Soul Calibur X Tekken: The Office


[13] Hero
Here is a day in the life of your favorite Soul Calibur and Tekken characters in the form of the hit TV show, The Office.

Episode 1:
Welcome to Mishima Zaibatsu Inc.

"Working at the Mishima Zaibatsu is pretty much a great company with benefits because I of course am the boss" said a young man. "The name's Jin Kazama and I just so happened to inherit the company from my grandfather and my father." he said with a smirk. "My employees consists of people that i have met during the King of the Iron Fist tournament as well as some people who claim to know how to use swords and what not." Jin added. "With me as always are my left and right hand people, my eyes and ears, Eddy Gordo and Nina Williams" Jin said as the camera zoomed in on the both of them. "We specialize in technology and appliances made for the 21st Century." Jin said.

Eddy being interviewed
Do I appreciate working here? I do plus it has great benefits too.

Nina being interviewed
Yeah I like the job, so what. I had thousands of jobs before coming here and at least this one was by first come, first serve basis. I think the boss just hits on me because I'm a woman but I can be saying that for all the women who work here also.

As the employees are steadily working, a young woman wearing a white cardigan with baby blue and purple trim as well as a matching bustier and hot shorts with a lotus in hair holding a few envelopes walk past two men working on the computer.

"Psst." said one man wearing a green bandana and red pants "Xianghua at 2:00" he said directed at another man wearing googles, a brown and green vest, and jeans.

The two watched as the young woman bent over showing her behind. The camera zoomed in on the perverted expressions on the face of the young man wearing the green bandana

Yun-Seong being interviewed
You know, I'll admit, I'm kinda into Xianghua even though she has a boyfriend but who's stopping the Yunster from looking and not touching

As Xianghua stood up, she turned to where Yun-Seong and the other guy were sitting as they quickly turned their chairs around. "Real mature, Yun-Seong." she said as the camera zoomed in on Yun-Seong with his back turned away from her.

"I wasn't looking this time." Yun-Seong said.

"Sure." Xianghua said as she rolled her eyes. "Same goes for you as well, Hwoarang." Xianghua added as she left.

Sophitia and Cassandra being interviewed
"Out of all the women here, Xianghua and Christie Monteiro dress the least appropriate" said Sophitia.

"I mean, yeah because both of them look like the office whores as far as attire goes." said Cassandra

"I feel sorry for Xianghua's boyfriend, Kilik, having to fight guys from just looking at her." Cassandra added.

"Ok, everyone." said Jin as the camera zoomed in on him. "We're going to have a meeting today about employees getting raises at 3:30." Jin added.

Mitsurugi being interviewed
Getting a raise would be the best thing to happen for me, at least it means a promoton is there also.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
Man would I do anything for a raise I need the that Mi-Na and Hwang stop taking my paycheck away

Xianghua being interviewed
Hmmm, with a raise, I can finally move Kilik and I into a new house since I've been living in his apartment for 2 years.

"Hey nerds." said Maxi as he approached the IT guys, Marshall Law, Bob, and Paul Phoenix. "What do you want, Maxi?" said Marshall. "Our boss just announced that we're having a meeting about pay raises" Maxi said. "Pay raises?" Paul chimed in. "Yep, and I'm in line to get one." said Maxi as he left.

At the meeting, all the employees sat and wonder about who would get a raise. "I hope it's me who gets the raise this time." said Setsuka. "You wish." said Anna Williams. Jin Kazama made his way to the podium as he addressed his employees.

"As you all know, ladies and gentlemen." Jin began. "All of you are looking forward to getting your raises but I have also decided to interview a chosen few of you based on work ethic, apparel, and overall willingness." Jin said.

Setsuka being interviewed
I knew there had to be a catch with this whole pay raise thing.

"So without further ado, let me have Xianghua, Yun-Seong, Kilik, Maxi, and Christie Monteiro visit me in my office." Jin said.

"Yes." said Yun-Seong as the camera zoomed on him

"Oh god." said Xianghua.

Cassandra being interviewed
Is Jin serious? Did he just pick a goof ball, an Elvis impersonator, a clueless jerk, and those two office skanks? I wonder if I started dressing sluttier and I get noticed?

At the break room, Raven and Craig Marduk were pissed at the fact that they weren't chosen for the raise. "That was no meeting." said Raven. The camera zoomed in on Setsuka as she walked in the break room. "Let me guess, you two are sulking because you didn't get chosen for the raise?" she said as she took a seat.

Outside of Mishima Zaibaatsu, Inc. Kilik and Xianghua went out to lunch to celebrate.

Xianghua being interviewed
I'm very excited to know that either me or Kilik could get the raise we so longingly deserve but what if we both get a raise? I would flip out.

"So where you wanna go for lunch?" Kilik asked. "Oh, you know where I want to go for lunch?" Xianghua replied in a sensual tone. Kilik slightly chuckled.

"Oh come on, Kilik, you know this one." Xianghua said as she clutched his left arm. Kilik thought for a moment then he came up with an answer. "Italian."

The camera zoomed on Xianghua as she looked at Kilik strangely. "What?" Kilik asked.

Back at Mishima Zaibatsu Inc., Yun-Seong walked out of Jin's office, confidently smiling. "Yes, I so nailed my bid for that raise." he said as he walked past Hwoarang and Seong Mi-Na

Seong Mi-Na being interviewed
It would be a miracle if Yun-Seong gets a raise, then he'll stop asking me and Hwang for money, although he tends to flip the story about us taking his money.

