Most evasive character


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Runis Xianghua's autogi windows are tiny so they are risky. Plus you go and list all these TCing moves and what not, but if you know a high is coming you only need one. Also I mentioned the Yoda thing because he doesn't have to guess on a guard impact which really isn't any different than how you are arguing Xianghua.


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Yoshi's 4AB. May take a lil life but I would exchange that for a 90+ life combo to set up any day. Keep an eye on it!


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No love for Mina?

Honestly, I don't play her, and don't know much about her, but the few good Mina players I've seen seem to play the keep away game all day long. I suppose this doesn't necessarily mean she's evasive, but the style in which these players play her makes it a pain in the ass to even get close.


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But the topic is who does it the best not necessarily who can do it the easiest.

So if A evades better then B, and B has easier evade execution, A is still the better at evading.


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Yeah, let's ignore regular GIs. Sure, Yoda has an advantage there as he can 1_3 GI everything and be assured it will work, but Yoda doesn't really count, and we all know that.

aGIs do count, as they vary from character to character. Their utility, damage, setups, active frames, etc. So aGIs do differentiate characters where GIs do not.

I just recently discovered the Auto-GI thread. That's helping me to answer this question. I had no idea Kilik's Asura TCd, TJd and GId mids. He's invincible!

I really am looking for a character that you could win rounds in a row with, always evading and never blocking. Now, any character can get lucky and do this once or twice, particularly in a situation where one player clearly dominates the other. But obviously we're talking even matchups re: player skill. Hope that clears the topic up a bit.


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The TC on Asura is nigh irrelevant, given when it comes into effect. Also, it doesn't aGI body attacks (i.e. kicks, Voldo's ass, Astaroth's entire body).

Edit: And for what it's worth, Yoda can't sit and 3G everything. Why? Because some highs still hit him.


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Maybe if you started joining tournaments again, you'd improve faster
Well, I can't argue with that. I'm just a lazy bastard who doesn't like driving so far. But yeah, I really should get off my ass and head down there again.

Also, my first experience was a little off-putting because I'd never used an arcade stick and was used to a 360 pad. Everything was on PS3! But now that I've purchased a 360 stick, I should be able to more accurate execute inputs on the sticks there.

So yeah, good idea. I think I *will* show up. Thanks for drawing me back in.


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He's not the most evasive but i actually have alot of trouble with mitsu. Just simble attacks like 4b and 1a i get caught out by. Then again im sure im not nearly as good as you guys so i dnt really know much.


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Amy definitely

she is small, have alot of useful fast TC and TJ moves, has aGI moves for verticals and horizontals and they are pretty practical too.

Some combos doesn't work on her by default because of her small hit box.


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Rock, his manliness repells the weapons of the enemy... well basicly he ain't moving, but nothing touch him, so that's same =D
(Real answer:
I think X would be pretty high, ducking all the freaking time... taunting me all the freaking time... Damn...Her...)


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voldo ducks mids......

more then half of his moves have TJ or TC properties.......

voldo wins


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Voldo wins this NO CONTEST. 80% of his movelist are moves that either TC or TJ. Voldo also has 4 stances that have evasive properties(I'm counting BCR as being different than normal CR), and one of them puts you so low to the ground that many mids will go right over you.


Voldo, that or Mitsurugi's since during the transition of his stance changes, he can't be hit.


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Each of these has evasive attacks/movements/stances that you could do execute on reaction based on different circumstances?
Evades are usually about guessing. If opponent throws out stuff you have time to react to, you could just be hitting them.

For voldo it's not worth listing the moves he has that TC because there are far too many. His CR B has a super TC and is a highly usable move anyway. I'd probably have to say kilik/voldo are a small step above amy in evasive move properties, followed by X who's has every bit as many evasive maneuvers, but tends to split the jobs they do too much (and her aGIs have small active windows).

Special mention should be made of hilde who can not only sidestep practically everything, but also has C3A which washes your car and puts your kids through college.


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I find it odd that no one has mentioned Talim. Im not saying she is 'the most' evasive character but her wind side and back stepping is 75% of her game in my experience with Eclair. Id also say Voldo cause of his special stepping, landfish and various TC and TJ moves