Soul Calibur III: Arcade Edition: PS2 Edition


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Hello, I'm desesperately looking for this. Could someone put it through MU or Reseed it? It would be really kind, Thanks ;)


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Wait so its SC3 Arcade version for PS2? When is it coming out? Or is this some MOD made for the PS2 which no one will be able to get unless u know how to MOD n hack games.


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o oof released a torrent for it a while ago. I finally got my hand on a decent emulator, and i can say the file works,but obviously not as good as on ps2. For instance, in training mode, some of the notations are flat out wrong and if you get the AI to try to perform them, they mess up accordingly.


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Yeah, they could put all games before SCIV on the Playstation Store/Xbox Live and upgrade SCIII with the AE enhancements!
You know, SCIIIAE is the only game missing here at my place. I can play SC,SCII and SCIV on my 360 and SCIII on PS2/broken destiny on PSP. But SCIIIAE...


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Do you think we should make some kind of petition for Namco and Project Soul to release this as a downloadable game for PSN and XBL? I remeber signing a petition for Virtua fighter Final showdown for consoles and it worked! :D


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Me too, but to be fair, niche DLC like that wasn't really a thing then. It would be a much more normal thing to do now. On another hand, SCIII was never a very popular title.


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I would definitely sign for SC:1, SC:II, SC:III:AE for PSN/XBL and purchase all of them. Same mechanincs + the same or better graphics, I'd be down.


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I would definitely sign for SC:1, SC:II, SC:III:AE for PSN/XBL and purchase all of them. Same mechanincs + the same or better graphics, I'd be down.
SC 1 is on XBL. I would imagine it's on PSN as well, but I'm not positive. SC2 is also (from what I recall) playable on XBOX 360. Something may have changed on that.


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SC1 is not available on PSN. SC2 and 3 can be run from PS2 disc on certain older PS3s, but I think those are pretty rare now. Xbox360 backwards compatibility still works for SC2.

Something to remember on this topic is the difference between arcade and console feature sets. For a game like Mortal Kombat, it's cool to get the arcade versions as a download because the graphics are superior to the console games, and the character differences are so marginal that any obscure differences in the lineup can be overlooked pretty easily. In Soul Calibur's case, the differences between arcade and console are more dramatic and unintuitive. For SC1, the arcade graphics are shockingly inferior. For SC2, the character lineup is missing Seung Mina, Sophitia, all three console exclusive characters, all three nameless move clones, and more. For SC3AE, the multiplayer component is as WCMaxi once said, "fixed," but some people would complain that all but two of the bonus characters and almost all of the single-player content are missing.


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Can anyone please update the torrent? I cannot download it through uTorrent sadly...

Many thanks.

Kindest regards,
Seconding this. This seems like a fun mod. If nobody shows up to reupload the files then this mod will be lost to time forever sadly