[Mar 17, 2012] The Jaxel-Dome Returns: The Dickening (Edison, NJ)

Discussion in 'Tournament Announcements' started by Jaxel, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Jaxel Administrator

    8 Emerson St
    Edison, NJ 08820
    • Take Garden State Parkway to Exit 131
    • Make RIGHT onto Highway 27
    • Make RIGHT at FIRST light onto Wood Ave (between two gas stations)
    • Make LEFT at THIRD light onto Inman Ave
    • PASS first light (Featherbed Lane)
    • Take IMMEDIATE LEFT onto Ahmerst Ave
    • Ahmerst Ave becomes Emerson St at bend.
    We are literally 5 minutes away from the Edison Metropark Train station and players will be more than happy to pick you up if you are coming by plane or train. The train schedule is available online at: http://www.njtransit.com/pdf/rail/Current/r0070.pdf.

    • 2:00 PM - Singles Signups
    • 3:00 PM - Singles Bracket
    • $10 Soulcalibur V Singles
    • $10 House Fee
      • I will not be supplying Wireless PS3 Controllers
      • I will not be supplying PS3 USB Sync Cables
      • I will not be supplying PSX -> PS3 converters
    • Squatting during casual play is strictly prohibited
    • You must take a shower before the tournament
    • No smoking is permitted inside of the house
    • Be clean and courteous, and clean up after yourself
    • Please don't walk in front of TVs durings matches
    • Absolutely don't vandalize the supplied equipment
    • We reserve the right to search anyone suspicious
  1. chaosghost6

    chaosghost6 [09] Warrior

    I will come to this.
  2. Malice
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    Malice Administrator

    Spread the word about THE DICKENING!
  3. AVNjonnitti

    AVNjonnitti Hot Dog

    ugh. i really want to make it out to the jaxel dome but i always have something going on whenever you hold one. my bands playing a show that day :(
  4. Malice
    • Administrator

    Malice Administrator

    Come afterward
  5. MastaToken

    MastaToken [05] Battler

    I'll be there. I definitely want to step my skills up in this game and actually take it seriously.
  6. AVNjonnitti

    AVNjonnitti Hot Dog

    im probably not going to be done until around 11 and ill be in woodland park.
  7. CommissarMonkey

    CommissarMonkey [02] Apprentice

    The Dickening? really jaxel, what were you guys drunk and high when you came up with that name? /facepalm
  8. Serge2HOT4U

    Serge2HOT4U [09] Warrior

    Actually, the name came about after the infamous "porn off". We were regaled by a story of a Tijuana donkey show so it was hard to think of anything else lol
  9. Winterfell

    Winterfell [01] Neophyte

    hmm.. i have to think about this. OH HAI SERGE. Good to see at winter brawl. if you didn't know it's nas, back from the fucking grave! :D
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    Jaxel Administrator

    Mei got second a the porn off.
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  10. Ooofmatic

    Ooofmatic World Warrior

    Is the Jaxel-Dome a monthly thing?

    I checked bus tickets for this one and it's about $80 round trip. Unfortunately I won't be able to make this one but I sure as hell wanna return to the Jaxeldome.

    If you can give me an idea of when upcoming Jaxeldome tourney dates are in the next few months then I can plan ahead for them. If I buy tickets early enough I can find deals for as low as $1 each way. Lmk!
  11. neoghaleon

    neoghaleon [99] The Cow

    • Squatting during casual play is strictly prohibited
    • You must take a shower before the tournament
    These are the funniest rules ever.
    You fighting game fans in the east coast must be freaking dirty!
  12. JasonL

    JasonL [08] Mercenary

    Jaxel Dome? I'M IN THERE!
  13. Thermidor

    Thermidor [10] Knight

    Can I get someone's number that is going? So they can pick me up if I can make it and take me to the Train? Last time I went to a Jaxel-Dome I went with Serge, DK and Ramon.
  14. ZeroEffect317

    ZeroEffect317 [12] Conqueror

    Well... this would be a good way to spend my birthday.
  15. Malice
    • Administrator

    Malice Administrator

    Cool. I'll bring a cake...to the Dickening! Who likes dick cake?
  16. The Landslide

    The Landslide [13] Hero

  17. RLWolfen

    RLWolfen [08] Mercenary

    I could use some company on the train. Riding those things alone can be lame.
  18. STAR

    STAR [01] Neophyte

    I can come, but I'll likely need a ride to/back from the train station

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