Mi-na Matchup Discussion


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An empty or delayed GS will TC right under 6B+K and then Nightmare can hit you with whatever move he wants. Other than just guessing right all the time, 2k is probably the best option if you really must do something. But it doesn't crouch and I'm pretty sure you can still get hit by GS A if the timing is right or the range is wrong.


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Is it the backstep with NSS that's giving you trouble? That can be really annoying. If they're just in NSS I usually try and hit fc1b at a range safe enough from [a]k and the like. I know what I'm most worried about from NSS is either a:b, [a]k, or a GS transition. Which means stepping is a really poor choice, though step g is alright.

Playing against Wallace is probably different. He's more of a GS player than NSS. I tend to worry more about a:G:a and Nighty's ridiculous throw range, aside from just trying to not eat a 33b every time I do a move. And constant 1ks.

Actually, we played some games a few days ago and I'll be uploading a few vids.

Is there any way to punish Zas's wrb? That move is so annoying and I cannot believe that there's nothing to do about it. I've tried the usual, 6b+l and 6ak, but he's either out of range or can block. I hate having to rely on throw mixups all the time.


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Well normally I would 2A vs GS but seeing as how that fails... I use iFC A works sometimes other times not really I think it depends on the transition NSS shouldn't really be an issue for mina seeing as how he back steps into 6B Tip CH range. most transitions frame trap into NSS K though( NSS (A) a(B) ) So a fast TC will beat every option other then NSS > GS A. GS starts faster when done from NSS, it pretty much makes no one option beat out NSS completey.


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GS A+B is pretty much a free anything on GRD,I don't know the exact frames but its -21 or more. GS K is -42 so yeah free anything on grd as well


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Hello, Page.

Anyway, I have some question about anti-Yoda.
Can someone suggest me some good moves and strategies against Yoda, please? I think Mina can beat Yoda easily, but I need a fast-pace brief against Yoda urgently.
Also, can someone tell me those specific combos against Yoda, please?
Thank you very much.


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Wallace, you want to use Mina against OOF?

I'll tell you this: he, and most other good Yoda players, knows that you're going to try and CF. He will 4g every single chance he gets, which makes 44/66a+b unless you can mix up the timing well, and 44b a lot less useful than they might seems.

A lot of her other stuff misses as well. You can count out bb and 6bb, and 8a+b will whiff at close range. Her 6ak won't work, and you can't use 6b+k to punish. However, 66a is pretty decent and 1b works well. See if you can't hit a 3bK

In my experience you want to keep him as far away as you possibly can. He is very slow and can't step well, so try some fc1b, 11a, and pogo when you can. If you're sure you can get the range then you can try and hit him out of the air with 66b.


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Well yeah, you can get them if you mix it up.

But don't just expect to insta CF every round. You still need to set things up.


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mina vs algol 5:5 or possibly 6:4 in minas favor

algol has trouble vs mina, he cant really turtle her because of her SG damage and his back step is nearly useless in this match up. to make matters worse he can't bubble shield to replenish his SG because of FC 1B. mina out zones him for a few reasons: his forward run is pathetically slow and he gets owned by moves that force FC on block. his FC options are either short range or slow as hell. even at medium range he has trouble contending with minas 6B,2B,4B. 6B at optimal range 6B blocked knocks him out of BB range most of the time which is his main ranged option. algol imo doesnt have the tools needed to rush down mina well enough and stay there once close provided he even makes it close. at long range algol wins because he can just QI mix up all day. QI B retracks QI K is hard to read low and QI A is a +2 high. just my take on the match up
If you block WR B, an immediate 8A+B stops every NSS move he can do except for bA. Also, 8A+B punishes WR B by itself, so he can't opt to not go into NSS and get away with it. There is another way for him to stop 8A+B, but I will not say what it is because it's up to Nightmare players to figure it out on their own.
You wouldn't happen to be talking about delaying NSS K, would you, hmmmmm?
Haha. Sorry, didn't mean to share it to the world. I just saw your post and had to find out what you were talking about.

Anywho, I have a friend wanting to learn Mi-na. I know nothing with her. Any ideas on how I should teach him?


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I'll add on to Khent's statement and say play her because you love her.
Cheesy but it's not always good to stay pessimistic with Mi-na.


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I didn't really browse through or search or anything. I apologize in advance.

I was looking for help against using Mi-na Vs. Sophitia match up.

More or less, what can mi-na do against TASB.

Thank you.