[Ohio] Class is now in session


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What's up everyone!?

LOC & Jinmaster: I have 2 work 2nite, but when I get some free time later on, I'm gonna try 2 give one of u guys a call & see what's happening w/yas 4 2maro. I'll be checking on when ur heading down 4 the tournament in West Chester, if ur bringing any other ppl, & what not & so forth.

Take it easy & have a good one. Peace.


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Anybody going to be coming to the Chicago regional through or near Cleveland? I need a ride, really want to get out to this. I'll pay for gas, whatever, just fucking take me with you!


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Anything going on up here? I live in Lorain, trying to get some play around here. Online is pretty terrible, so I have to resort to playing offline...


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wassup man i live in cleveland and want to get a ohio thing going wassup?
What's up Govamint!?

Sorry I haven't gotten 2 ur post or anything sooner bro, I've been hella busy. That's how life rolls sometimes.

Anywho...I see ur from Cleveland. I know a few peeps up there do play some Soul Cal. Try hitting up their thread 4 sure if u want some local comp.

Another place 2 get some comp that might not be too far away is Columbus. Just hit up Jinmaster & LOC if ur ever gonna go there 4 some Soul Cal.

If ur ever in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, just hit me up. There's a group of us that like to play some Soul Cal as well, so if ur ever down around here, let me know & I can get something setup.

Take it easy & have a good one. Peace.


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northeast ohio...where are you???????????????

all people living in the cle+ area please hit up! the time to get togeather is now!


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I'm not sure if this would motivate any of you to come out to TX for a Tourney. We ain't holdin nothing back. No one is banned and we are ready to play. Granger in the mix. The Evers brothers LinkKrc and Alphamale will be in attendance. Nori, San Antonio's prodigy will be there as well as TX's finest. I've updated the airfares from Southwestern flights. Hope to see some out of towners. TX is where it's at!


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Just wanted to know if anyone was going to NEC? I am going and driving and basically looking for someone to split costs of gas and room with me. I'm located in marion but willing to drive out of the way to pick someone up.

If you have any more questions or are interested shoot me a PM or reply to this thread.


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I'm in Cleveland. I haven't been lucky enough, ever, to play offline and I would love to get a little event or just a small hang out and enjoy the last days of SC4. Anyone willing?


Steamed Buns!!
Where all the Ohio people at??? Im in Cincinnati for the next 3 weeks, anyone want to meet up for some offline?


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Hey forum,

I just recently got in to Soul Calibur IV a lot (again, played the game to death back on original release :P) and was wondering if there was anyone hosting tournaments in or around Columbus Ohio?

If you don't live in Ohio, add me on PSN (Anselm14), we can play sometime :P

Thanks, hopefully I can meet some other players in Ohio!