SC5 Good Games Thread

Discussion in 'Online Mode (PSN/XBL)' started by SCPartisan, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. acefrost

    acefrost [10] Knight

    AceFrost xx
    GGs to everyone I played today, saw some really great CaS too.
  2. sephalump

    sephalump Video games kill people

    GGs to everybody I ran into, Kvasir definitely comes to mind. GG's man.
  3. g0ofus

    g0ofus acts PRESIDENTIAL

    shit..didnt notice this before...

    GGs InsaneKhent and Tha_Shogun, however many weeks ago we played.
  4. Awestruck

    Awestruck [09] Warrior

    GGs to Galen. That Natsu is dirty.
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    WuHT Premium Moderator

    GGs to silentxiasheng. Really showed me what a 380-0 leixia is capable of.
  5. Norik

    Norik [14] Master

    Dark Khill
    Good games to MasSacRe, your Raphael is sick. Also gg's to Paranormal Oreo, you've got a nice Dampierre. I wish I could have played with you guys a bit more.
  6. GGs to Massacre, Slayer X64R, norik434, Changs fd(To bad it was to laggy on your side :( It was fun anyways), Enkindu, KeyWestBoi, neoghaleon, Fuzzie Viking, UgoIvy, and Ruben. Lots of fun people to fight lol
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    Zane Spirit of the Wolf

    GGs to these terrible but super hot girls I played. Idk if they're really hot but they sounded soooooo sexy on mic :3 oh and GGs to training mode CPU. Best buddy ever
  7. Xeph
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    Xeph #TRYHARD

    Heaton, Bubbles, DeathinmyEyes, Juece, BelovedChild
  8. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"

    GGs last night to NDK...Sorry I was about to get off when you invited me. But I almost had that FT5!!

    Vincentrayne, eternal(somethingorrather), and to the maxi hating fool that was in your room talkin mad shit!! But damn, Viola & lexia are my 2 worst match ups. I dont know how to play them at all apparently!!


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  9. NDK

    NDK [12] Conqueror

    Maxi 44B makes me sad
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  10. Juez

    Juez DragonPuncher

    I didn't know we had one of these threads for SCV. Um GG's to pretty much everyone I've been playing.
  11. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"

    Mitsu's little poking game/4B makes me sad. so suck it!!
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  12. What's with all the hate on Maxi's 44B? How much damage does he REALLY get from it?

    I know he gets 108 damage from 6a+b BE ro aBE at the cost of a full bar of meter, but I'm still not understanding the hate.
  13. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave "Saucy saucy minx"

    Maxi's 44B hits grounded and stuns on hit leading to 100+ Damage. I use it primarily to make you get up and take my big.....wait. This is a family show!! That and the follow up RO B is hard to interupt. Only a few characters can interupt.

    BTW. Its 6 A+B BE, LI A BE, not RO dummy
  14. Yeah, the most I could get is 105 without clean hit and 114 with clean hit. Its a slow mid that tracks right and has whiffing issues up close. Most options after 44B can be backstepped, at least by Nightmare. I don't understand the hate at all. A 100+ damage combo is nothing special in this game.

    And bite me, I barely know maxi's stances.

    And...uh... GGs to HRD at the sake of staying on topic.
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  15. Xeph
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    Xeph #TRYHARD

    I don't know... 100+DMG combo is 20DMG short from half-life. Also, considering the damage in this game, half life could turn into 3/4th's in 5seconds. I personally don't mind 44B
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  16. Marginal
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    Marginal Chikara Sashimi

    44B has tc frames, and it's safe on block so you can hit confirm at leisure.
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  17. Twiz

    Twiz Волк Одиночка

    You can get 133 with a wall and 150% meter lmao. I don't see the fuss about it either. Seems pretty slow to me and you should be able to block it on reaction if you're sleeping on maxi. And DAMNIT HOTROD GET THAT DAMN XBOX FIXED!!!!! I need me a maxi to whoop up on!

    On topic GGs to Ruben, Rikuto Kuronaga, Lopedo, and all the stream whores who love/hate me. I swear those guys are just bipolar lmao.
  18. Xeph
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    Xeph #TRYHARD

    Signia, Kjack10, MadMaxi

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