SCVI Kilik Edits


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Here is a Xiba inspired color edit


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I guess I have this Desert Nomad Kilik? Just pretend he was crossing the Gobi Desert at one point and he needed something better suited for the climate or whatever.

Really loving the theme behind this 2P of him, his costume is simple and practical yet elegant as well without being over-the-top.
Great use of colors too, the grey combined with the withered yellow streaks here and there keep his design subtle.

I knew i was gonna love this one, excellent work Fatal!😍


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Deva Kilik


Notes: Originally I had him looking a lot more like his SCII appearance, but Maxi's Jacket looked "meh" on him. Again, concept art was my friend for this design. I also gave him Mitsurugi's beads, but they too were bland. I kind of resent that I gave him the Prayer Beads since I'm sure that those are more Japanese and Yoshimitsu already had them. I tried the Chain, but I couldn't make a convincing shard of Dvapara-Yuga like he wears in the later games. I gave him the tiger pattern not in homage to his hellspawn, but to resemble his SCIV 2P. Also wanted to make use of his "underpants." He does kind of have a nice ass I guess which may explain why Xianghua develops a single-minded obsession with him later in the timeline... The belt reduced the bulk of the Spy Robe and also got rid of the back which I felt was unnecessary.. Also had the Arabian Vest on him, but it was too bulky/antigravity. Added some yin-yang symbols for that extra spice to his outfit. And Cervantes' hairstyle looks really good on him too.


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Very interesting, i notice a mix between his SC/SCII 2Ps! Great edit friend, i love it :D

More SCI than II in terms of design, but definitely more the SC II color scheme (Yellow vest, blue pants). It was in part practical...that overly shiny vest just doesn't work with dark, low saturation colors.


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So prior to this week's season pass 2 drop, I've been playing Shenmue III, kinda felt obligated to make outfits for Kilik and Xianghua styled after Ryo and Shenhua. They didn't come out perfect, but I like them well enough to share!

Here's Kilik, who I spent way too much time trying to find a way to put a plaster on his face to cover up his scar like Ryo has, but... at the end of the day, I couldn't get anything to work, and so the scar has air to breathe I guess! Sticker limitations stopped me from adding full pockets to the front of the jacket, but otherwise I think it came out pretty well. Found a use for the new Leather Belt, which has actually been less than stellar in the attempts thus far to put it to good use. It clashes a lot more than a leather belt should.







Edit: Not sure why, but a few of the pictures weren't uploading properly to the post. Worked fine externally, just weren't posting right. Finally got it all sorted out.
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