SC Controversial Topics and General Shitposting Thread

Crash X

[14] Master
Is it just me or does basically every gal in DoA looks basically the same?
I’d say it’s mostly the face models that do it. Just slapped on with different clothes and hairstyles. For as off as some of the faces look in SC6 at least they look different from one another.


[12] Conqueror
Hey y'all, not a shitpost per se, but I just wanted to come by here to wish you folks good health in this rather hectic time. Truthfully, I'd have preferred a corona with lime virus, not what we ended up with. Stay safe and be well! ❤ Keep shitposting! 💩👍
Maybe by the time all the coronavirus infections start dropping off, Setsuka will finally be announced for s2. 😂