"Ok, next." said Jin Kazama. Christie Monteiro walked in. The camera zoomed in on her curves as she sat down at Jin's desk.

"We meet again, Ms. Monteiro." said Jin in a seductive and sly voice.

"...Okay." said Chrisite

"Eddy, Nina, leave me with Ms. Monteiro." said Jin as the two took their leave.

Eddy and Nina being interviewed
"He better not have sex with Christie." said Eddy. "Judging by the tone of Jin's voice and Christie wearing slutty-looking clothes, I bet he'll do her in a pulse." said Nina.

"How bad do you want this raise?" asked Jin. "Not enough for you to think I look easy for you to give me a raise." Christie said. "You think you're funny." said Jin. "Well, as you know, this raise comes with health and bonus benefits including 2 weeks notice...with me of course." Jin added. "Oh, really." said Christie.

The camera zoomed in on Jin turning the light knob to slightly darken the room and later pulling out two champagne glasses and a bottle of Chardonnay. "Care for some?" he asked. "You know I'll be leaving." said Christie.

Christie being interviewed
Obviously, Jin thinks I'm easy and by seducing me to get a raise, it makes him look like a sleaze ball.

Christie stormed out of Jin's office as the camera zoomed on Eddy as he watched her go by.


[13] Hero
Episode 2:
Do You Want A Raise?

Jin being interviewed
So far, the employees I've interviewed seemed eager to get a raise not just based on work ethic but also on willingness

Maxi walks out of the Jin's office, wiping his hands in confidence. "Hmph, I so nailed it." he said as the camera zoomed in on Setsuka, Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix. Jin walks out of his office as he starts looking for Kilik.

"Has anyone seen Kilik?" Jin asked.

"He and his...girlfriend went out to celebrate." said Cassandra

"Celebrate, celebrate where?" Jin asked.

Before Cassandra could answer, the camera zoomed in on Kilik and Xianghua as they were returning back to work.

"There you are." Jin said as he pointed at Kilik "I've been waiting for you, let's go." Jin added as he hurried Kilik into his office.

Hwoarang being interviewed
Do I think Kilik is going to get a raise, maybe but do I think he and Xianghua are going to be together for a long time? I doubt it.

In Jin's office, Kilik sat nervously as he looked at the plaques that were behind Jin's desk.

"Well, KIlik." Jin began. "Seems like you are a very efficient worker and willing to work on the weekends." Jin said. "Hope your girlfriend doesn't have any...plans during the weekends." Jin smirked as the camera zoomed in on a nervous Kilik. "So tell me, Kilik." Jin said. "Why should I give you a raise?" Jin added as the camera zoomed back on Kilik again, lightly sweating.

"W-well for starters." Kilik began. "I've been working here for about 2 years and I've recently got my degree in technology, so I'm qualified for this raise." Kilik said.

Jin sat silently as the camera zoomed on him, looking at Kilik. "Are you certain for this raise?" Jin asked. "I am." said Kilik. "You know, there are some people more qualified than you are." Jin said.

"Really, like you?" Kilik asked.

"Well, that depends but I wouldn't recommend you asking around." said Jin. "But either way, thank you for time." Jin added as he shook hands with Kilik.

Kilik being interviewed
I definitely hope that I do get this raise and that Jin is not using mind games to mess with me about people being overly qualified than I am.

Kilik walked out of Jin's office, nearly sweating. The camera zoomed in on Steve Fox and Hwoarang snickering at the sight of Kilik. Jin walked out of his office and called for Xianghua.

"Xianghua, in my office now." he said.

The camera zoomed on Xianghua as she got up from her seat and headed into Jin's office as almost every guy was staring at her behind.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
You know, I envy Kilik sometimes and wonder how he got Xianghua. I mean, look at him, he's uptight, always talk about work, and he's totally clueless as to Xianghua's sexual advances. What kind of guy is he?

As Xianghua took a seat in Jin's office, the camera zoomed in on Jin in his office chair with its back facing her.

"Miss Xianghua." Jin began. "I have noticed you've became quite popular with men." Jin said as Xianghua gasped. "And yet you still maintain that popularity despite you having a...boyfriend, yes?" Jin asked again.

"Ok, where is this going?" Xianghua asked.

"Well...since you asked so nicely, I will tell you where this is going." Jin said as he turned his office chair around to face Xianghua. The camera zoomed on Jin displaying his signature sly smirk. Xianghua didn't like that specific look Jin was giving her.

"I believe it has something to do with the way how you provocatively dress and...even wearing those little hot shorts of yours, you know the ones." Jin added as he leaned in his chair, observing Xianghua.

"Look, I'm not here to discuss about any of this, I just want to know whether or not I will get a raise. " Xianghua said.

"Oh you will." Jin said. "Just take off your jacket." he added.

"Why?" Xianghua asked.

"Do you want the raise or not?" Jin asked back. Slowly Xianghua began taking off her jacket as Jin watched, leaning back on his chair, smirking in delight. "Okay, I took of my jacket; is that all you wanted to see?" Xianghua asked. "Why don't you take off your slippers and socks." said Jin. "Okay, this is just..." before Xianghua could finish, Jin interrupted her. "Now." he said. Xianghua began taking off her slippers and taking off her socks in front of Jin.

