Setsuka Officially Announced at Today's Fighting Game Roundtable!

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Long hinted at, and long awaited for, Setsuka has just been announced for a return to SOULCALIBUR VI! Setsuka was first introduced in SOULCALIBUR III, and her moveset was adopted by Alpha Patroklos in SOULCALIBUR V. Official release date for Setsuka is set for August 4. Trailer and artwork after the break.

Along with Setsuka, also announced was the 2.20 balance update to be released alongside her, as well as the next character creation pack.

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Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

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One word: finally.

Pretending to forget what you said to me in 2013.

As a admirer of Neve, I can rest easy that maybe a new lass like her might return in SCVI or I'll just stick to Alpha Pat. So any naysayers who want her back needs to give up.

I never gave up my hope for Setsuka's return. That is what I always wanted when I tried to confirm every rumor/datamine. Now, Setsuka has OFFICIAL RETURNED.
All right. This was the character I was waiting for before buying season 2 dlc's pack. I was wondering if she was going to be the last character. Anyway she is comming, and I am buying the dlc season 2 pack right now. Good stuff.

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