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  1. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    MyNameIsE: Try soundcloud? Myself and other musicians use that site to share audio, and it should work for your purposes.
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  2. MyNameIsE

    MyNameIsE [03] Disciple

    Alright thanks b4k4, here is a playlist for the sound just frame timings:

    If the notations are wrong (which I hope not but I'm new to SC) then do say. I personally find listening to other arcade sticks easier to learn the JF timings as relying on eye isn't always good in case of laggy screens, etc (if you go to tournaments).

    Feel free to download them, just don't sell them.
  3. Biolink

    Biolink [08] Mercenary

    I actually have the game on Ps3 and 360, and I spend some time on 360 just bs'ing with friends. But some of the JF timings feel different. On my Ps3 I also have it hooked up with an HDMI cable to an HDTV and the 360 one is hooked to a standard TV. But the timings feel different. Is it just my imagination or something?
  4. Landfish

    Landfish [09] Warrior

    Thank you so much! Ever since i tried Setsuka Ive wanted a pice of audio to help me get my timing better.

    Lol @ the spamcomment in the first file.

    What finger to you use for 2143A:B? and how is your arcade stick mapped?
  5. MyNameIsE

    MyNameIsE [03] Disciple

    Index finger only, I used the slide method to do it. I have a Vewlix layout and use the standard SoulCalibur arcade layout.
  6. Starscream

    Starscream [08] Mercenary

    Hmm... :1::A::A::A:
    What's the timing on that? While playing around I found that it feels like they're equally spaced apart. And got an idea to listen to music while practice this. Specifically a song that has it's 4th notes spaced out equally with the just attacks.

    So, does anyone know the bpm for the :1::A::A::A:?
  7. docvizzo

    docvizzo [14] Master

    Lol are you serious, just two posts above you somebody posted all sounds on timings, check this:

  8. AlphaDragoon

    AlphaDragoon [09] Warrior

    I finally cracked it. FINALLY. XD

    I just now, at this very moment, got the goddamn JF Twister timing. It's not as fast as I was doing it before, but the key seems to be a light press on the buttons. When I screw up now it's because I'm not even hitting the B and just pushing A, that's how light the press seems to be to throw it out.

    I'm happy. :D
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  9. Tomo009

    Tomo009 [02] Apprentice

    Sounds really different to how I do it, I just slide from the edge of A, but I don't stop at B, I go all the way over K so I have a lot of momentum and won't be too slow.
  10. Starscream

    Starscream [08] Mercenary

    haha, I didn't read that far into the thread.
    Someone needs to make a song out of that.

    Hell fucking yes!!! Guess what I can do now. If you guessed ":1::A::A::A: consistently ten times in a row" give yourself a pat on the back.
  11. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    Can you do it without your song, or off beat? :p
  12. Starscream

    Starscream [08] Mercenary

    I listen to this song for the 1AAA

    The Beat is close enough to the timing for the 1AAA.

    So far I haven't tried it without music. I might have to do that later.

    150 bpm. Colors is 150 bpm, so I found another 150 bpm song. And I get my just frames out for the 1AAA easy with those also.

    Off to youtube to make a 1AAA playlist.
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  13. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    ...again, I'm forced to ask: what happens when you need to 1AAA off beat? o_O It's not like your opponent is going to give you an extra 15 frames for your song to catch up to a musically convenient moment.

    Don't get me wrong: I'm all for the creative learning solution, and actually think it was an innovative idea. I'm just pointing out it's not a permanent solution, because it will have its flaws down the road. It's more of a stepping stone, right?

    Also, I was under the impression 1A: A: A's spacings were 20 frames apart. At 60 FPS, doesn't that mean it should be 180 BPM?
  14. MyNameIsE

    MyNameIsE [03] Disciple

    Alright, I've updated the sound timings for Patsuka on my soundcloud playlist to include :bt: :B::+::K::B: and the :B::+::K::6::2::B: combos (they aren't really just frame, just do them fast one after the other).

    And here is a little combo I came up with to test myself for the timings of most of those JF attacks (all of them except :1::A::A::A:). Probably something I'd do to make sure I'm in shape for a tournament:

    Just remember that if you are going to do this combo to walk back slightly after the BE otherwise you will jump of the edge when you do :8::A::+::B:,:B:.
  15. Starscream

    Starscream [08] Mercenary

    A few years back I used to play DDR almost everyday. Trying to get my rhythm and timing perfect to AAA every song I played. Some times I wouldn't actually have the game or the music while I was looking at step charts.

    I'd still practice the steps without the music right there. I just imagine it in my head. To test how well I could do this I played a song without the sound running [Sync Extreme version to be exact] and still got a AA score on it. I'm sure learning just frames is not different [and actually easier since the most you'll do is 3 notes in a row instead of a whole 200 something not song].
  16. Ichipoo

    Ichipoo [02] Apprentice

    So I grinded it out in Training Mode today. Finally was able to get down 2143aB and B:B a bit more, same goes for 1B:B.

    The thing with 2143aB is that it felt weird at first since its like the game actually favors you to just lightly press the buttons instead of tapping it like you normally would so in this case, I'm using the slide method like some of you previously mentioned.

    Now all I have to do is get them all down consistently to the point where I don't have to worry about dropping it, especially 1A:A:A, I'm still having trouble with that.

    The soundclips helped though. :)
  17. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    JF Twisters all around. I'm nailing them 95% now, too. Sliding on these stick buttons is brutal, though. I need to either wear a glove, or file down the edges of the button mounting.

    ...or, y'know, man up and embrace my sweet JF Twister callouses.