Jin smiled in how much pleasure he got from watching Xianghua undress in front of him. In the back of her mind, Xianghua had to be wondering what Jin was going to make her take off next. "Please don't let him make me take off my shorts." she said to herself. But, of course, Jin told her to do so.

"Remove your shorts." he said as he winked at Xianghua

"Oh great." Xianghua said to herself. But before Xianghua could unloosen her belt, Jin's office phone rang.

"Hold on." said Jin. Xianghua sighed in relief, hoping that Jin would change his mind after making her "strip". Jin looked worried as to who was calling on the other end. "What do you mean that they are on their way?" Jin asked. Jin was totally worried as the camera zoomed on Xianghua quickly putting on her jacket. "Nina, you got to stall them." Jin said. "Yes I know she's in my office and I'll give her the raise just to hush her up." Jin added as he looked at Xianghua. Jin hung up the phone as he started breathing heavily. Xianghua really didn't want to ask Jin about what was going on but all she heard was that she was getting a raise.

"Okay, listen. " Jin began. "My father and his associates are coming soon and I need you to put back on your slippers and socks and..." Before Jin could finish, Xianghua stopped him. "And does this mean I get my raise?" she asked in a more seductive yet sly tone. "Yes, yes, now get out of my office." Jin said. "Thank you, Mr. Kazama." Xianghua smiled as she headed for the door.

Xianghua being interviewed
I can't wait to tell Kilik that I got my raise. Had it not been for that phone call and Jin's sudden change of mind, who knows what I could've been doing afterwards. But hey, at least Kilik and I are going to be saving up for that new house I've been dreaming of.

As Xianghua exited Jin's office, the camera zoomed in on Kazuya Mishima, one of the two CEO's of the Mishima Zaibatsu, looking at Xianghua. Xianghua scurried back to her cubicle as Kazuya began staring at Xianghua's behind. Kazuya entered Jin's office with Nina Williams right behind him.

"Dad, what a surprise." said Jin.

"Don't give me that." said Kazuya "What's this I hear of a complaint from one of your female employees filing for sexual harassment." Kazuya asked as the camera focused in on Jin. "I'm waiting for an answer." Kazuya said as he sternly looked at Jin. "What sexual harassment?" Jin asked. "Read this then." Kazuya said as he slid a note towards Jin.

Jin read the note and he knew who it was from. "Apparently, some young woman named Christie Monteiro had filed a complaint towards you seducing her." Kazuya said. "Dad, I settled that with her." Jin said. "How?" Kazuya asked. the camera focused on Jin, then Kazuya, then Nina, then back to Jin again. "I gave her a raise." Jin said as he placed his chin on the palm of his hand.

At the break room, Kilik began speaking to Paul Phoenix, Asuka Kazama, Zasalamel, and Seong Mi-Na about any of them being overly qualified for a raise.

"Hey." Kilik began. "So any of you guys are overly qualified for a raise also?" he asked in a nervous tone. The camera focused on the four sitting down as they looked at Kilik. "Did Jin pull that trick on you again?" Paul asked as Kilik gave a shocked look. "He what?" Kilik said. "Don't worry about it, Kilik" said Seong Mi-Na.

" Besides, he's in a meeting with his dad, something about sexual harassment" she added. "Whew." Kilik sighed.

"Although, now that you mentioned it, I did have a Master's degree in Science from the University of California a while back." Seong Mi-Na added.

"And I have a doctorate's degree from Harvard." said Zasalamel as the camera focused on him. "Never mind." he said as he drank his coffee.

As Kilik exited the break room, he ran into Xianghua. "Kilik, great news." she said.

"Someone not overly qualified isn't getting a raise?" he asked.

"Huh?" Xianghua said.

"I'm sorry, what's the great news?" Kilik asked.

"I got the raise." Xianghua said as she hugged and kissed Kilik.

"Xianghua, that's great." Kilik said.

Just then, Christie Monteiro walked by Kilik and Xianghua as Xianghua spoke to her. "Christie, guess what?" Xianghua asked.

"What is it?" Christie asked.

"I got a raise." Xianghua said. "You as well, so did I." said Christie. "Wait, you as well?" asked Kilik. "Well, after i filed a sexual harassment complaint after Jin's sexual advances, he just gave a raise after he found out." Christie added. "We should totally go out and celebrate." said Xianghua. "Great, maybe your boyfriend can pay for us." said Christie as the camera focused in on Kilik.


[13] Hero
Episode 3
Facebook and more...Facebook

Jin being interviewed
After the meeting with my father about the sexual harassment lawsuits, I decided to "tone down" on my advances towards women and how I should be a "better" boss.

"Hey ladies" said Jin as he walked past Xianghua and Christie Monteiro. The camera focused on Jin as he looked at the two women, looking for a response. "Ok then." Jin said as he went on his way.

Christie being interviewed
Jin Kazama, what a loser. How did he get a job being a boss is beyond me but I could care less as long as he stays far away from me.

"Looks like the boss wants us to set up Facebook accounts." said Hwoarang.

"Really?" said Maxi.

"Yep, he sent an e-mail saying that anyone who doesn't have a facebook, won't get another raise." Hwoarang said as the camera focused on Maxi and Kilik.

Kilik being interviewed
If there's one thing I don't understand is how you put a face into book? Can someone explain that to me?

"Xianghua, what are you doing?" Kilik asked.

