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Discussion in 'Soulcalibur CASUAL' started by Wadou_Ichimonji, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Wadou_Ichimonji

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    Before making this thread I did search around to see if I could any other sources for the sale numbers for SC5, but VGChartz was the only place I could find figures for worldwide sales. Media Create also posted specific sales numbers, but that only covers Japan.

    From Media Create sales chart, SC5 in its debuted at #2 in its for the PS3 version and sold 34,328 units; the XBox 360 version debuted at #16 and sold 7,679 units. In its 2nd week, the PS3 version sales dropped 78.1% to #11 in the chart and sold 7,519 units; the Xbox 360 version fell out of the top 50 and is unlisted. In its 3rd week, the PS3 version fell #32 and it sales numbers are unlisted (Media Create only lists the sales figures for the top 20 games). The sales numbers from weeks 1 and 2 of the PS3 version and week 1 of the Xbox 360 version total 49,526 units (VGChartz has 50,141 units under the same parameters), in comparison SC4 sold 74,607 units in Japan in its first week on the PS3 alone.

    The only other info I could find about SC5’s sales was that in the UK it debuted at #5 on their sales chart in its first week.
  2. Sectus

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    There's also this which covers sales for Scandinavia:
    No sales numbers, but being 17th in the week it's released is low.
  3. HiguraShiki

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    Oh yea guys, don't forget that reviewers like IGN tend rate it down due to being (non innovative)
    Major game reviewers tend to affect sales as well.
  4. XionValkyrie

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    Yet games like MW3 get 9's.
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  5. Cadaveri

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    I dont see a reason why MW3 should be rated anywhere lower imho, i know there is alot of hate for the series, but in all seriousness their great games
  6. UnseenWombat

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    Yeah, I love how the belts float like 8 inches away from my character's waist this time. It makes it look really magical. Or retarded, I'm not sure which.

    Also, it's great how every piece of clothing looks like you have a down coat layered underneath it.
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    EIGHTYYARDS [06] Combatant

    As much as I love the CaS, there are issues with it that weren't in IV. And some armor and clothes missing.
  8. Mojo

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    I'm calling it now. Soul Calibur 5: Legendary Edition will be a launch title for the Wii-U and it will contain everything that people are clamoring for, including a CotS or Weapon Master mode, new CaS pieces, an expanded story, and Extra characters (At least Talim and Bangoo, possibly Zas, Mina and Yun), maybe even a Nintendo specific guest character (which would REALLY boost sales).

    All of this content (save the Nintendo guest) will be available for DLC on 360 and PS3 for $15.

    It only makes sense, really. I saw an article where they were interviewing Harada about Wii-u possibilities for Tekken and he seems to be pretty gung-ho on the things that could be done with it. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn that Daishi and Harada share some of the same thoughts. Damn sure it will happen, would seem like a wasted opportunity if they didn't use it.

    Edit: Also, I'll bet you that Nintendo is offering up something to 3rd party developers in order to get them to develop for the Wii-U, otherwise why the hell would Rocksteady make a version of Arkham City for it? Pretty sure it's sold damn well already, anyone that hasn't gotten it, probably doesn't care. (i.e. They only have a Wii, and not a 360 or PS3) Considering that the Wii-U is set for release later this year (probably November) seems like the perfect amount of time to put out the "improved" SC5.
  9. Chidokyo

    Chidokyo [04] Fighter

    I wouldn't mind paying $15 dollars extra for all of that~
  10. HiguraShiki

    HiguraShiki [10] Knight

    The game is fine, but it doesn't deserve a 9 out of 10. What we are trying to say is that Soul Calibur V got an average score (7.5) main reason was that "It didn't bring anything innovative to the series and the gameplay didn't change".
    Yet Modern Warfare 3 go a 9 out of 10 on IGN. It did not bring anything innovative besides Kill Confirm and was mostly the same game as Modern Warfare 2 but more balanced. Don't get me wrong, I have played the Call of Duty series since the very first game. I like the game and I admit that Modern Warfare 3 is the most balanced in the series, but why would you give one game a great rating even though the series isn't really innovative (with the exception of Call of Duty 4) yet for a game like Soul Calibur V, it gets a 7.0 for NOT BEING INNOVATIVE. This isn't just based on Soul Calibur, I am generalizing pretty much every game that isn't on the top of the world right now.
  11. Sectus

    Sectus [13] Hero

    If the sales numbers are correct, I'm thinking it's likely the series will be shut down entirely. Remember that Namco considered the sales of SC4 to be bad enough to disband the dev team. Unless the budget for SC5 is so low that they're okay with low sales, I got a feeling they'll consider the series to no longer be financially viable. I guess we'll just see what happens. It's also possible they'll try to do a cheap port to see if it'll do better on another platform, like the 3DS or Vita.

