Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)


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Does this count? lol gundam/mech Yoshi. I wish we had more slots for items so i could give him cannons...


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AD 11945, Earth is wrecked, and cybergangs of robotically increased beings fight to increase their turf.
Sometimes a chunk of territory can be gambled between them in a duel between gang leaders' champion in the so called MADISOUL SQUARE GARDEN arena.

Gaïa, leader of the insectoid tribe called protectors of the earth, is trying to recover a piece of land miraculously left unscathed, which the rival gang of the Taureens wants to turn into a battle arena and a meat processing plant.
Gaïa has sent has created a force of half human half insect APF (Anti Pollution Fighters), called the W.A.S.P (Weaponized Anthros Special Police).
She is sending in their general aka Laguêpe, hoping she can knock down their champion and reclaim some space for mother nature to come back to life.

Laguêpe isn't really a match for such a formidable foe, one made of scrap metal and decayed flesh, but Gaïa has another trump up her sleeve, in case things go south...

You can find some editor shots of the CAS there over at my main :
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Wow, those are amazing.

If anyone else wants a crack at this contest, let's give it until tomorrow night, January 20th, and then we'll close it up and start voting!


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Harrawesome takes my vote because that cyber ninja totally looks like something you could find in an old futuristic 90s arcade game like Strider, Ninja Warriors or Hagane. Totally nailed it.

Honorable mention to @Gaahl Taki and that @Onyyx's techno Voldo, he looks like he just get out of Gally or some other cyberpunk anime


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I'll vote for @NeclordX's Astaroth. I was actually working on a very similar one when you posted it. Yours came together much better than mine though.


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I vote for happycolour over the top silly cyberCAS. I miiiight just have a theme that'll totally blow you away and totally unheard of...just sayin' :)


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My vote goes to @VILARCANE, you know of my thoughts already philos but, Maxi looks sick!! Honorable mentions to @Harrawesome for his amazing cyber shinobi (which reminds me of Strider Hiryu) and @Gaahl for that great, futuristic Taki. Awesome work you two, and everyone else of course :D


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I probably won't win this one, again :(, but since the thread has been quiet for a while, i offer my theme if the winner thinks it's a worthy one :
make a CAS using a non-human race with only ExEq and sticker work, ie. no equipment whatsoever.
So far, i have made 2 CAS using those restrictions, which need you to rethink your approach to CAS and make way for both OCs and recreations. I won't participate / vote, but you can find my ref. work with batman & latest area51 CAS in my thread.
It's totally ok if you ignore my proposal tho, no hard feelings :)