"Setting up my Facebook profile." Xianghua answered. "Where's your's?" she asked. The camera focused on Kilik once again. "I-I-I haven't yet." Kilik replied. "Don't worry, I'll help you." said Xianghua as the camera focused on the computer on a few of Xianghua's photos on her Facebook profile.

"Done and done." said Yun-Seong. "You set up your Facebook profile already?" Seong Mi-Na asked. "Yep, and I already sent out a few friend requests." Yun-Seong said. "Like who?" Seong Mi-Na asked. The camera focused on Yun-Seong as his smile went to a frown. "Ahh..." Yun-Seong began. "Aside from my cousin Hwoarang, I sent a few friend requests to Julia Chang, Maxi, and Talim." Yun-Seong added. "Good for you." said Seong Mi-Na as the camera focused on Yun-Seong as he deviously looked at one of Xianghua's profile photos.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
To add Xianghua or not to add Xianghua on my Facebook. I say add.

As Yun-Seong was staring at a photo of Xianghua, with a seductive look on her face, sitting at the edge of the bed, Hwoarang snook up behind him. "Hey, what are you looking at?" Hwoarang asked. Yun-Seong turned around and tried to click off of Xianghua's profile but accidentally enlarged the photo. The camera focused on Hwoarang. "Is that Xianghua?" Hwoarang asked. "Yeah." said Yun-Seong. "Kilik's one lucky dude." Hwoarang smirked.

Meanwhile, Xianghua had finished putting the final touches on Kilik's Facebook profile. "All done." said Xianghua. "Let me see it." said Kilik. The camera focused on Kilik's new profile and he saw a picture of him with Xianghua kissing him as well as the status mentioning that he was in a relationship with Xianghua. "I like it. " Kilik said.

The IT team of Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, and Yoshimitsu had already set up their profiles. "Seems like we've been tagged in a photo." said Marshall. "Who is it from?" Paul asked. The three IT workers looked at the photo. It was of Xianghua sitting on the edge of the bed looking seductive.

"Hey, isn't that Kilik's girlfriend?" Paul asked.

The camera focused on Yoshimitsu cracking a smile and rubbing his hands together. "Hey, she ain't bad to look at either." Paul added.

As Xianghua checked her profile, she started to notice that there were a lot of guys looking to friend her. Then she also noticed that there had been a few people tagging her photos. "Okay, who's been tagging my photos." said Xianghua as the majority of guys started to look around. The camera focused on Yun-Seong slouching in his chair. "No one, really?" Xianghua asked.

"Okay it was..." before Yun-Seong could own up to the responsibility, Mitsurugi, Steve Fox, and other guys in the office started confessing.

"I tagged myself to your photo." said Mitsurugi

"No, guv, I did. " said Steve Fox

"You're all wrong, I tagged that first." said Yoshimitsu.

The camera focused on Xianghua as she made her way to Yoshimitsu and got up in his face. "Wait to my boyfriend here's about this." she said as Kilik made his way to her. "What's going on?" he said. "This guy's been tagging my photos, look." said Xianghua as she showed Kilik the photos of her that had been tagged.

"Sweet bikini." said Bruce Irvin

"That's my girlfriend, douche." said Kilik

"Nice ass...ets" said Miguel Caballero as Kilik turned around and faced him.

"Look, I'm placing this photo album under private." Xianghua said.

"So what, Kilik gets to see you in your skimpy clothes?" Cassandra asked.

Cassandra being interviewed
Xianghua knew what she was doing. I feel bad for Kilik though

"Hey guys, Taki has her photos already loaded up to profile." said Maxi

"Sweet." said Hwoarang.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
Thank god Xianghua didn't find out that I was tagging myself in her photos.

At the break room, Yun-Seong walked in on Xianghua drinking coffee. "Hey, Xianghua." Yun-Seong began. "I wanted to make a confession." he added. "If this is about your crush on me and how you want to sweep me off my feet and away from Kilik..." before Xianghua could finish, Yun-Seong made his confession.

"I was the one who tagged all your photos." he said. The camera focused on Xianghua as she placed her coffee down. "So it was you." said Xianghua. "Yeah, I tried to friend you but..." Before Yun-Seong could finish, Xianghua told him off. "I nearly cursed out every guy in the office because of you." she said. "I'll friend you but if you ever tag any photos of me, I'm sending Kilik after you." she said as she left the break room, slapping Yun-Seong on the butt.


[13] Hero
Episode 4:
Valentines. what valentines?

"Today is Valentine's Day." said Jin as he walked out of his office, addressing the workers. "So you know what that means?" he added as the camera zoomed on Ivy.

Maxi being interviewed
Valentine's day? What a load of crock. That's the only day you try to act like you give a damn to someone you don't even like.

"Yo, Hwoarang." said Lili. "Got anyone in mind for Valentine's?" she added with a smile.

"Well." Hwoarang began as the camera shifted focus and zoomed in on Christie Monteiro talking to Xianghua.

The camera shifted focus and zoomed in on Lili's now slightly angered expression. "Those whores?" Lili said as she walked away from Hwoarang's cubicle.

Hwoarang being interviewed
I know exactly who I want to "make whoopee" with on Valentine's. Either Christie Monteiro or Kilik's girlfriend, if she's wearing those short daisy dukes of hers.

Xianghua is sitting at her desk, looking to see if Kilik or any guy for that matter would give her a valentine. She sighs, resting her chin on the palm of her right hand. Just then, Seong Mina speaks to her.

