Kogarasumaru Pre-Evo 2009 Bilingual Bloodfest!


[08] Mercenary
my ps3 broke so lemme no if u want me 2 bring sc blazblue and sf4 as i can provide all 3 if im able to show up


[10] Knight
Damn thinking about this tournament is killing me.

So much Hype!

Yo Jaxel would I be right in assuming this tournament may be close to 50 attendees.


Super Moderator
Yo, I'm hype for this joint. And Larry is is entering his cock into the tournament. Y'all better watch out.



[09] Warrior
Wow.... i really want participate this match

But... i arrive at july 15.....

It´s a great pity :(


[09] Warrior
OmFgBbQ !!!11!!! HyPe !!!11!! XD

If you still need a TV, let me know. Its not fancy (Basicially, its one of those small one with the VCR built into it with composite and RF), but it should get the job done. :D


[09] Warrior
Anyone think making SC4 teams 2v2 would be more hype? It'd allow for more entries in an event that is usually cancelled due to lack of entries. This would also coincide with Japanese rules since Tekken also does 2v2 teams.


Big Gimpin
2v2 teams sounds fun, but most of the people I can think of who I'd partner with also use Voldo, haha.

Perhaps me and Malice can co-represent philly.


[09] Warrior
What are you talking about !? You always cook !! >:) You mean not cooking ?! Then yea, its not the same !! >:( On the plus side, more boxed wine. XD


[09] Warrior
lol this is coming from the guy who on my grad day, drank with me for the first time.. nice bro...LOL if you think i dont remember you are horribly mistaken...LOL