SC Controversial Topics and General Shitposting Thread


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I don’t think it works, honestly. She would be better off taking Vader’s style than Alpha Patroklos. Or I could see a variation on Chester’s Dagger style from SoulCalibur III. Iaido Salia just seems... bizarre. But it would definitely cause hatespañol.


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Miser is already in the game as a creation is her biggest negative right now, so I don’t have hopes for her. Greed either, really, even if he was only name dropped. All the Chronicles of the Sword folks are non-canon so they don’t exist. So I guess we put our hopes in Gisele... green hair would be new, I would say if Tira didn’t exist.


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Im on mobile atm but here it is.

Ukkesh likes to play Akuma or setplay chars and their playing style is jumping like a madman and super defensive.
In tournaments Ukkesh tends to choke hard.
Ukkesh also quits and picks up the game again like 2× a month and is chill af.

Quire accurate to be honest. But for reference I am not an akuma player. I WAS an oninplayer in sf4 though.