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Earlier in the week, someone broke NDA and it was leaked that Ezio Auditore da Firenze would be a guest character in Soulcalibur V. Today, I can confirm that the leak is absolutely true! Ezio will be available for both consoles on launch, and as it stands, is the only confirmed guest character.
Also announced during Monday's press conference is confirmed release dates for western release. Soulcalibur V will be released on North America on January 31, 2012 and February 3, 2012 in Europe. Now I know what you're thinking, but I can tell you, I had a bit of time to play the game and its far further along than you may think.

In addition to the standard retail release, Namco is also preparing a very nice collector's edition in a package very reminiscent of old leather-bound novels. The collector's edition features an in-depth biography on the history of the Soulcalibur franchise, an artbook, soundtrack, and exclusive Dark Knight and Paladin character armor sets.


But wait, there's more! With the inclusion of Ezio Auditore da Firenze in SC5, you may be thinking "what about Dampierre? we never really got a chance to try him out!" Well good news! Dampierre Le Bello will be available as a preorder bonus at an as yet unannounced retailer. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not he will be available via DLC post release.
And yet... we're still not done. Also announced at the press conference, Namco will be bringing the original Soulcalibur game to the iOS platform, just as they previously released it on Xbox Live. There is no word on whether or not it would be coming to the Playstation Network. While this may not be big news in itself, I found a few "quirks" with their presentation.

On the slides for Soulcalibur for the iOS, I noticed one of the screenshots had Cassandra in it; who did not appear till SC2. In addition to this, I also saw Ivy and Astaroth in their SC2 outfits. What it means is up to pure speculation; could this be a new addition or reveal? When chatting with the VP of Marketing and @filthierich, they had mentioned the intent to excite the hardcore fans.


In fact, I was told that Ezio had been in the plan since very early in SC5's development. To the point where a mason's tool is actually hidden in the game's logo itself! Mason's tools, in addition to being used in the symbols for many western guilds, is also used as a symbol of the Assassin's Guild in the Assassin's Creed games.


So chances are, Namco has been hiding secret messages and hints at future reveals in many of their past releases and trailers. Maybe it's time to go back to some of that older footage and getting our detective on? Clever users have already discovered Dampierre in the Ezio announcement trailer, mere hours before the official announcement of his inclusion!


My more in-depth impressions of the game itself will be up later today.

2552SCV-packPS3_PEGI.jpg 2553SCV-packX360_PEGI.jpg 8067sc5_pub_2d_dampierre1.jpg 8075sc5_pub_2d_ezio1.jpg 8077sc5_pub_hss_darkknight-F.jpg 8079sc5_pub_hss_paladin-F.jpg
36906sc5_pub_ss_dampierre1_001.jpg 36909sc5_pub_ss_dampierre1_hilde1_003.jpg 36910sc5_pub_ss_dampierre1_hilde1_006.jpg 36912sc5_pub_ss_dampierre1_003.jpg 36913sc5_pub_ss_ezio1_009.jpg 36917sc5_pub_ss_ezio1_mitsurugi1_004.jpg
36908sc5_pub_ss_dampierre1_hilde1_001.jpg 36907sc5_pub_ss_dampierre1_005.jpg 36911sc5_pub_ss_dampierre1_pyrrha1_002.jpg 36914sc5_pub_ss_ezio1_maxi1_007.jpg 36915sc5_pub_ss_ezio1_maxi1_018.jpg 36916sc5_pub_ss_ezio1_maxi1_028.jpg 36918sc5_pub_ss_ezio1_mitsurugi1_007.jpg 36919sc5_pub_ss_ezio1_siegfried1_016.jpg 36921sc5_pub_ss_ezio1_siegfried1_025.jpg 36922sc5_pub_ss_ezio1_siegfried1_026.jpg 36923sc5_pub_ss_cre_durkknight-F_001.jpg 36924sc5_pub_ss_cre_durkknight-M_001.jpg 36925sc5_pub_ss_cre_paladin-F_001.jpg 36926sc5_pub_ss_cre_paladin-M_001.jpg
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Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

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the only thing i don't like about this trailer is the slow motion, i wanted to see Ezio's moves in real time haha.

I love how seamlessly Ezio fits into the Soul Calibur universe :3
That first stage made me... well it's kinda embarrassing. Let's just say my girlfriend would be jealous if she found out. I love that Ezio is in it, this feeling is fortified by his moves. I concur about the "seamlessly". Ezio may be the reason I play with English voiceovers selected instead of Japanese.

Uggh, I can hardly stand the narrator tho. He's unnatural, awkwardly trying too hard. Popping his P's and shit. They should have found somebody with an awesome voice, instead of some one who had to strain to get the desired effect.

Btw. Is this the first the box art's been revealed too? And there's no longer any arguement about the release date!
now that you mentioned that Grendal, I have to say, i hope the japanese voice actors are better this time around than they were in SC4. I usually toggle between both languages, because i admire both sets of voice overs... but SC4's voice overs sounded very strange to me :/
As a new fan to SC I have to say I have no interest in Ezio. It's nice to pull in more casuals and make some extra cash, but I doubt I'll use him.
I suppose if there is something that isn't up to standards, they will just correct the problem with patches. Think about this, unlimited CaS components. Every month there could be a few new items to DL.

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