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There's a new PS5 feature that seems so exciting!!! Imagine instead of launching the game, you go to online, then go to rank mode ect, right there you can go straight from dashboard to Rank mode instantly, this seems amazing, on paper at least.

Of course i give example of Rank mode, but it can be or apply to anything/ any mode on any game.

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Eh, let's keep things in perspective: it's hardly as if Setsuka originated this general concept; virtually the entirety of Setsuka's visual/costume design, narrative background, and fight aesthetic is ripped-off, part and parcel, from Lady Snowblood:

Review: Toshiya Fujita's The Complete Lady Snowblood on Criterion ...

Aside from the trivial (at least in terms of this particular story) detail of her genetic background, Setsuka is one of gaming's most obvious and lazy expies--down to her entire story being predicated in revenge. And beyond that super obvious parallel, there's dozens of examples (at least) of parasol fighters in martial arts films and broader pop culture that outdate Setsuka by, in some cases, several decades. So to suggest that Setsuka has a patent on parasol fighting, such that another fighter is stealing her thunder by coming out just before her misses the point of just how old and well-worn this particular trope is (even if we're just talking about the far east female variants) and just how much of an....homage, Setsuka is herself.
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