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But what's worse... Hilde x Wilhelm or Patroklos x Pyrrha?
Honestly, Patroklos x Sophitia.
Soul calibur appeared as what he deaired most. Right? Sophitia was what he imagined. But, if he just wanted his mom back, then why was she wearing so little?
Pat wanted it.

On a related note I had a nightmare that tgere was a secret ending in SCV and it was just Pat, voiced by patrick seitz, revealing tgat ge actually didnt care aboyt pyrrha, ans just wanted to bang sophie. Just as tge ending began, I woke up. I've honestly never been ao grateful towards my broken body clock.


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Lol, honestly I have to say that maybe a lot of us were overreacting how close Patroklos and Pyrrha were acting around each other and they are just really happy that they aren't alone anymore (even though Patty-cakes still must have his uncle Lucius.)

However, after seeing Hilde's storymode I was like 'why Bamco/PS, why?' I know I'm whining and yes I'm more or less aware that it was a common thing back then. Though, they did my girl dirty by having Wilhelm be her waifu. Hilde's storymode did not meet my high expectations.

Now, all suspicions I had about Pat x Pyrrha resurfaced and I think their interactions in SCV was intentional.

Now to answer @DanteSC3's question they both make my stomach spin, but I do find Hilde's worse TBH.

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Hopefully malfested Cassandra told SC6 Cassandra that Sophitia's kids will marry each other so she's extra motivated to change future events.
Well, as I said at the time Cassie's Soul Chronicle release, the entirety of the SCV second generation cast ought to hope that future Cassandra didn't have much time to describe them: if ever there were justification for a group of friends to decide on a mutual abortion pact...


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That first one is stunning but Bamco's cowardice would never allow it. We'd probably wind up with something like the second one with less clothing 😒