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While I do think Project Soul went overboard with proportions from SC4 I do think titilliation is part of Soul Calibur's identity and removing it or even moderating it to something average would take part of it's soul away. For me one of the big appeal of the series is that everything and everyone is larger than life and I wouldn't want it any other way. Keeping the characters upbeat and heroic looking is extremely important and electrifying bods in revealling clothing are part and parcel of that. :P


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Casual reminder that that Weapon Master tournament starts in about 11 hours as of this post:

Thanks for posting this cause i was going to post it but didn't knew what time it will start.
Do we know how many players are participating?


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And yet, this creates a bit of a conceptual paradox for us Amy fans--hope did not bring disappointment?
Sometimes hope doesn't lead to disappointment in the new timeline. NTL = ultimate answer for anything otherwise unexplainable.
Disappointment was the old way. Now it brings despair. As in the despair we will experience when we play through her Soul Chronicle.
Honestly, as long as she's in SC now with her rapier in hand, I'm not really concerned about her future as Viola (SCVI is still a new game; no use in getting worked up over a hypothetical sequel years away). Anyways, the plot is a secondary element to me. If her Chronicle ends with her losing her memories (and hair color) I'll be slightly annoyed, but that annoyance will be overshadowed by the sheer joy of actually playing as her.
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Well now I'm going to start practicing with Amy when she comes out to be my secondary
I can say that those two movesets pair very well together, or at least they did back in SCIV. If you want to focus your energies in rush down/agile characters generally, but also want two greatly divergent variants (actually almost diametrically opposite in some respects) within that theme, you can do no better than the Colichimarde/Tonfa combo! That's honestly one of the reasons I played more hours of that game than any other in the franchise.

I haven't had much time to really get familiar with this newest iteration on Talim though--I've just been having too much of a blast with 2B and Taki this time around. And now, Amy will consume like 95% of my play time for the next year--not just in terms of SC, but gaming in general! But who knows, now that we have both of the most light-footed styles back, might be time to bring back the combo!

Disappointment was the old way. Now it brings despair. As in the despair we will experience when we play through her Soul Chronicle.
Hey, just so long as the despair does not concern the gameplay/moveset!
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ARe we getting some amy gameplay? I saw on twitter that people have played with her already..
It hasn't happened on the stream yet, no. Voldo, Ivy, Taki, Maxi, Zasalamel, Raphael, Seong Mi-na, and Nightmare have been the players in the tournament.

Amy isn't on the character selection screen, either, so maybe there's another build on the floor elsewhere if people have played her.