Soul Calibur III: Arcade Edition: PS2 Edition


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i was thinking of buying a new ps2 for old kof games... but oof if u can give me sc3:ae asta for sc3 then i'm definitely getting this... and yes we should host sc3 side tournys... cause sc3 = best sc to date... and sc3:ae asta = best asta to date...


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Could you talk a little about what kind of hardware is needed to run this? Do I need a modded PS2? If so, then what kind of mod is it? Can I do it myself? Do I need some kind of boot disc?

Any modified PS2 that allows you to play burned PS2 games should work. My PS2 is hard modded, a long time ago I paid someone to do it for me, so I don't know how to do it. But I'm sure there are websites that have tutorials on modding your PS2.

I haven't tried it but you can probably also run this off on a PC using a PS2 emulator. The most popular one is called PCSX2.

84 people already downloaded the file, but no one post about how it works! Please somebody tell me about if it really works well, and if the stages are broke like I saw in the video offmatic posted.


I didn't alter the stages like in that video, they all work fine.

I was thinking of making a video to show off this mod, but really there isn't much point since not a lot has been changed, just mainly the movesets are now from SC3AE.


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OOF: if you could actually make a couple vids, maybe to just show off the charcater changes and added stages (i think u mentioned that u removed the final battle stage and replaced it with the open grass field), that'd be awesome.

did u actually manage to get sc3: a.e Ivy and Yoshi to work?


also guys, what are the exact changes for characters from sc3 - sc3: a.e?

maybe we can put all this info on the first page of this thread. or i could create a new thread specificly for sc3: a.e.


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FUCK!!! i just read the "readme txt". just to find out that my two main characters, Ivy and Yoshi, ARE NOT in this PS2 version of the game lmfao!!!

well OOF, at least you tried the best job you possibly could. but i may have to pass this game by....


it's still downloading i'm at 85% and been downloading since 4am today. i'm just debating if i should kill the download or not.

*edit: killed the download. i guess it's sc3: e.e for me :( *


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Ey oof thanks for this

I suppose there is no way to get that memory card with the moves for Yoshi and Ivy... but... can't the normal PS2 movesets be used? They probably will be a bit bugged and all (like the bonus) but better that than nothing I think


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I tried that and it still freezes. It seems to have to do with the universal movelist properties file that was ported from AE, and not the actual movesets.


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SC3 has some problems with running from a HDD. It's not a big deal but the game freezes during Olcadan's tutorial, however, maybe I was using an old HDLoader. I'll try to test your version and post an info if it's ok :)


Or... just get a DMS4+ with ToxicOS... HDL has a 90% read percentage, ToxicOS has a 99% read percentage.

Thats what I use, and everything works fine... even games people say don't work... like the .hack games.


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Di_PL: I haven't tried it but I imagine it can.
It's great to know that, but I have a real question here: its possible for anyone who already have the iso file upload this to rapidshare, megaupload or (better option) mediafire?

Torrents have extremely short amount of speed... my download by torrent its not more than 30.5 kbps since start but when I download from megaupload for example my download speed is more than 350kbps... maybe somebody already upload this to some server, so in that case please help us and post the links.

Thanks in advance.



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Stryker, check your torrent connection settings. There should be enough seeders by now to give you a good download rate.


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Hi OOF =D great to see the Arcade Edition working.

I was wondering could it be possible to swap Ivy's SC2 moveset& Motion file with her SC3 files because I find that her SC2 movelist is not Broken xD but anyway I swapped her Moveset.PKG with her sc2 one but it keeps freezing =( I found that inside her Moveset.PKG it was her File1.UNK that caused it to freeze so I tried swapping just her.MOT file but it was glitchy I think that Ivy's File1.UNK is the file you use to command her.

can you help fix this? then It could be possible to add SC2 Ivy as a bonus character along with Heihachi and Spawn =D


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Downloaded and Tested :D

Work nice !

Some pic :)) :