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  1. IdleMind


    Having SC6 isn't worth if it they revert to prior bad design choices (instead of the fucking BRILLIANT ones we got) because of some crying children.

    What can they fix? More fanservice. Let's face it, that is what this argument is about:

    Fanservice. Panties. Dumb characters. Silly shit. Fluff.

    So hire some 2bit fanfic writer to write the story; put in some more fanservice characters (and continue to make sure they are trash tier for 2 games), and boom, everyone wins!
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  2. KiraxSummers

    KiraxSummers [13] Hero

    I doubt the last part but this was marketing suicide. FF XII-2? What were they on? I'm sure SC5 was buried under all the 'ooh, lookit the feathery anime chick with dat shiny gunblade O.O'
  3. ChaosK

    ChaosK [13] Hero

    <--- Hot chicks in feathery outfits are awesome. Tira <3
  4. KiraxSummers

    KiraxSummers [13] Hero

    Exactly. See? We were done in cause Tira 2p was not on the cover. Damn you, Pat. Fur is so last century.
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  5. Aeshma

    Aeshma [07] Duelist

    Can we stop whining about the time skip already? I don´t think the game is not selling much because Hwang or Talim are not in it.
  6. Sectus

    Sectus [13] Hero

    What do you think some of the reasons are then?

    I don't think it's the biggest reason (I personally think the game looking too similar to SC4 is the primary factor), but I'm certain the sales would have been higher if fan favourites like Taki and Sophitia were in it. I can still remember the spectacle we got when it was announced Natsu was replacing Taki. I'll be very surprising if that attitude didn't extend to many mainstream fans too.

    An interesting experiment would be for people on this forum to talk with friends who has bought one or more SC games but not SC5, and ask them why they didn't buy SC5. We'd have to ask thousands to get reliable data, but it would be interesting nonetheless.
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  7. UnseenWombat

    UnseenWombat [14] Master

    I know a guy from playing MK9 and T6 who said he wasn't sure about getting SC5 because of the mixed reviews. I told him all the great things about the game, and that the story and SPC sucks, but it's technically probably the best one so far. I still haven't seen him playing it on PSN, so I assume he hasn't gotten it still.
  8. Cynergy

    Cynergy [05] Battler

    Majority of my friends who I used to play SC2 with in college nonstop, opted not to get SC5, cause after hearing reviews of it being rushed, they considered it a moneygrab by Namco. They also never liked SC4, while I enjoyed it, so this game needed to be hitting it out of the ballpark from the gates for them to consider paying $60 for it.
  9. Cabbie

    Cabbie [09] Warrior

    Hard core fans who are questioning the reviewers like IGN and Gamespot for their low ratings of SC5 fail to see that these are the very same publications that gave the first Soul Calibur perfect scores years ago.
  10. APHesterr

    APHesterr [06] Combatant

    First, let me just say that I love this game. I'm still playing it, and I'm having a kick ass time.

    BUT. Namco and Project Soul really dropped the ball on this one.

    1. Drop all the mimcs, or give them a personalized moveset, and make them a legit character.

    2. DLC is much needed, especially for those who are missing their favorite characters.

    3. I still don't like Natsu. Her moveset is AWESOME, but I can't get into the character. Taki was much better. Big old-fashioned FAIL on that one. A replacement should be an improvement of the character, and I don't just mean an improvement of the character's moveset. Especially with someone as iconic as Taki.

    4. I cannot get used to seeing Alpha Patroklos doing Setsuka's moves. It's a little jarring, because he looks like a woman.

    5. As many have said, individualized character endings are sorely missed. Couldn't that easily have been included in arcade mode? Even if it was just a brief ending, like in SCIV.

    6. You shouldn't have to buy a separate game/art book to know what happens in the series.

    I just hope that SCV makes enough of a profit that Project Soul can do a SCVI. That way they can fix the series. I think they had a good idea with SCV, but the execution wasn't all there. Sorry charlie.
  11. eyedea

    eyedea Baconator

    why u no like stoner ninja?
  12. Hotaru99

    Hotaru99 [10] Knight

    I love SCV's multiplayer. I have fun with my friends every day with it. But it doesn't even matter what we here on this board think. For the most part, we've put down our money already.

    I read a book about the making of the original cast Star Trek movies, written by William Shatner and there is a bit twords the end of the Wrath of Kahn section where the head of Paramount was wanting them to change the bit where Spock dies, saying "it'll kill the film" right after a preview show on the studio lot where the ending, revamped to show Spock's coffin landing on Genesis, got a standing ovation.

    He points to the crowd and says "It doesn't matter what you think. It doesn't even matter what I think. It matters what THEY think"

    And I believe that sums up our problem with SCV. We love it, despite all the faults. But we are a tiny part of the game buying public, and the "they" aren't buying it, largely because of those problems. And in the end, if they don't buy it, we lose out as well.
  13. Dustinsworth

    Dustinsworth [04] Fighter

    Few things that could have been addressed:

    1. Timing. I could have waited another 6 months for SC 5. It sounds like Namco couldn't and, instead, it's now butt-up against Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, and Street Fighter releases.

