SC Controversial Topics and General Shitposting Thread


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Rumors that Bandai will leave their trailers only at EVO online.. just thinking that it had revealed this month of Guilty Gear and next month they promised to reveal another character makes me jealous of other franchises.
are there sources or people talking about bandai only giving a trailer at evo? If so that's really sad. That means Setsuka is further away than we thought!!!


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Well I won't disagree that Yun-Seong was really underwhelming movelist wise in SC4 but I am confident that project soul will make him OP like everyone else in SC6
The problem with Yun-seong is that I don't know if you noticed but each game he loses 1 minutes of movement. Only include the almost 7 minutes he had in SC 2 and 4.4 minutes in SC 4.
But whether the moves are honest is good or not, it's individual. I can't play using Xianghua or Hwang, regardless of whether people say they are Top Tier or not, just as I can't use Nightmare, Siegfried or Azwel, this is why the roster has a lot of characters. As much as Kilik is good at various games I would never trade Mi-na for him.