    That was the last one! I'm now an Alpha JF machine (in training ;P).

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  18. Starscream

    Starscream [08] Mercenary

    I've been doing all the things I do to practice timing when I play the piano. Except I don't have a metronome anymore :(. A metronome would be so useful...

    Piano [music] practice went like this.
    1. Set the metronome to the desired bpm.
    2. Play the song [rhythm] over and over and over and over and over again to the metronome
    3. Play the song [rhythm] without the helpful guide of the metronome [while it's being recorded].
    4. Play back the recording you made in step 3. while testing to see if it's accurate to the metronome.

    1AAA, 1BB, Crouching 3BB [and the Brave edge version too] practice
    1. Set the metronome to 150bpm
    2. Do the moves over and over and over and over and over and over again to the metronome
    3. Do the moves without the metronome

    Setting goals helps too. Especially with rewards [or so I'm told in all the psych books I've read]. Personally I add in punishments too [which is completely unnecessary].

    Day one goal, punishment, and rewards [suggestions].
    Goal: Do each attack 5 times in row while your metronome/music is playing
    Reward: after doing 5 in a row enjoy something you like [maybe a cigarette, food, a beer, a snack, whatever].
    Punishment: 10 push-ups everytime you fail 3 consecutive times in a row [failing that often could be the match].

    Goal: Without the music do it 3 times in a row.
    Reward: Same as the above reward, only after doing it 3 times in a row. Amplify the reward a little bit if you can
    Punishment: Same as the above, only for every 5 times in a row you've failed [since there's nothing to help you this time].

    Goal: With music that contradicts the timing of the attacks [e.g. 140bpm, 160bpm, anything that's not 75bmp, 150bmp, 300bmp, and so on.]. Try the soundtracks for Soul Calibur since you'll more than likely be hearing this while you're playing someone else. do the moves 2 times in a row now.
    reward: once you've succeeded another amplified reward.
    Punishment: every 7 times in a row you mess up 10 push-ups.

    on the next day take 1, 2, and 3. Add one more to how many times in a row you have to perform these moves and subtract one for the punishments. After a week passes by, add 5 push-ups to the punishments as well.

    Results: You being a chiseled sex machine who can do Just attacks like a boss.

    Then there's the 2143aB and the agB
    These aren't really just attacks. They're inputshitreallyreallyfuckingfastlikeamachine attacks.
    If you're on a pad, I suggest setting L1/LB to B. This is what I personally do. I hit Square,X,L1/xaLB for agB and has more success getting the fastest input for that.

    For the Sakura I find it's easy to do pressing g3aB to get the fastest input. I slide my fingers from g to a to B while pressing 3. But if you REALLY wanna master this the hard way go rent King of Fighters [really doesn't matter which one] and practice inputting commands in that, then come back to soul cal [or any fighting game] and the inputs seem like a walk in the park [except for the just frames]. KoF [which I personally don't find fun] is a great game to play if you wanna get your input better in other fighters.

    BTW are there any benefits to pressing 214 and 236?
    For the 3BB I press g3BB.
    and for 8WR moves I double tap the directions. However 236 gives the appearance that you enter a forward stepping crouch before you do whatever 8WR move you're going to perform out of it.
  19. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    There are absolutely benefits. 214 and 236 will cut down your total execution time on all FC or 8WR moves.

    214 vs. [G ]2
    214 can be buffered into the recovery of another move, and comes out instantly. Using the [G ]2 method to crouch (that you would use with other characters) takes slightly longer to animate. The difference is only a few frames, but "a few frames" makes all the difference in the world. Alpha Patroklos' punish game is amongst the best in the game, but the moves he is only marginally able to punish with 2143a:B would not be punishable at all by simply holding guard to crouch.

    This is a very, very important tool.

    236 vs. 8WR
    To do an 8WR move in SCV, your character must first spend a few frames actually animating the step. By using 236 to enter an 8WR move, Alpha Patroklos has the unique property of being able to bypass these first few step animation frames. This, again, is a very important tool. To give you an example of how important these few frames can be, test the following combo: 66A+B, 22_88BA. Try doing this, and unless there's some crazy fast timing window I've never managed, you will NOT be able to get 22_88BA to combo after the 66A+B stun. However, now try inputting this combo as 66A+B, 2362BA. Bam, combo works. Why does this combo now work? Because Alpha is no longer spending time actually animating a sidestep (as with the 22_88BA method), he actually cuts a few frames out, and is able to make the 8WR move connect every time.

    Really, you can think of 236 as a tool to allow you to i8WR, that also has a built in tech crouch at the beginning (however, to take advantage of the tech crouch, you're letting the 236 get further into the animation, negating some of the speed benefits you'd get by buffering it out of something else and doing an 8WR move ASAP).

    236 also doesn't take you off axis, meaning a combo like CH 2363B, 6K, 8A+B etc... will connect fully, whereas if you instead execute the starting move as CH 33_99B, there's a chance it will hit too far off axis for the 6K to connect at all.

    To summarize:
    214 = Fastest possible way to enter FC state. Great way to duck under highs and throws, and fastest way to access Alpha's strong FC move set.

    236 = Fastest possible way to perform 8WR moves. Use this to accelerate 8WR move start times; add some TC frames to the start of 8WR moves to go under highs/throws; or to prevent an 8WR moves from taking you off axis if you didn't want it to.

    Hope this was helpful!
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  20. Starscream

    Starscream [08] Mercenary

    Yes, this is very useful.
    Another random off topic question.
    A+B I'm having issues with. What exactly does this parry?

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