Siegfried Videos


[09] Warrior
I beleive seeing a match is a good learning
post your match, discuss it here and got an evaluation
I think that'll will help u a lot

match video , discussion, and comment goes here


[09] Warrior
indonesian match video

Siegfried VS nightmare

Siegfried VS mitsurugi

comment will be aprreciated
need evaluation in order to be a better player :P

mod can you fix this for me?
I just copy the links and suddenly the box appeared lol...


[09] Warrior
Ah THX for comment.

I use a TV tunner
I connect my TV with computer using audio video cable via TV tunner :)


[09] Warrior
Damn, Cupui. Awesome Siegfried. I hope I can do as many mix-ups as you do with some practice. It looks like you have as much trouble with Mitsurugi as I do, though, hahaha!


[09] Warrior
THX. dude
I think my sieg still need improvement
I never do Aga .
still practice using Aga now

mitsurugi mist and relic stance priority in SC4 is really good dude!
I can't interupt most of them

one of his weakness on relic stance is when his RELIC A missed or blocked
you can punish them as much as you want

especially his RELIC [K] damn it
I hate that kick.


[09] Warrior
great vids cupui! :) though i, and i'm pretty sure you as well, wish that a CF had been done in the last seconds of the mitsu match xD

gj, though!


[09] Warrior

never have experience againts him :p

Sadly I live in indonesia dude...
and indonesian internet connection is really2 disgusting
I only get one bar even I played with my friend in one area

no online match for indonesian player...sigh... :(


sometimes it's hard to calculate the guard crush
I missed them sometimes XD

THX everyone
I'll upload more soon

with a better performance and more character :)


[09] Warrior

errr...Indonesia is a country above australia
hmmm... BALI...! do you know BALI ? :)

some people recognizes indonesia as BALI. :)


[09] Warrior
I never fought a good Siegfried. If you have anytime I would love a match wit hyou. Let's see how you handle my Algol.
Hey Crazy, I'd like to give your Algol a go with my Siegfried if you're down =)

Look me up on Live. gamertag is Nuez NYC

Anytime you want!


[08] Mercenary
Waw, Cupui, I like your "Dark" Siegfried with that old school sword.

Man... that SCH k SBH!!! I really hate that move, coz it's too difficult to perform (hohoho... maybe I'm still lack of practice >.<). How could you do it many time (O_O)???

And also, I really like your 2B+G (wall), (BT) SCH B... It looks very cool (^^);;;

Thanks for the videos, I also now in the middle of learning Siegfried and Mitsurugi. And your videos help me a lot.


[08] Mercenary
Nice vids, Cupui. Your Sieg seems pretty furious. Ended up teaching me a few moves to do while I play, and I can honestly say I wish I had half the skill you do.


[09] Warrior
Nice Sieg. That is the first time I have seen people really take GOOD advantage of the auto GI properties of the stances.

I do know a good Sieg, but he is a very different kind of player. It is actually quite refreshing to know that there seems to more than one way to play him in upper level play.

You have a good style of play, but I was a little surprised to see no 6K, 4K or B6 at all in those matches, but you good enough without them. The Soul Crush mind games were the most entertaining part of those matches.


[09] Warrior
hi all

THX for comment
you guys forgot to mention
that I never use Aga LOL
that's a really crucial move for siegfried

I 'll try to do your advice on my next match

glad I can share with you guys :)

I'll upload more video soon
I'll deal with more character like Kilik, voldo, lizardman,...I hope XP


[09] Warrior
Siegfried VS nightmare

Siegfried VS Ivy

comment wil be welcomed :)

Thx for your advice guys
I've try all of your advice on this video
4K is a good move THX a lot
6K errr....I don't know but I still can't use it wisely
B6 yeah! on the middle of battle suddenly I remember I use it LOL
Aga I'm still can't perform it well :(


[09] Warrior
Great videos. Only thing I can spot is after your B from Base Hold, you swapped into 33B followed by a missed B from that stance. I think that 6B right after it hits hits for the most damage and doesn't put you at frame disadvantage from them rising, as they take the damage from smacking the ground as your 6B takes time to complete, leaving you capable to follow up with additional mix-up mindgames.


[09] Warrior
oh really 6B ?
I know 66A+B or 44K for follow up after SBH ( Sieg Base Hold ) B
but never tried 6B

and sometimes I like to mix up my combo
I don't care about damage anyway
stylish is my motto LOL...XP

I'll try your advice
Thx for sharing :)