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Discussion in 'United States: Central' started by BatousaiNori, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Bushido

    Bushido [09] Warrior

    Hey, Geminim come home safe. Alot of my friends are over there too. I've been lucky enough to avoid going over there... yet.

    One of these days, I'm going to drag myself away from the safety of online and into the big scary world of off-line play. Just don't know when.

    SLAYCRUZ [01] Neophyte

    Nori check your messages chump
  3. BatousaiNori

    BatousaiNori [10] Knight

    Oh ok, cool. Did you ever go to SC2 tourneys? SC3? Have you ever posted on caliburforum.com? Just surprised we haven't met up w/you yet. Hopefully we can meet up sometime to play some games, we would gladly welcome in new competition:)

    SlayCruz: Got your PM, that's fine dude. And yes, NM does suck, but he doesn't suck to the point where he's bottom tier. It's just that other chars are clearly better. NM can win for sure, he just has a very hard time getting people out of his face, plus he's extremely unsafe. If you can guess right A LOT w/him, you can win;) And we all need a NM player, I know I can speak for everybody and say we would welcome the fact that somebody wants to learn him so we can learn how to beat him in future tourneys in case we run into him

    SLAYCRUZ [01] Neophyte

    I know he's not safe and I know other characters are clearly better than him,but he does have some decent stuff. I figured it would help me in the long run so I can get used to the system and when I make Cervy my main I'll make better decisions later on (if that makes sense lol) Anyway let me know when yall wanna play again (hint hint)
  5. Felix007

    Felix007 [01] Neophyte

    Whoo, other SA area players.

    Currently in College Station for (duh!) college, new set of players would be bad ass.
  6. Blaise24

    Blaise24 [01] Neophyte

    Whats up! It's nice to see some other SC players outside my immediate group of friends. I'm an avid Voldo player looking for a new group to test skills with. I'm almost always available during the weekend. Let me know whenever the group is getting together.
  7. DevilJim

    DevilJim [09] Warrior

    nori/augi if its just you two going to dallas this weekend call me and we'll carpool 7138826985... i probably wont go if its just me

    btw, this tournament will be run on ps3 (not xbox) so im modding my joystick with usb capabilities... if you have an xbox stick make sure to bring a non laggy converter (only one kind exists)
  8. undeniable_truth

    undeniable_truth [01] Neophyte

  9. DevilJim

    DevilJim [09] Warrior

    Fun trip yall, minus the last 10 mins.

    Let me spell out why it doesn't cost 90$ round trip from Round Rock (not SA) to Garland since its difficult to understand for some. Mapquesting these cities and you will find that they are 191 miles apart from each other. For the sake of argument, lets round up the distance to 200 miles with gas costing $4.00 a gallon (lol why not). Lets say the car you are driving gets around 30mpg, simple math determines that the overestimated round trip cost is approximately 50$. How you get 90$ is beyond me.

    Anyways, it's not a big deal, probably some miscalculation on the drivers part (well I hope it is that and not a weak attempt for a friend(s) to insult my intelligence and thieve gas money with petty bullshit). Please feel free to call me if there is anything unclear with any of this.
  10. BatousaiNori

    BatousaiNori [10] Knight

    Why is friend listed as plural? And unlike you, I'm not going to air out dirty laundry on a public forum. It's nobody's business what went down, you have an issue w/1 person, call that 1 person. I can say so much shit right now, but I won't. There are brand new people above who don't know us from a hole in the wall, so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut on this issue. However, since you felt the need to say "friend(s)" expect a phone call, or a trip to austin from me very soon
  11. Chickenwing

    Chickenwing [10] Knight

    edit: irrelevant post
  12. coNsPirAcy

    coNsPirAcy [01] Neophyte

    CONT: Now things are different Chicken. Ask Agustin about the drastic changes that have taken place with my game and with Setsuka since the games release. Trust me, ill show you how to use Amy...

    This will be the first time i play Agustin with the new Amy... Well see...
  13. Chickenwing

    Chickenwing [10] Knight

    *claps* uh-huh....i've learned a few things with Amy as well. Sad thing is...you're still stuck on that 2 day old amy that you played against. but sure....do what you do....
  14. Kal

    Kal [01] Neophyte

  15. BatousaiNori

    BatousaiNori [10] Knight

    Con vs CW: First to 5 for the worst Amy in TX;)

    Bushido: Do you go under Ai-Uichi (I'm pretty sure I just fucked this spelling up) on CF.com? Blaise and Felix, welcome to the SA community! And in case you are wondering, yes, there is ALWAYS drama at some point in time w/any of us.

    Are any of you guys free on friday/sat? That's when we usually play.
  16. Bushido

    Bushido [09] Warrior

    There is bullshit and drama in any group that has more than one person in it. No worries, as long as no one starts hurling controllers around like vibrating nun-chucks, I think we'll be fine.

    I go under Bushido at Caliburforums and mainly only post under the mitsu forums, and I use my Xboxlive tag-frostycyke, on other sites, like SCU and such.

    I'm also planning on attending the Gamelot tourny on the 20th. I have been to the gamelot quite abit due to me ..uhm.. playing *cough* CCG's *cough*.... Although haven't there in a while.

    I'd love to get in some real games offline, to wash the stink of on-line bullshit mix-ups out of my system, unfortunately this weekend is not going to work, due to the military wanting to run some night time training on Friday, and I plan to be getting drunk while watching some UFC fights on saturday.
  17. Blaise24

    Blaise24 [01] Neophyte

    I'm not too worried about drama, I'm sure most of us made it through high school and seen their own fair share of drama, Myself included. I'm free almost every weekend unless family requires my presence. I do plan on being at the tourney on 9/20, so if i dont see you before hand i'll see you then. I can be reached at 8302374729, if i dont answer leave a message.
  18. RobJones

    RobJones [01] Neophyte

    anyone on the northwest side feel free to give me a ring if you wanna play 2 Ten 66 three 420 Seven. I live right near UTSA... when are we all meeting up again?
  19. Chickenwing

    Chickenwing [10] Knight

    sometime this weekend...stay tuned...
  20. Felix007

    Felix007 [01] Neophyte

    Not really a problem, as Blaise stated, everyone went through high school drama at one point.

    It's roughly a 2 1/2 hour drive from College Station to San Antonio, but due to the way I have my schedule set up I have Friday's off, so anytime I know there'll be fun competition/hanging out (and I can afford the drive!) I'd definitely come play. That half second ping time online is destroying my soul. (210)478-8989, no soliciting :P

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