"Why so down, X?" Mina said as the camera zoomed in on Xianghua.

"No one has given me a valentine yet." said Xianghua.

"Hey, don't worry, I'm sure Kilik will surprise you. " said Mina

"He better." said Xianghua

"Besides, I'm thinking about doing something to entice him tonight." Xianghua added.

The camera zooms away from Mina and Xianghua as Yun-Seong, who is acting like he is on his cell phone, is listening in on the two women talking.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
So, Xianghua hasn't received a Valentine, heh? Time for Yunster to make his move before Kilik does.

"So, ladies." said Jin as he walked towards Sophitia and Cassandra.

"Never gonna happen, Jin." said Cassandra.

"What, I can't say hi?" Jin asked.

"You can, but I'm going to say bye also." Cassandra answered as she walked past Jin.

The camera zoomed on Sophitia as she looked at Jin.

"I heard you're going for MILF of the year again." said Jin

"Okay, bye." said Sophitia.

As Cassandra made her way to her desk, the camera zoomed in on a dozen of white roses in a vase. "Okay, who sent me white roses?" Cassandra asked as the camera shifted focus and zoomed on Raphael, who was hunched over, avoiding being caught by the camera.

Raphael being interviewed
How can I express my love for Cassandra? It's almost as if I need her yet I don't.

Xianghua is still sighing, her chin resting on the palm of her right hand, when Yun-Seong walked by her desk.

"Hey, X." said Yun-Seong

"What do you want Yun-Seong?" Xianghua said in a irritated tone.

"Why so down? Did Kilik forget about Valentine's?" Yun-Seong asked.

Xianghua sighed again. She placed her head on her desk, covering her face.

"Hey, not to worry, I got you this teddy bear." said Yun-Seong.

"Thank you." Xianghua said in a muffled tone. The camera zoomed on Yun-Seong's teddy bear as he placed it on Xianghua's desk as well as a love note.

Just then, Kilik, walking with two heart shaped balloons, a vase of a dozen red roses, and strawberries, arrived through the door, looking for Xianghua. The camera zoomed on Hwoarang, Craig Marduk, and Mitsurugi.

"Hi, guys." said Kilik. The three men didn't acknowledged him as he was walking by.

Marduk being interviewed
Seeing Kilik, with all those goods he's carrying around just for his woman, it makes the rest of us guys like me look bad.

"Xianghua, I have something for you." said Kilik in a playful tone.

Xianghua lifted her head and saw Kilik. She smiled, got up from her seat and hugged him.

"Oh, Kilik." Xianghua said.

"Are these for me?" she asked.

"They sure are." Kilik answered with a smirk. The camera zoomed on Yun-Seong as he was walking by.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
Yeah, Kilik managed to outdo himself like he always does for Xianghua every Valentine's day but this year, I was first to beat him to the punch in getting Xianghua a gift.

"Hey, you got a teddy bear?" Kilik asked.

"Oh, you know, some guy here trying to steal me away from you." Xianghua chuckled.

Setsuka was hard at work typing up a report when Maxi walked to her desk.

"Can't you see I'm busy, Elvis?" said Setsuka.

"Oh, I know you're busy." Maxi began

"But I got something that'll wow you away." Maxi added

"If it's like last year when you finished early then I want no part of it." said Setsuka as the camera zoomed on Maxi.

Setsuka stopped working for a moment and looked at Maxi. "I'm kidding, of course I wouldn't tell any guy about...that." she said as she kissed Maxi on the cheek.

Inside the break room, Miguel began serenading Zafina with his flamenco guitar, singing in spanish. The camera zoomed in on Jin Kazama and Nina Williams as they both entered the break room.

"Hey, Miguel, what you got there?" Jin asked.

"This is my flamenco guitar." Miguel began

"I am playing it to woo Zafina over." Miguel added.

"Let me try that." said Jin as Miguel handed him the guitar.

Jin starts to play the guitar well at first as it catches the attention of Ling Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu being interviewed
Hearing Jin playing the guitar...*swoons*

As Ling Xiaoyu entered the break room, Jin starts to play badly, messing up each chord as he goes along. The camera zoomed on Miguel and Zafina as disgusted looks were etched on their faces.

Ivy is walking around with folders, heading to her desk. She is stopped by Steve Fox.

"How you doing?" Steve asked.

"Aren't you a little too young for me?" Ivy asked.

"Well, I..." before Steve could finish, he is interrupted by Lili.

"There you are." said Lili as he grabs Steve by the ear.

Kilik is sitting at his desk when his cell phone vibrates. He looks at it and there's a message from Xianghua saying "Meet me during your break, I got something sexy on."

Kilik being interviewed
I knew Xianghua would have something in store for me after I gave her my Valentine's gift.

Hwoarang and Christie Monteiro are in the break room together. Hwoarang continues staring at Christie's butt. At this point, Christie turns around faces Hwoarang.

"Didn't someone tell you it's not polite to stare at others?" Christie asked.

"I know." said Hwoarang.

"Look, I just wanted to tell you something." Hwoarang added.

"What's that?" Christie asked.

"I...I've been checking you out all this time and I want to know if you're not seeing anyone." said Hwoarang

"No, I'm not. You want to be with me or something?" Christie asked.

"Sure." said Hwoarang.

