Mi-na Matchup Discussion


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Well, I hit the GC out of the UB, but not the UB yet. I can only think of one way to set that up, and it'll take more work.


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It hit, but it seems the vids for those matches aren't coming out very well, so I don't know if we'll be able to see it. Honestly, the match I hit it in wasn't a great one, since the guy started sandbagging with Taki afterwards and I just switched to Rock for an easier win.


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Mina people aren't the only ones who are very loyal... look at the people who stuck with Talim through all the nerfing she copped between SC2 and SC3.
Seriously. I stopped picking her at that point. She was fun to play, but not as hot as Mina, so...

And Khent, I understand what you say about being thick headed, it's the way to show love for a character. More so, I started playing her again, because I like knowing there's people that like her as much as I do. BUT NOT MORE THAN I DO. xD


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I used Mina (along with Voldo) in SB when I was younger. I played Mina as a secondary/tertiary in SC2/3, and now I'm a Mina(main)/Tira/Scheherazade/Xianghua/Rock/Voldo player, in that order of skill. I've stuck with atleast using her a decent amount since I was like....7 or 8.


johNNy blaZe
or Setsuka?
Ouchy fight.
As usual, movement and basics are everything. Look out for her 1B:B and autoGI it. Use 9K a fair amount vs her, cuz it's tough blocking her 1A jf on reaction. Keep in mind 9K should be a regularly used mid in general due to it's speed and autoGI setup capabilities. Apart from that, there's no anti-Sets tools just general guidelines, like break B most of the time and the sorts.

Keep at mid range as much as possible cuz her pokes are just damn good. She is just damn good.


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Against Voldo, I have a really difficult time. He can close the space it seems quite easily (and safely). 4A is more or less useless against him. 7B works better I've found and aGI'ing some strings (ex. 3BB) with 4B+K works for me as well.


johNNy blaZe
Does she get more potential damage off something from a B throw? The Setsuka player I fought in March kept insisting on A throws for some reason.
Yes :'(
Her command throw leads to combos, and is a B throw

It's ok to eat the A, unless he's being stupid with it of course then u should adapt. It's like facing a Taki hehe, break with B most of the time.

Fighting Voldo, depends on the style the opponent plays. You can't punish him really so it's basically you trying to outthink him, and counter his setups/gimmicks. I use B+K vs Voldo a bit. I use B+K a lot in general. Good move if u know how to use it...use it just outside throw range (strange i know)


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Against Voldo: Ouch.

Playing against a person who plays Voldo, and knows half his movelist, together with remembering he can add regular GIs to his already sneaky movements, is a pain.

I happen to play a Voldo user often. Can't compare since he's the only one I know, but I assume he's pretty good. 8A+B works a lot for me (thanks to reading it in a post here.) It is, as the original poster said, like a shield.
The guy always outmatches me both in speed and range when I try to get away, but sometimes 1B,B_A_K does the trick.
I always base my game (or rather, TRY to base) in impacting a lot. That makes things harder, since Voldo works in mysterious ways for me. So I resort to poke him with the few fast things available. 2K/WSK/FC4KK/6AK etc.

Note that these things work for me, but most times I don't win so the "work" word is relative. From what I remember, I get wins mostly when I focus 100% in reading him, so I can impact Voldo and throw him off rhythm. Whatever his rhythm is.


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Against Voldo, 9B+K series seems to work really well. May be just me but it's really helpful against some of his shenanigans.


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I know of a Voldo or two who say Voldo has trouble against Mina's spacing. Not sure how true it is but it seems somewhat likely.


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As a Voldo player I often have trouble closing the gap against Mina. Whether this is because I play rather defensively or because I really don't know how to play against Mina, I don't know. Part of the problem is that I don't feel comfortable trying to step and impact everything, and online I can't even jump FC1B on reaction on anything less than 5 bars. I personally feel that just abusing FC1B and Mina's pogo can counter much of Voldo's bullshit, but that's just my opinion. I pretty much have problems against every character that can space well(Asta, Mina, you get the idea) for whatever reason. This is just me though, perhaps other, better, Voldo's can chime in on this.

Oh, and I just realized that I have more problems against Mina than I do against Kilik. Pretty strange, I guess.


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I just realized how stupid the Mi-Na vs Raph match is. Jesus. >_>

3 -> Prep B,B is like wow against Mi-Na, and that's not even counting mixups. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm having trouble against Raph. Lots of it too. Any advice at all on this matchup?


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In the past I'd have some angry and rage-filled reply to now knowing this fact, but it just gets to the point where you totally give up and accept that she is flawed beyond belief. I can't even comment on it.

A little off-topic here, but Dully's statement has me asking the question - who else here aside from me uses only Mi-na? I'm looking to see what other courageous people are out there besides me. I mean, if I managed to win a tournament with her, I wouldn't even want the prize money. All I'd really want is for Mi-na to jump out of the TV from her win pose and say to me "Sean, you and me are now going to have hot, passionate sex."
My main in sc4 is kilik/mina
i use kilik as a reinforcement of mina because to me she was too much nerfed with the age especially in sc4.
she was my main in s edge , sc , sc2 ,sc3 , so i know her since the beginning.
The problem is that ,it's very hard to win with her in sc4 now.
Maybe it's because my lag but i'd like that namco give her more moves and some JF

anyway mina is very different from other for me and i love that.


johNNy blaZe
Mina vs Cass is ok.
I play the same vs her as i do vs most characters. Space, poke, and whittle the gauge. 4A is key and 4B+K is the answer to BB happy fools. Otherwise just keep stepping and applying 4A sensibly.

Mina vs Raph is......out of this world.
Only advice i can give is don't bother with autoGIs, and keep stepping like a bitch. Even when he has adv step, just step step step step.


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Sophie sophie sophie...
That's a matchup i know quite well.

Fighting Sophie is a psychological thing and applies vs any character vs Sophie. Sophie's weakness is that when she gets blocked you get a free mixup. Her other weakness is her mixup game. 1K blows, and 11A is slow. Break with A almost 100% of the time, and chance the B throw multi. The other lies with the player who uses her. Do they use 236B offensively or defensively?! Depending on which category they fall in warrants a different strategy however, for basics.

Punish her 1K with 6B+K
Punish her 236B with 6B+K or 3bK for ringout, or whatever
7B her WS [A+B]
Don't go heavy on high attacks
Step to her right a lot
And as usual space her to death. 1B and 4A are still good tools to use in general, at mid range 1BA cannot be punished by her 236B
The match up is kinda hard imo, if the Sophie player is impressive and has their antiMina down, if not then...it's not too bad.


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It's been a long time since I played Mina vs NM. Even when I got to play against Wallace I usually used Rock.

I know for sure, if you haven't figured out his tech traps then you're getting rung out every round. And you have to be VERY careful at range, because he'll just step you until you whiff and then rape your face with 33B.



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Yo, I was in Buffalo.

Anyway, I'll just do some research into stuff with Nightmare like where he can interupted and so forth. I already made the punishment list with him and from what I remember, it was a long one. She even got launchers off a few of his moves. But I can't remember if this stuff was being used on me or not. He might have been playing totally safe for all I know.