)
4B+K: x
B+K: turns BT and does a move similar to SC5 BT 2B+K; stays BT afterward
6B+K_[B+K]: x
7_8_9B+K: x but no close 7B+K version; now GC; catches all roll directions
WS B+K: x

AA: similar to 6AA but faster; jails; NC
4A: low sweeping AT
6AA: SC4 SE A,236A; 1st hit UB in SC
B: 5 hit JF; non-JF is ~-16 on block
K_[K]: x; hold version stays in stance
8B+K: SC5 6B9 BE; wallsplats to allow for an 8B+K re-launch; doesn't RO but puts them in position for a 2A+G or 2B+K mixup where both options RO
A+B: x
4_5_6B+K: same looking move as 7_8_9B+K outside SE, but does have a close version
6B: SC5 1B BE; 2nd hit comes out on hit only, and knocks down instead of giving stun
4B: SC3 WP 22B GC

11_77A: x
44A: x; 44A (no hold) is unsafe, but I'm not sure if any characters can punish 44[A] at range
22_88A: x; unsafe; 66BB doesn’t launch afterward on Lethal Hit
33_66_99A_[A]: SC4 CL 3A; hold version has 2nd hit at range but not close; 66A seems relatively safe (~-8); I couldn't find a counter to 66[A] if you block the first hit at range. Can't GI, RE, or step forwards before the second hit comes out. Seems you just need to predict it and run forward at the right moment so the follow up will whiff.

11_44_77B: SC5 3B; -12 on block and much less evasive than SC5 3B; no Ivy lick followup
22_88(B): x except goes SE; no longer combos into SE 6B+K
22BA, SC5 22B BE; not GC but NC and might be plus on block; I beat Sieg K with BT A; 2nd hit is high
33_66_99BB: SC5 66B BE; can do 2nd hit manually; 66B is i16, so it's one of her best block punishers; while it doesn't knock down, the second hit can RO; 66BB is -13, so using 66B and 66BB as a poke seems viable too.

11_44_77K: x
22_88K: x
33_99K: SC5 66K
66K_[K]: SC3 66K; safe w/o stance; 66[k] not +

11_44_77A+B: x
22_88A+B: SC4 WP A+B auto GI move; followup in SC only
33_66_99A+B: SC4 CL 66BA

11_44_77B+K: x
22_88B+K: nothing uses this input
33_66_99B+K: SC5 B+K

376231A+G: SS grab; can't be broken; can be GI'd
[?????]A+G: CS grab; input TBD, can be performed by rotating the stick counter-clockwise 3 times, starting from 3 and ending on 6; standard break (i.e. not a reverse grab)

2_3A+G: low AT; no close (1A+G) version; RO over low walls

SC buffs
4A: GC
66KK: additional hit; does shoulder then SC4 WP 44K; hold 2nd K to go into SE
22A+BB: additional hit; does SC4 WP A+B,B; NC, high damage, safe
6BB: 2nd B GC and converts to AT on hit for additional damage
6AA: last hit GC
SE AAA: last hit GC

Lethal Hits
3[K]: hit
2B+K: crouchers
22A: whiff punish
66[A]: 2nd hit on sidestep; maybe 2nd hit CH in general?
AA: 2nd hit on CH
3B: At a specific angle (I could reliably get the LH after stepping left twice)
FC 3B: backstep
A+B: anti-GI
SE B: anti-GI
44B: TC under a high
B+K: whiff punish

3B, 6B9
B+K, 6B9
LH 22A, 6KB, 1K or 214(B)
LH 3[K], 6KB, 1K or 214(B)
LH 2B+K, 8B+K, 6B9
LH 3B+K, 9B+K, 4[A], SE B: B: B: B: B or SE 8B+K
FC 1B, G, 4[A], SE 8B+K
FC 1B, G, 4b7, 6~1K (may need to end with 1AA or 214B at certain ranges)
WS BB, 6B9
8_9B+K, 4b7, 1AA
22K, RCC, 1K
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[09] Warrior
15:42 LH 66[A]>9B+K>4B>8A+B(B) is amazing. 8A+B got a spin stun cannot be AC.

18:05 66B looks decent on block.
18:58 66[A] forces standing on point blank hit. NC on crouch is decent.
19:23 B+K is unsafe on block. Thanks for testing. You got CH on BT 2A startup?


[09] Warrior
66[A] deal ~43dmg. On crouch hit, it have a great push back.
BT 1AB is not NC and it was not in CH. I just ask to not guard just to test the launcher.


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Strange. I thought that 11B and 77B had the same move so I didn't test 77B. Nor 99 B for 33B :/

According Linkrkc list 11_44_77B is the same move. And the same for 33_66_99B.
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