"Good." said Christie as she sat next to Hwoarang.

Kilik looked at his watch. It was time for his break. He received another text from Xianghua telling him to meet her at their apartment.

Kilik being interviewed
Whatever it is that Xianghua has in store for me, I better be ready to be surprised.

As Kilik made it home to his apartment, Xianghua was already in their room.

"Oh, Kilik." she called out to him.

The camera zoomed on Kilik's surprised look as he sees Xianghua in white lingerie. Seductively, Xianghua wanted Kilik to join her to make love and right then and there, Kilik started taking off his clothes and slamming the door shut.

Kilik being interviewed
Xianghua, in white lingerie, and it's Valentine's day... Oh boy.

Yun-Seong walked past Xianghua's desk and saw that his note was still there.

"Damn it, she didn't read my note." Yun-Seong said.

He opened the letter and was surprised to find out that Xianghua wrote him back. In the letter she wrote in pink lettering:

Dear Yun-Seong,

Thank you for the teddy bear. I was really hoping that someone (besides Kilik of course) would actually care about getting me a Valentine since people think I have some sort of "reputation" around the workplace. I appreciate your gift and I am very happy for it. Thank you once again.

Much love,

The camera zoomed on Yun-Seong as he smiled.

Yun-Seong being interviewed

Oh yeah, Xianghua knows she wants the Yunster...It's only a matter of time.


[10] Knight
"The camera zoomed on Kilik's surprised look as he Xianghua in white lingerie. Seductively, Xianghua wanted Kilik to join her to make love and right then and there, Kilik started taking off his clothes and slamming the door shut."

add a "sees" after he. Pretty good chapter overall. I think yun needs to give up and go after someone else. Why would he think that while X is banging klik?


[13] Hero
"The camera zoomed on Kilik's surprised look as he Xianghua in white lingerie. Seductively, Xianghua wanted Kilik to join her to make love and right then and there, Kilik started taking off his clothes and slamming the door shut."

add a "sees" after he. Pretty good chapter overall. I think yun needs to give up and go after someone else. Why would he think that while X is banging klik?
Thanks for finding that typo error. Yun-Seong probably think he has a chance with her but we'll see where this goes.


[13] Hero
Since CrazyYoshimitsu gave me the idea of doing a list of characters, I decided to narrow it down to just 20 (10 from Soul Calibur and Tekken) and just have guest characters from time to time. Okay, just for a safe reference, here's a list of characters that will appear in this fanfic.

Seong Mina

Jin Kazama
Nina Williams
Steve Fox
Julia Chang
Christie Monteiro
Paul Phoenix
Miguel Rojo Caballero
Eddy Gordo


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>No Nightmare
Dude, you could have Nighty be like, a brainless "competitor" to the company...
Or something....
Good work lol


[13] Hero
Episode 5:
Spring Cleaning

Jin being interviewed
"For the last month, we've been busy with sales and production value and right now, we're in the midst of our annual company spring cleaning."

Around Mishima Zaibatsu premises, the employees are organizing and throwing away files and documents no longer needed. The camera zoomed in on Yun-Seong looking at a letter that Xianghua gave him.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
"You know, it's been two months since Xianghua gave me this letter and I'm thinking that she wants me in the friend zone...what a bunch of crock."

"Can you give me those miscellaneous files, we won't be needing them." said Cassandra. Yun-Seong sighed and handed Cassandra the files.

"What's bumming you?" Cassandra asked.

"Nothing. You won't understand." said Yun-Seong.

"If it's something personal, then..." before Cassandra could finish, the camera zooms in on Jin as he walked towards the both of them.

"Guys, those files aren't going to throw themselves away." said Jin.

"What's wrong with Yun-Seong?" Jin asked.

"He said it's something personal." said Cassandra.

Cassandra being interviewed
"When somebody is depressed about something and they say it's personal, to me that says, I'm saddened by someone or something that took a crap all over my feelings and made me feel like snot...*begins to tear up* almost like my ex."

in the break room, Xianghua and her friends, Christie Monteiro and Seong Mi-Na were chatting amongst each other. They stop when Steve Fox walks in. The camera zooms in on Steve from behind, buying a soda from a vending machine and zooms out as the three women are staring at Steve.

Xianghua being interviewed
"If I wasn't with Kilik, I would seriously date Steve. Come to think of it, there are a lot of guys aside from Kilik."

Christie being interviewed
"I can speak for myself when I say that I have the biggest crush on Steve, almost borderline schoolgirl."

Steve turns around after getting his soda as Xianghua, Christie, and Mi-Na turn around quickly and resume their conversation. Steve looked at the three women and smirked as he left.

"Oh my god, he's so hot." said Mi-Na.

"I would so date him." said Xianghua

"Aren't you with Kilik?" Christie asked

Xianghua sheepishly blushed and slightly lowered her head. The three ladies' conversation is later interrupted by Jin Kazama.

"Ladies, what are you doing?" Jin asked.

"We're on break." said Christie.

"Well, break time ended a long time ago for you chicks, get back to cleaning." said Jin

The three women got up from their seats and headed back to their desks. The camera zoomed in on Jin staring at Xianghua and Christie's butts.

Inside the IT room, Maxi dumps old papers on Paul Phoenix and Julia Chang.

"Do you mind?" Julia asked.

"Sure, I always mind you nerds." said Maxi.

