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I should go back and test this... I've been going for 6BBB all this time. 95 DMG meterless plus oki... (Maybe a little less due to no real CH damage, but it shouldn't be much.)

... Well, if I look at the numbers, if you can hit the same moves (B+K has to be close like 6BBB), you're essentially paying 1 bar for +28 damage. That'd be good for finishing rounds, but I dunno about general use...

66B normal combo is 77 DMG plus oki, 66B, CE is 109 DMG, paying a bar for +32 damage. Not bad, I guess. I just don't like 66B, CE at all though.
Does 6B.B.B ever whiff? They tech crouch towards the end of the break, and 6B.B.B does NOT like that..
95 meterless is good, and you'd build a ton of gauge.. That likely would be the better option.
You don't have to be TOO close, I think even a 3B break at near-tip range would connect and 4B takes a step forward.

I think even for a ring out, 6B.B.B would be best because you'd build good gauge with 66B+G and cover more ground.


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Character specific combos. Taken from watching CRNA Ruka.

Vs. Tira, ZWEI, Dampierre, Astaroth

3B_33B, 236B BE, 3B - 86 DMG (92 with Clean Hit)
66B, 66B+K, 236B BE, 3B - 89 DMG


Compare to:

3B, 236B BE, 44B - 85 DMG (escapable, only guaranteed on BT opponents)
3B, 236B BE, 236K - 92 DMG (edge boundary only)
3B, CE - 95 DMG
66B, 66B+K, 236K - 77 DMG (plus oki)
66B, 66B+K, CE - 96 DMG


The combo is good in general. You can spend half a bar for good damage and get more mileage out of your meter. Gives a nicely needed edge to the Astaroth matchup in my opinion.

Using after 66B+K is OK for wall carry, but if you're spending meter to kill just go for the CE. Using meter for 66B+K isn't recommended for general use.

I will start using 3B at the wall instead of 236K. 3B recovers faster, you get better oki. Also safer. I'll use 236K if I think it will kill, but that's "pinching pixels".


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Combo from player UZU. (Paranormal_Oreo or one of the other combo guys might have done this before... I can't remember.)

66B, 1B BE, CE - 83 DMG

Won't connect at tip range, but has larger range than you'd think.

May or may not connect off-axis- depends on hitboxes. Being closer will increase your chances of hitting.

Because of the poor meter efficiency (1 1/2 bars for 83 DMG) this is strictly a ringout combo.

Pushes a good 3-4 character distances more than 66B, 66B+K, CE.

Would I use it? I don't know... I would hate to go for this and not have it ringout because I misjudged the distance. But, I do use 1B, 1B BE, CE though.

That combo scales better for some reason... Whatever...

I guess 1B BE would work well against the edge, instead of using CE or 66B+K, CE to ring out. Since 66B+K, 236B can usually be air controlled out of a ringout...


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I got a chance to try out 3B, 236B BE, 3B today on all four of the characters it works on.
I really like it.

I strongly recommend that you use the combo if you are fighting Tira, ZWEI, Astaroth or Dampierre. It's really good stuff.


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I'll pop in and throw out a cool combo.

:6::(6)::B:~:6::(6)::B+K:~:1: :bA+B+K: (At the EXACT moment when they hit the ground).~ :2::3::6::2: :3::6::A+B+K:. It'll do ten or eleven hits iirc. It's better to use if you don't mind throwing out 1.5 of your gage. XD


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I was confusing it with one of Pyrrha Omega's BEs. XD Using three characters frequently gets the best of me. -o-


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So uh, is it known that the 2nd hit of 236AB (when the first hit is blocked/whiffs) allows combo followups? You can get 236B/236K/236B BE/CE.


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What's the timing required for CH 44A, 6BBB? Sometimes I get it and other times I don't. If I mash it never works either. even tried it on all angles and it still feels random.