Smash You To Pieces: The Throw Thread


[08] Mercenary
I discovered some nice stuff vs Yun.

Usually if he hits you with his 236 KK he will naturally go for the 8K:K:K:K combo but if you just Ukemi the beatdown from 236KK he sets himself up for a nice 28:B+G.


Video games kill people
If no one else is up to it, once I get something to record my play on I'll make a youtube video going through 4 or so characters that can be thrown after a certain attack is blocked. I think killik's swing 44A,A (MAYBE, I know that's Mina's annotation for it) can be crouch throw after you see the 2nd move. Also ducking the first hit of his 66 A,A and I'm guessing 3 B+G/A+G would work since he lowers down . Good way to deal with spammers! =D
OFF TOPIC: what do you guys suggest for recording purposes?


[08] Mercenary
Ok now I have been playin astaroth for a long time the two move you need to know bull rush and the down down/ up up y move


[09] Warrior
I think this thread and similar things should be continued, the tutorial on the command throw really helped me get it off consistently