    Just note the circumstances. Reviewers usually spend the minimum time required time to review a game, and a fighting game requires a lot of time to truly appreciate. Most likely, most reviewers' playing style is barely above that of a button masher. Unless someone is really into the game, I won't blame them for thinking SC4 and SC5 plays the same. Especially if that person has only played a few hours of each game. And especially if their comparison is based on memories of a game they played 3 and a half years ago. And there's the fact that all of SC5's "innovations" are taken from other fighting games anyway.

    I think the biggest influence is the publisher. The bigger the publisher and the bigger the budget, the more likely that the reviewer will go to a fancy luxurious review event where they get to play the game with the developers and get the most positive experience possible. Activision probably also periodically sends promotional gifts to the press.
  12. IdleMind


    I for one welcome our BlazBlu equivalent series.

    I think if SC5 wasn't... SC.. there would be quite a bit less bitching due to "legacy" issues. Doesn't matter to me as long as they keep the core engine principles. Little kids and simpletons can have all the fanservice they want.
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  13. Tanegashima

    Tanegashima [09] Warrior

    The difference there is Blazblue was created due to the company losing the rights of Guilty Gear not their game underperforming expectations. Chances are Namco wouldn't want to recycle mechanics which casual gamers seem tired of and would simply release something they think would have more widespread appeal. Fighting games are a niche market anyway. Also the series having name recognition is a good thing. Battle Fantasia was groundbreaking but gets no respect whereas Street Fighter 4 borrowed from it and rejuvinated SF sales. Besides assuming they were to recycle the series you can be assured they would water down the mechanics in order to try to reach a wider demographic.
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  14. IdleMind


    It's simple economics to me.

    They didn't even want to make SC5, they were going to make a new property as a legacy title to SC.
    After SC5's poor sales which seem to mostly be because of irrational casual dislikes that are a moving target you can't aim for, I'm sure someone said "You know if this wasn't named SC, most of this bitching would dissapate."

    Blazblu does fine because it was marketed correctly. They will look at the marketing mistakes from SC5 and might fix them (if they are smart) or they abandon the project. In any case, if the series dies, I can't say I'm sad. From my perspective this is the only one thats ever been "good" for the purpose of tournament play (pending a small patch).
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  15. Sectus

    Sectus [13] Hero

    I've heard that several places now that SC5 was originally supposed to be a new IP, is there a source to that info? An interview or something?
  16. eyedea

    eyedea Baconator

    reading the last few posts, i have come to the realization that soul calibur is dead

    i haz a sad

    a big one
  17. Tanegashima

    Tanegashima [09] Warrior

    Best I can find and even that is vague. Sorry.
  18. HiguraShiki

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    I wouldn't say that. Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad was a Japanese hack n slash game released exclusively for the 360, which is a dying system in Japan. It was then ported to North America years later and was rated as a terrible game (though customer reviews were pretty good).

    Is the Onechanbara series dead? Nope, it got another sequel on the Wii afterwords and now it has another 360 exclusive game in Japan.

    Take note that Onechanbara is a low budget game and managed to survive.
    Soul Calibur should live on.
  19. lostinseganet

    lostinseganet [08] Mercenary

    I blame lack of marketing, lack of development time, and lack of input from the gamers casual and pro. Also the intro was WEAAKKKKK Sauuseee! :( They need to give us the development script for making soul calibur. If we knew it we could fine tune our input to maximize the development of the game. Don't leave out those aesthetics project soul.
    I hope the next game is for next gen systems. Skip DLC for 5 go straight to 6.
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  20. Sectus

    Sectus [13] Hero

    Vague indeed, but it does sound something was planned which was then turned around. It's hard to tell what that was though. I can remember one interview shortly after SC5 was announced that the SC4 team was disbanded so the talent in the SC team could be allocated to other projects. I think it was also mentioned that Namco was inspired by high selling games like God of War, and they wanted to make a similar hit to that.

    Edit: - This is the interview I mean, which is also with Tago. But the link to the interview is dead now.

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