"Besides, this is only part of the company that has a shredder." Maxi added

"Well, next time, be more thoughtful." said Julia.

"Yeah, I'll be more thoughtful when you have a boyfriend, ya hippie." said Maxi.

The camera zoomed in on both Julia and Paul.

"What does Setsuka see in that guy?" Paul asked.

In the file cabinet room, Kilik sorted out files that the company didn't need when he hears sobbing in the distance. Kilik stops. He walks towards the direction of the sobbing and sees it is Yun-Seong, sitting on the ground, his head buried in his lap.

"Yun-Seong, are you...crying?" Kilik asked.

"Yeah...What's it to ya?" Yun-Seong said as he began wiping tears and snot.

Kilik being interviewed
"Seeing Yun-Seong crying...I would never thought he would be so emotional. This changes everything I know of him right now."

"Yun-Seong, why are you crying?" Kilik asked.

"I can't tell you, man, I just can't." Yun-Seong said.

"Yun-Seong, you can tell me, I'm your friend, man." said Kilik.

"Alright, alright, alright!" Yun-Seong said.

"You want to know why I'm crying?" Yun-Seong began.

"For such a long time, I've had this crush on your girlfriend and It's been eating me alive." Yun-Seong said.

"What?!" Kilik said as the camera zoomed on him. Kilik forcefully pulls Yun-Seong to his feet.

"Listen, man." said Yun-Seong.

"Every time I see her, I just go crazy in love over her so much, it hurts. Hell, I even tag myself in most of photos, let alone fantasize about me and her doing God knows what." Yun-Seong added.

"The hell, man!" Kilik said.

"That's my girlfriend." Kilik added.

"I bet you don't appreciate her sometimes." Yun-Seong said.

"Touche." said Kilik

"But still, she's with me and hearing that confession really made me uneasy." Kilik added.

"Sorry I forced you up against the wall like that." Kilik said as he adjusted his shirt.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
"Confessing to Kilik that I have a crush on his girlfriend and telling him that I fantasize about her, really made me look at my priorities and maybe, just maybe back away from Xianghua for a while until the moment is right to tell her how I really feel."

"Spring cleaning is a success, everyone." said Jin.

"I knew we would get the job done." Jin added.

"You didn't do a damn thing, Jin." said Hwoarang.

"Yeah, all you did all day was play Angry Birds and stared at most of the girls' asses." said Setsuka.

"Okay..." began Jin as he looked around for something to throw away.

"Oh, hey, look a letter." said Jin.

"It's from Xianghua to...awww, Yun-Seong." said Jin as the camera zoomed in on Xianghua's surprised reaction.

Xianghua being interviewed
"Oh my god, please don't let him read that."

Jin begins to read the letter aloud as the camera pans and focuses back to Xianghua with her bewildered reaction.

Xianghua being interviewed
" boss!"

Before Jin could finish the letter, Xianghua raced towards Jin, snatch the letter and placed it underneath her bustier as she walked off in an embarrassing manner, with Christie Monteiro behind her. Jin stared at both women's butts as they were walking away. Jin turned around and saw the employees with discerning looks on their faces.

"What?" said Jin as the camera focused on him.


[10] Knight
dude i'm loving this!
just one suggestion, instead of using the word "said" so much, try using stuff like asked, beamed, shrieked, blurted, rambled etc. you'll be able to characterize everyone much more.
but keep it up! i can't wait to read the next one!


[13] Hero
Episode 6:
Cinco De Mayo, more like Sicko De Mayo

Jin being interviewed
After the whole Spring cleaning fiasco and reading a discreet letter, I decided to throw a Cinco De Mayo party for my employees.

"Greetings, my loyal employees!" exclaimed Jin. "I have decided to reward you all with a Cinco De Mayo party!" Jin added as he placed a sombrero on his head followed by placing two sombreros on Eddy and Nina. The camera focused in on Nina, having a sombrero on her head.

Xianghua and Christie being interviewed
Xianghua: What do I think of Jin throwing a Cinco De Mayo party? I think he's doing that to save face from him reading that letter I wrote to Yun-Seong.

Christie: I agree with you, X but it's Cinco De Mayo and you know what that means?

Both: Getting Hammered!

At the break room, Steve Fox and Hwoarang are drinking soda when Maxi walks in, smirking at the both of them.

"Hey, losers!" Maxi began. "You heard there's a Cinco De Mayo party later on today?" He asked with his arms akimbo.

"Dude, we know he's going to have a Cinco De Mayo party." Hwoarang replied as the camera focused on Maxi.

"Yeah...I know dicks!" murmured Maxi.

In the file room, Yun-Seong walks in carrying a box of new documents to place into files. He stops and sees Xianghua is also in the room. Yun-Seong hides himself from being seen by her.

"Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god" Yun-Seong whispered under his breath

Yun-Seong being interviewed
Seeing Xianghua in the file room, wearing revealing clothing and of course, me having a crush on her, I have to tell her otherwise, I'm going to be dealing with angst and lust issues.

As Xianghua is leaving the file room, the camera focused in on Yun-Seong, who was hesitating to make his move.

"H-hey X-Xianghua." stammered Yun-Seong.

Xianghua turned and faced Yun-Seong. The camera focused on Yun-Seong as he was briefly staring at Xianghua's cleavage.

"Yun-Seong, my eyes are up here." smirked Xianghua.

