Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)


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And I still don’t get why Cervantes didn’t get a mutated arm. Or why NM is blue when he was red as Siegfried!.
To be fair, Nightmare's armour is literally just a suit of armour Siegfried could take off and replace, at least until later when Nightmare and Siegfried were separated and Nightmare possessed the armour. As for Cervantes, my assumption was that he always had a stronger will than Siegfried did when he first started using Soul Edge, so it had less of an effect on him physically. He does have a (non-canon) ending in the original Soul Blade where he overcomes the will of Soul Edge and destroys himself along with the blades as penance, so he certainly has some degree of fortitude buried in him somewhere. When Siegfried first picked up Soul Edge he was totally willing, already mad from the trauma of killing his own father, so perhaps Soul Edge was able to twist him more to its desires.


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It looked off in Siegfried’s ending where he was fleshy to match the sword. And the armor seems to be retconned regardless since Oprah didn’t get any.

By the way, good challenge requiring skill with the engine.


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As much as I love my boy Fliptop, Onyyx's Nightmare Lizardman is the only one that felt right to me, sorry other entries. (Not saying they weren't GOOD ofc)


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Aw, am I late to the party? Darn it. I wanted to wait until the DLC came out because I had the perfect idea for a monstrous Fygul Cestemus chimera.
In all seriousness, gotta go with @NeclordX's Lizard Sophitia. Very creative take on the challenge. Honorable mention to @Fliptop's badass trio, all very awesome creations on their own right!


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Yup, @Fliptop earned this one, amazing and badass work friend! Honorable mentions are @NeclordX's Lizardtia and for me, @Onyyx's Fygul Maxi. God, I loved the idea with the stains and such!
Amazing stuff this time too, congrats for the entries guys :D


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@Fliptop wins this round! Congrats! Those were some sick golems, man. Time to revive your thread yet?

Anyways, please choose the topic for the next round!


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Cheers guys for the kind words! It's always heartening to see people keeping the board alive like this. Next theme is:



Not to be confused with the great PS One horror game, this theme is about the influence of BOTH soul swords - EDGE and CALIBUR. The task is to create a Soul Edge or Soul Calibur form of a character who has appeared in a Soul Calibur game. Any character from any game is viable- guest characters included if you fancy it and yes, this includes Chronicles of the Sword characters, shopkeepers, those guys from those spinoff games - yeah those guys and the voiceover guy. If they've appeared in a SC game in some form, they're viable. If the characters are a little more obscure (who the hell is Iska Farkas?), a reference pic might be handy just so people can appreciate the context.

We've seen the influence of the weapons over several characters- Cervantes, Siegfried, Strife, Pyrrha and Patroklos. We've also seen the weapons manifest themselves in the forms of Nightmare, Night Terror, Inferno and Elysium. Grotesque mutations and crystaline carapaces are some of the traits of these tranformations - unless you're Patroklos in which case just you just get a new jacket.

So there you have it. Break out those weird races, stick horns where horns have no place being, make giant lobster hands or make something ridiculousy shiny and impossibly pristine. You have the power. Go forth and make cool shit.

@brucege : I'll probably just start a new thread. I'm sure I'll get around to it soon!

@WindupSkeleton : *waves like an infant*