SC Controversial Topics and General Shitposting Thread


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I don’t think it works, honestly. She would be better off taking Vader’s style than Alpha Patroklos. Or I could see a variation on Chester’s Dagger style from SoulCalibur III. Iaido Salia just seems... bizarre. But it would definitely cause hatespañol.


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Miser is already in the game as a creation is her biggest negative right now, so I don’t have hopes for her. Greed either, really, even if he was only name dropped. All the Chronicles of the Sword folks are non-canon so they don’t exist. So I guess we put our hopes in Gisele... green hair would be new, I would say if Tira didn’t exist.


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Im on mobile atm but here it is.

Ukkesh likes to play Akuma or setplay chars and their playing style is jumping like a madman and super defensive.
In tournaments Ukkesh tends to choke hard.
Ukkesh also quits and picks up the game again like 2× a month and is chill af.

Quire accurate to be honest. But for reference I am not an akuma player. I WAS an oninplayer in sf4 though.


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FleshMasher likes to play rushdown chars or cancer and their playing style is mashing dp and hyper gimmicky.
In tournaments FleshMasher tends to choke hard.
FleshMasher also is mad tox and has extremely hot takes.