Siegfried Videos

My matchs in the team battle tournament.
Because of the configuration, I was not able to do some things very often (agA, 22kA).
Keep in mind that at this moment I didn't do so much test anymore.
I will do a report soon. But if you have any questions about the vid you're welcom.

Vs Scud
Vs Sakon
Vs Furzy

Vs Dina
Vs Chiyo
Vs Michelle
Vs Sayanjin91
Vs Varghas

Vs Assenka
Vs Fenrir
Another vid to chew on

Thanks to this vid, I noticed that the knights on the other side of the gate are wearing some CAS armor from SC4.
As soon as it's finished uploading, this will be the Siegfried Stances video requested yesterday.

I will revise this vid to be more organized tomorrow. This is kinda a rough draft.
Thanks for the vid, I wasn't sure what the (SBH) guard impact was for I don't think I've even got it to connect. Apparently been using it wrong.

(please excuse my explanation of my string I'm new to this whole forum button translation thing I just hope its understandable)

I've been recently having a lot of success (by a lot I mean able to beat SO-SO players instead of horrible players) using
[A] -> SSH BBB -> -> SBH AA or SBH depending on the situation usually I'll use SBH AA first because its peoples natural instinct to block high usually hit that twice then SBH the third usually after 2 times people learn it enough and block low. If you can offer me opinions of this string or maybe a couple other options since its really the only thing I have in my arsenal at this point.

again I hope this all made sense.
Some online casuals.

I'm taking a new post up because this is a much, much more urgent matter. I played a shitload of games with Ramon last night and this morning, ended up learning a lot about Dampierre, Z.W.E.I., and Mitsurugi. What I didn't learn much about, however, is how to properly deal with Pyrrha without getting stabbed in the gut fifty times.


I would really appreciate commentary and critique on these videos. I'm going to see about making a "Pyrrha Must Die" video in the same vein that Saitoh's was for Leixia - I feel Pyrrha is easily one of Siegfried's hardest matchups, and I want every trick in the bag at my disposal going into it.

Many missed combo opportunities post 3B and WS B. Also a lot of missed whiffpunishment opportunities. The dmg you lost from that made a big difference. Also, always step to their right when using 22_88BB as guaranteed follow-up. It does more dmg that way.

I also think that - while you use it well - you use GI too often. Sieg is meterdependant for his damage and punishment and you shouldnt blow a whole bar on CE post guard crush either when you could just as easily do iWS B or 44A combos.


Punish Pyrrhas 33B with K (lol sadface), punish her 236B with 66K BE and if you block 1K on anticipation, punish that with 66K BE as well (the blockstun is very short, practicing this one is no shame). Alternatively, if youre sure that 1K is coming, you can also do 44B into combos, it TJs the low from as high as -10 frames of disadvantage. Also, whenever you have the meter, consider adding the guaranteed 2[A+B]~SBH K BE post 66K BE. The extra damage is generally worth it and never discount the psychological effect of a 77dmg i15 punisher.

And when Pyrrha uses her 66B BE too carelessly.... Quickstep into 2_8B+K to her right. I did some retesting and SCH B does not seem to be guaranteed. SCH K (and by consequence SCH K BE) are, though. A harder but more viable alternative would be to learn to JG the move. If Pyrrha can not freely throw that move out anymore, her pressure and damage potential take a huge hit.

EDIT: Also, you can just easily buffer 66B and take your free 44dmg for no meter. :P

Zoning and Setups:

You did employ 22A well, but contrary to what the moves very favorable properties on paper would have you believe, it is not nearly enough. Consider using iWS AA(2) when your opponent is outside your agA_22A range to keep them under control.

Also spend a lot of time chipping away at their health with 1K and 2A. If your opponent is prone to respond with a fast poke, respond with RCC~2A+B (dont forget the SBH K BE combo!) or quickstep~8B+K into punisher of your choice. Only use 4B+K if you think their recovery will allow it to connect. This stance is actually better suited for midrange.

And if faced with low disadvantage lows (there are actually quite a number of them) like Pyrrhas 1K, answer with 66K. It will generally beat their safe offensive options or trade favorably with them. Pyrrhas has the additional option of 236B, but if you have meter (hint: you should), that puts her at as much risk as you. Should they start responding with 2A, B+K them to the face. This is a general rule of thumb: if your opponents tries to impose his speed advantage on you, you MUST respond with high damage reverse mix-ups. Little poke wars are for little bitches in skimpy dresses. REAL MEN TAKE RISKS!

TL;DR: Watch your meter! Reverse Mix-ups! Manliness!
First of all, reduce the 1B :P Try 3A instead from a reasonable range. You also didnt use K, 3K, 66K at all which are your best options up close and after agA.

I liked your use for 22/88A, i think it was the main reason you were winning round in those matches ;)
now part of the reason why i think u didnt win more is the poor whiff punishing ;s You managed to step ALOT of stuff, but didnt punish even half of them. I know it gets really annoying when u actually focus on doing sth like step, 3B to punish and the stupid move whiffs, but step 3A or 22k(A) work aswell.

Also i find 2/8B+K (Sieg's right>left) work pretty well on Pyrrha, but damn SCH B whiffs all the time >< Although if u can spend the meter SCH kA+B+K is gold there.

Now personally i would use B+K more because i love how it works now (you get SBH B if it succeeds no matter what!) and Pyrrha has those charged A's etc which is pretty much free if u can react.

Thats pretty much all about your gameplay as i dont know what she does frame wise like were to punish etc.

edit: Important. Was reading sacharja's post and i have to mention that 66kA+B+K has a bit less range than 66K, which sucks tbh ;s

I would really appreciate commentary and critique on these videos. I'm going to see about making a "Pyrrha Must Die" video in the same vein that Saitoh's was for Leixia - I feel Pyrrha is easily one of Siegfried's hardest matchups, and I want every trick in the bag at my disposal going into it.

I can make some dreams come true ! Check Youtube tomorrow.