"Xianghua..." Yun-Seong began. "There's something I've been wanting to tell you." Yun-Seong added as his confidence began. "I..." before Yun-Seong could finish his statement, the camera zooms in on Kilik as he is walking past both Xianghua and Yun-Seong. Yun-seong glances at Kilik and then at Xianghua.

"I'll tell you at the party." Yun-Seong said with a hesitation as he left the file room.

"Hey, Xianghua." said Kilik. "You also going to the Cinco De Mayo party?" He asked with a smile. The camera focused on Xianghua, who had a confused look on her face.

Inside the lobby, Mitsurugi and Paul Phoenix are carrying cases of Corona, Margarita Mix, and Tositos.

"Alright, we're about to get this party started." beamed Maxi.

"Cool your jets, man, the party doesn't start until an hour or so Jin says." replied Paul as the camera zoomed in on Maxi's discerned expression.

Jin Kazama sees Mitsurugi and Paul Phoenix carrying the food and beer. He has a smile on his face. "I see you guys brought the good stuff." Jin smirked. "Where's the pinata?" Jin asked. Paul and Mitsurugi look at each other as if they forgot to bring the pinata. Just then, the camera focuses on Julia Chang carrying a pinata and a cut out mask.

"Thank God for Julia." said Paul.

Eddy being interviewed
"Do I think this Cinco De Mayo party is going to be fun? I guess so but if there is going to be drunkeness and fights, I'll just have to step out of the party and drag Christie with me."

The employees are now enjoying themselves as the Cinco De Mayo party commences. A Mariachi band is playing as many of the employees are drinking and dancing. The camera focused in on Yun-Seong as he downs a beer and watches Xianghua dancing with Christie Monteiro.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
"Now is the time for me to make my move and tell Xianghua how I feel about her. I just got to do it."

As Yun-Seong approaches Xianghua, he is pulled aside by Steve Fox and Hwoarang for a drinking contest against Kilik and Maxi.

"Hey guv, we got a challenger for ya." said Steve.

"Bring him...on." said a slightly drunk Maxi.

"Great, a tequila shot challenge." said Yun-Seong.

During the party, the ladies are all dancing, Mitsurugi is passed out drunk, and Julia secretly places a cut out mask which is actually a photobombed face of Jin Kazama. Moments later, Jin grabs a microphone.

"Okay, everyone." Jin began. "It's time to hit the pinata!" He exclaimed as the camera zoomed in on Julia and Lili carrying the pinata with Jin's face on it.

Miguel being interviewed
"A pinata? What are we, in kindergarten?"

Jin pulls Julia aside and begins to talk to her.

"Okay, what's up with my face on the pinata?" Jin asked sternly

"You see, the employees thought it would be a good idea to have your face photobombed onto a pinata." Julia answered calmly. The camera zoomed in on Xianghua, carrying a stick, being blindfolded, and spun around 10 times. Afterwards, she starts swinging like a wild woman as everyone gets out of her way. Xianghua, inadvertently, hits the real Jin Kazama as she screams in a celebratory manner.

"Xianghua! Xianghua!" yelled Julia. Julia carefully took off Xianghua's blindfold. Xianghua stops wailing on Jin, only to realize her error and that the pinata was a foot away from her.

"It was well worth it." shrugged Xianghua. Just then an inebriated Yun-Seong grabbed the microphone.

"Everyone...Everyone...Can I have your attention please?" said Yun-Seong as he stumbled all over himself.

"Xianghua!" Yun-Seong began. "There was something I wanted to tell but...never did." he added as he almost fell face first.

"Uh oh." said Kilik

"Chai Xianghua...I love you, man!" Yun-Seong murmured before passing out.

The camera zoomed in on Xianghua's shocked expression, Christie placing her hand over her face in shame, and Nina downing a margarita with a corona. "Keep them coming." Nina blurted.

Kilik looked around at everyone and then Xianghua. "Fuck this, I'm out of here!" snapped Kilik as he stumbled and fell on the floor.

The next day, all the employees had a hangover like they wouldn't believe. Everyone was either throwing up, still passed out, or didn't bother to show up to work. Xianghua is seen heading to an elevator. She walks past Yun-Seong as the camera zooms in on him.

"Yo dude, make your move again." smirked Hwoarang.

"I rather not." sighed Yun-Seong.

"10 bucks says you won't follow her into the elevator, guv." said Steve.

"Alright, you're on." exclaimed Yun-Seong.

As Yun-Seong went after Xianghua, Steve and Hwoarang were already laughing and joking around. Inside the elevator, Xianghua and Yun-Seong looked away from each other, not to make any awkward eye contact. With neither saying a word, Xianghua eventually broke the silence.

"If you wanted to tell me how you felt, the least you could've done was not embarrass me with that drunken rant." blurted Xianghua.

"Look, Xianghua, I'm sorry for what happened last night and I really like you, that's all." said Yun-Seong. "I guess you're going to forget about me and...stick with Kilik." he added with a sigh.

Xianghua looked at the elevator door as it opened on the 5th floor. Xianghua was about to walk out of the elevator but she stopped. She pressed the door close button and looked at Yun-Seong.

"Yun-Seong, I'm only going to do this once and once only." Xianghua said in stern tone. Xianghua firmly grabbed the back of Yun-Seong's head and kissed him on the lips. Yun-Seong was surprised and shocked. Overcame with passion, he turned Xianghua around to face him, began taking off her jacket and started making out with her.