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Honestly, I'm at work right now. I forgot to bring money to get food, I have a lot to do, and I want to play Hilde. I could cry T_T

Crash X

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I hop into the game this morning and my first match is against a Hilde. I haven’t bought her yet and fighting one for my first time is a nice surprise. Thanks game.


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I think if Olcadan came to the game there would be restrictions on CaS just like Lizardman/Aeon. But it would be fun if COLOR 3 and 4 it was the head of a different bird. (COLOR 3: Eagle, COLOR 4: Raven)


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What's the lore behind olcadan that makes you think he is sealed away here?
Grand Labyrinth - Sealed Corridor:
The ruins of an underground labyrinth, said to have been built to imprision a hero of old who incurred divine wrath
Once, in an age now found only in myth, there was a man known by the name of Olcadan who was skilled in every kind of fighting art.
With one single exception that had ended in a draw, he could boast that he had been completely undefeated in innumerable duels he had fought. He then turned his eyes to the gods. He fought and defeated a great owl that was a messenger of the god of war. The angry god cursed Olcadan, turning his head into that of an owl. Upon seeing this curse, the people tried to obtain the gods' forgiveness by capturing Olcadan. Sorcerers known as the "sages of the oak" were sent after him. They took advantage of the vow he had made in order to become strong and captured him.
The god of war appeared in the form of a headless great owl, and sent Olcadan down into an ancient ruin that sprawled deep beneath the earth.
Grand Labyrinth:
Olcadan had once been imprisoned in this place by a curse of a God, but its entrance is now open due to the influence of the Evil Seed.


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Fun Fact.

Athena's symbol is that of an owl and is also a god of war but unlike Ares she's more a tactician of war rather than the vanguard Ares is. If Olcadan ever comes back I wouldn't mind seeing this played out in his chronicle.


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What's the lore behind olcadan that makes you think he is sealed away here? Olcadan has gotten really lazy since SC3. He used the same damn tiles when building this ugly labyrinth! Needs to invest in better lighting since you can't see the walls!
@LisaK already covered the specific Olcadan bits, but the other descriptors also detail how in SoulCalibur III you had to go deep inside the labyrinth to find Olcadan and that you had to be worthy, in not losing a single round and pick the precise path that leads to finding the labyrinth in the first place. As for the terrible lighting, this is also a reference to SoulCalibur III, the arena in which you fight the Unknown Soul (Hwang, Li Long, Arthur), the darkness level was really high. The tiles definitely need work though, yes.


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First, are you an Ever After High fan, too?
Off course
what if Bangoo will be her bodygaurd
As someone who knows the anatomy well I would say Bangoo is the same age as Amy or Talim, so for me it is not the logic of a child to be hired to protect another child.

and perhaps end up as Zwei lol?
Maybe, is mentioned he appears to be early 20′s. Being honest I hope he meets Amy/Viola when both are adults. :sc5zwe1:
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