    2. Characters. I talk it up in Player lobbies, and I've heard it a dozen times: their friends skipped this installation because their main was dropped. Does this represent hundreds of thousands less copies sold? I doubt it. But it helps.

    3. Word of Mouth. Generally, reviews make or break games for anyone less than devoted to a series. The game received decent reviews, not stellar. The post-launch DLC issue and Namco's odd response.

    That said, I love this game. I've convinced two of my buddies to give it a shot, so my two-friend-quota has been met.
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  14. Norik

    Norik [14] Master

    Dark Khill
    Yes, 14 years ago. It was the best looking game in the market, online gaming and CoD didn't exist, and everyone played fighting games. Not to mention that back then, these publications had decent writers and were actually honest and knew about games, and saw the industry develop from pong, to mario, to super metroid; Unlike today, where games get good ratings because companies pay disturbingly big amounts of money to mediocre Full Sail graduates that suck at everything but button mashing.
  15. SophitiaForEver

    SophitiaForEver [09] Warrior

    for my friends(15 who are fan since sc2) who played the game with me
    here are their reasons why they dont like sc5
    time skip :was the worst thing to do,not only the story is bad but also incoherent
    replacement characters: sad but true none of them like the new ones lol
    missing characters :when you play/main them for soo many years,you cant forget them(for many people those characters are more than an polygon model )
    gameplay:look more to a mix between SF and SC than a true SC game
    3 Mimic
    SP content
    Devil Jin:has nothing to do in an sc game

    their conculsion
    its a good game but as an SoulCalibur game is only destined to fail...
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  16. APHesterr

    APHesterr [06] Combatant

    I love my kindred stoner ninjas, but Natsu is not one of us.
  17. eyedea

    eyedea Baconator

    she is totally a stoner ninja man, the demeanor, the quotes, everything. and most people who play her are stoners who arent ninjas but wanna be
  18. ShaolinTiger86

    ShaolinTiger86 [13] Hero

    She might as well be the female ninja equivalent to Michelangelo of TMNT.
  19. CrazyYoshimitsu

    CrazyYoshimitsu [10] Knight

    OBJECTION! No matter how good the game is at a high level. You need that other shit(fanservice) to have a foundation sir. Want an example? Super DBZ!!! What? A DBZ game. CY you crazy. Well...Actually I'm not this time around. Super DBZ is the deepest and most serious fighter the DBZ games have to offer.(Had a pretty good scene in Japan in the arcades btw). Pretty awesome, right Idle? A good serious fighter for us tourneygoers. Where is it now? Well it died in Japan, and never got big here. Why? You won't believe why my good friend. It didn't get big because it wasn't easy as the other ones, and didn't have 100+ characters like the others. Even though both me and you know that those DBZ games with 100+ characters are trash, they sold well and have been a milking machine for Spike.

    So, let's bring back to SC5. You're right this game is solid at a high level. But let's think about it a little deeper. It being able to get to the grand stage of EVO is pretty fucking godlike. But that doesn't sell games sadly. Why? Because not everyone is like me or you. They don't want to spend money to go meet with some guys you met on the internet to play a game offline. They want to make dumbass CAS(No disrespect to the people that do a kick ass at making good ones), have a somewhat enjoying single player, and play dat online for hours. SC5 kind of...fucks that up...Really bad...I mean REALLY BAD.

    I mean you hype up 17 years timeskip and we kind get force to like Patorklos and his sister Pyrrha. The story to go with it....kind of sucks ass. So yeah...not good. Next, four I need to say more? All I'll say is that is a cheap coop out and tells me Bamco was a little lazy down the home stretch.(There are other games that have done this as well. So this isn't rare at all.). Lastly, this game was RUSH! Let's not defend this...the multiple glitches found at the start of the game, while not crazy game broken like the shit in MK9 in the early stages, it still inexcusable and shows a lot of sloppiness. It's highly unprofessional. We shouldn't overlook that.

    So, if I have kept your attention for this sir. I bet you think I'm with the casual players on this one. Well....actually I'm just trying to put it into perspective how both casual and competitive can help each other out. That's all. I don't want the characters we want in the game, if they are going to be trash again. It gets annoying after a while someone you have played for a while hasn't been improve on at all.(Talim). I can see what you're talking about. The same goes for the rest of your points. My thing is...if we want this game to stay alive and well, we need those casual goodies NOW. So if we want to play SC6 on the grand stage of EVO. We gotta throw these a guys bone sadly. Why? Because not everyone sees it our way. They don't see, spacing, oki, mix up, combos(maybe), match up data, and tier lists.

    But yeah your honor I wish for this case to be dismiss.
  20. IdleMind


    CY I can't take you seriously, you have Talim in your avatar.
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